Penang state govt: How would you rate it so far?


How would you rate the performance of the Penang state government so far?

Good? Too early to tell? Could be better? Disappointing?

Here’s one assessment by Khoo Kay Peng.

Do you agree with his analysis?

What do you think of its approach to the economy? the environment – built and natural? accountability? the lower income group including urban pioneers and workers?

Blog reader Mag M says:

It is still too early to tell. They lack experience but they are trying. Give them more time. However, I hope they will look into the flood problems in Penang urgently. I also want to see them come up with programmes to teach the poor people, especially the Malays and Indians on how to earn a decent living like free classes in hair dressing, sewing, crafts, cooking, fish rearing, etc. We cannot be just giving out money to the poor. Teach them how to fish. Show the other states that DAP or PKR led states do not marginalise any community especially the Malays and Indians.

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Don’t take this guy too serious, he is just a self proclaim analyst and former Gerakan member, do expect more criticism and nip-picking from him in the future, after all, his party lose BIG in Penang, what you expect him to say about DAP lead state government?

nurul hani

pasalnya, lepas diajar macamana memancing, janganlah kacang lupa kulit! Jangan di sebut sebut lagi “pendatang”!

Ong Eu Soon

I have sent in proposal to Pakatan Rakyat state governments, the best they can do is to sit on it. If LGE is sincere the most simple way to put a public consultation mechanism is to use web blog. All LGE need to do is appoint a moderator for the blog and form an advisory panel to evaluate and deliberate on all submission whether they are in the form of comments or proposals. Why should I send in new proposal when there is no gaurantee that nobody from his administration will steal my proposal? If they are not stealing why… Read more »


I rate the new state govt. better than BN.
To the current opposition, shut-up and learn from your arrogant mistakes. Make sure brain is engaged before opening your mouth. (If there are any more brains left)
I fully support LGE. Mistakes are inevitable but improve from there.


Mr Ong Eu Soon sure sounds like a sore loser who is finding illogical faults with LGE & his administration as he still cannot come to terms with reality. LGE & team has done exceedingly well inspite of being new on the job. Am very sure most Penangites are satisfied with their performance & sincerity. As Johoreans, we are envious of the changes taking place in Pakatan states like Penang, Selangor & Perak.


Has Mr. Ong Eu Soon submitted any concrete plans for floods mitigation or is he simply talking “in the air”? If he has, indeed, submitted a provisional plan, at least, we would like to hear from LGE’s government’s response to it ………. in a public forum. All the rest of his expansive writings are simply critisisms without any real solutions. How for instance, should the public consultations be structured? Are anybody allowed to speak? How often should they be held and where is a good venue for it. How long should each session last? If Mr. Ong Eu Soon is… Read more »


Probably Mr/Ms Ong Eu Soon should stand in the coming 13th GE.


Come on, from what I read, we should be able to accept criticism if you want to stay in politics or else, better stay at home (tanam jagung), we should thank those who critic us for the sake or improvement (be it with other reason) as we should not be little even our enemy.

Ong Eu Soon

For the simpleton that think Penang flash floods need a century or half to resolve please keep your ideas to yourself at least I won’t know you are equally stupid.


I think what the approach they are adopting is not very strategic and structured. They should first set PRIORITIES and then FOCUS on implementation. 1) Identify areas of concern. 2) Set-up committees and taskforces to cover all areas of concerns. 3) Set target and plans to achieve target 4) Do periodic evaluation and review on on-going implementaion 5) Make all these known to the people and make all involved accountable by : i) getting a independent body to audit all projects and plans ii) setting up an interactive website where the people can forward feedbacks and inputs as well as… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

I dare to challenge all of you that LGE never listen or chose to listen only when he likes. Why until now no proper public consultation mechanism is in place? What make LGE think that major decision affecting the people did not warrant public participation? You guy live in this Bolehland, and give up your rights long ago. That is why you can’t see any thing wrong with the state government or LGE. The very first thing if LGE is sincere, he should put proper public consultation mechanism in place. If this request he can’t fulfil you sincerely believe he… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

Khoo Kay Peng is the director of SEDAR, the Gerakan state government think tank, which unfortunately is always TIDUR. He missed all the opportunities to make Penang a better place.

Ong Eu Soon

The general elections held on March 8 2008 brought about the ouster of Barisan state government in Penang. The Barisan Nasional fell into the perennial trap of becoming too lofty after a long stint in power. The sounding defeat of Barisan open the way for Lim Guan Eng to take over but Guan Eng was clearly unprepared to govern. Still Penangites have very high expectations that Lim Guan Eng will preside over a government that will be more people centric. Soon after swearing in as the Chief Minister of Penang, Lim Guan Eng penchants for public relations blitz and cheap… Read more »


1. Give time for PR government to perform & show result, please!
2. PR should also refrain from wasting time on small ROI issues like changing road names.
3. Rakyat in PR-states may want to help value add to society on giving free classes like Cumputer-literacy, Cooking, Conversational Bahasa Malaysia-English, etc. PR Govt can tap on this and facilitate on these kind of resources.
4. Each DUN can actually call the DUN area-meeting to get input/ideas from the residents, prioritize DUNS’ inputs and work towards state-excellence.


So far as I’m concerned, they are doing just fine (I do not see a notable difference in my daily life). I only would like to remind the state government not to be so unduly worried about time to rule. They do not have to resort to populist moves nor bashing of the past administration to garner support from ordinary Penangites. IMHO they will have at least 10 years to prove their mettle in so far as Penang is concerned. If only they could move away from partisan politics and concentrate on delivering what the silent majority wants. No need… Read more »

Malaysian Niah

Koh, noted with thanks but please remember … he is a FORMER and perhaps you might want to ask him why he no longer IS a member.


give them time…still got long way to go…i can see them as being sincere…a bit ups and downs but i believe they’ll perform well and will make penang better than other states….

Jt Koh

Malaysian Niah says Khoo is a “nice person”. I don’t care whether he is nice or not. I agree that it is up to the individual whether a person response favourably to a particular article or not. What should be made clear is that he was a former member of a Gerakan think tank and he should declare it as. In fact he has authored a book on Gerakan.


We are still waiting for the previous Gerakan-led administration to give us an accounting of the widely publicised land scams.

At least, we can be assured that the likelihood of such scams under LGE is virtually nil.

Adam & The Ants

Learn from Singapore Government on how to run an island
and Penang Island will become great if not better
than Singapore in time to come.


A report card in EIGHT months after 50 years of abuse? Anil, I think that is asking too much of a fresh, wet-behind-the-ears set of politicians. People, who were not prepared (although should be) to take over governing, in their wildest dreams. Ask anyone to thumb through all the local legislation statute books alone will take more than a month. That is without having to attend to daily new duties and fend off disappointed opponents’ attacks both on the streets and in the media? Faced with stone-faced civil service personnel loyal to the previous masters of 50 years? Come on,… Read more »


We have to be fair to the Penang Guomen. The federal guomen is sabotaging them and yet I think they have done a good job where transparency, accountability and good governance is concerned. They are thousand times better than the arrogant, corrupted and ineffective BeeEnd guomen. If the Rakyat can endure the rule of BeeEnd for the past 50 years, why not let the present state guomen rule for another 10 years before we rate them? Then maybe we will be able to see a prosperous Penang with a new bridge built with half the cost initiated by the crony… Read more »


Barely 8 months and such a transparent and caring nature in managing the state of Penang…Kudos to Bro LGE and the gang.

He don’t even bother to accept any title to carry out his responsibilities.Unlike many business ppls and BN … whom were so eager and become one themselves…

Penang ada harapan kini….


Saya Anak Malaysia!!!


The good value in them is they having a “sincere heart”.
They are trying everything for the best of the rakyat. Who will not make mistake? The important thing is they do not repeat the same mistake. I believe they will succeed by overcome all “challenges”.


It is unfair to penalize the government base on 8 months performance. It is still in learning curve. As you know, they not only need to clean up previous mess but need to stabilize current administration. If you think you can do it better than them within 8 months, please volunteer yourself outright! To your question posted:- I feel 100% comfortable of what they are doing now. You can’t find it in BN state government, only in Penang!