Penang state ExCo’s asset disclosures


Something for the BN politicians to emulate. That will be the day!

These are the asset disclosures for the Penang state ExCo members.

And for the first time, the assets of Penang state assembly members from Pakatan are being disclosed.

While these disclosures are commendable and symbolic, we need to recognise their possible limitations, which apply to any kind of asset disclosure, including those of our federal government politicians (when they do decide to disclose. that is – don’t hold your breath).

It would be better to include the assets owned by the spouse and immediate family members. Otherwise, what is to stop elected reps from putting assets corruptly acquired in the names of relatives, drivers, gardeners, etc.

Also, how to ensure that all assets and shares, whether directly or indirectly owned or through proxies, are accounted for, including offshore assets?

The scope of work carried out by the auditors should be made known. Are they verifying only the assets made known to them, or does their work extend beyond that to include investigative work? How do they determine that all the assets are accounted for?

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9 Aug 2013 8.13am

dear Anil Netto Let me first thank you and ALIRAN for wishing you selamat Hari Raya. Secondly, Malaysia’s funds are going down slowly but steadily, is due the fact that that Najib and his clique spent the RAKYAT money during the 13th ge like water – you know THE UMNO fellow WERE going around the country with while envelopes – we saw on the TV 1, 2, AND 3. and handed the white envelopes. This is the cause of our Treasury funds are depleting. Under the Treasy Instructions, no public servant can spend the departmental money without calling for QUOTES… Read more »

Andrew I
7 Aug 2013 11.38pm

How many mini markets you got, gherkin?

8 Aug 2013 9.05am
Reply to  Andrew I

Andrew, you forgot to ask about mini markets in Cayman Island!
Oh yes, also Bing Chui hawker stalls in aircon cafes?

Andrew I
8 Aug 2013 9.22am
Reply to  tunglang

Invasion of Gherkin’s Cesto.

7 Aug 2013 2.34pm

Umno Minions parked their money in foreign accounts. So any disclosure will not be full.

najib manaukau
7 Aug 2013 2.17pm


What is there to stop anyone from not declaring their assets hidden abroad ?

7 Aug 2013 1.49pm

Barang Niks folks in no time will publish their assets once they have finalised assets transfer to Swiis Bank or Cayman Island or Mugabe Banks.