Penang port: Why MCA; why Soi Lek?


The appointment of Chua Soi Lek as Penang Port Commission chairperson comes at a crucial time for the port.

One of the prime rules of journalism is, always follow the money. Where the money is, that’s where things happen. Two major factors could explain the relatively high-level appointment of an MCA leader to head the Penang ports’ regulatory authority:

1) Privatisation of Penang port and wharves’ operations could be on the cards. The politically well-connected Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary’s name has been mentioned in various reports. Penang Port Sdn Bhd CEO Ahmad Ibni Hajar was reported in September as saying they were also awaiting the government’s approval on plans to list the company. Big money stakes will be up for grabs if the listing does proceed. (I maintain that Penang Port should remain in government hands. Preferably it should come under the state government’s purview.)

2) And let’s not forget that major expansion and upgrading work is in store for the Penang piers, deep water wharves, container terminals and ferry operations.

The extension of the wharf at the northern end of the North Butterworth Container Terminal has been completed, increasing the length from 900m to 1,500m. This will be serviced by high-speed rail-mounted gantry cranes, an additional bridge to the mailand and a 25ha storage yard nearing completion. The expected ‘moves per hour’ at the terminal is expected to rise from 22 to 25.

That’s not all. Take a look at the other big-money projects in the pipe-line that could add up to billions of ringgit:

North Channel Dredging (RM351 million has been requested)

Dredging of the 11.5 meter ACD (Approach Channel Depth) North Channel to 13.5 metre (or 14.5m?) ACD to serve mother vessels calling at the port.

Prai Bulk Cargo Terminal

Relocation and construction of a new Dangerous Goods (DG) Terminal to the south of PBCT by 64 metres. Construction of the new trestle for DG pipelines and the 64-metre berth is expected to commence in January 2008. Shifting of the pipelines to the south should start in May 2008 and the new DG berth is targeted to be ready in November 2008.

Fast Boat (Ferry Terminal)

Penang Port Sdn Bhd will introduce fast boat services between the island and the mainland. The fast boats, which cater for pedestrians and motorcyclists, take only half the time to reach the destination compare to ferries that take 15 minutes. A total of five units of fast boats will be bought to complement the ferry services.

The number of ferries will be reduced from the current eight to five when fast boat services are implemented.

Centralised Tankage Facilities (CTF)

The CTF project is located near to the Bagan Ajam Toll on Butterworth Outer Ring Road encompassing an area approximately 100 acres off the nearby coast. The facilities inside the CTF will include various types of oils & gas storage tanks, road tanker loading terminals, gas filling facilities, drumming facilities, blending tanks for bio diesel, lube & additives and warehousing.

The project estimated cost is approximately RM1.2 billion and will be operational by the end of 2013. This project will form a hub for moving liquid cargoes in and out within Malaysian and International waters. The water draft will be approximately 13.0 metres as to accommodate vessel size up to 50,000 DWT. The total expected and estimated volume of liquid cargoes to be handled by CTF is 700,000 metric tonnes per month.

Value Added Activities and Reclamation Project

A total of 1,000 acres will be reclaimed at the North of NBCT which will be developed into container yards and other value adding activities like the:-

  • Free Trade Zones Activities (Free Industrial Zones / Free Commercial Zones)
  • Warehousing / CFS and Logistic Activities
  • Distripark and Inland Clearance Depot (ICD)
  • Cold Storage and Halal Hub
  • Centralised Tankage Facilities (CTF)

At the current Butterworth Deep Water Wharves, value added activities are being carried out within the Free Commercial Zones area, e.g. On Dock Depot Operations, Warehousing and Container Freight Stations to ensure greater flexibility to all of wide ranging import and export commercial activities with minimal documentation needed .

Source: PPC website

With so much big money at stake, no wonder the federal boys want a ‘trusted’ hand to oversee the Penang ports, wharves and terminals, and presumably that’s why they opted for MCA’s Chua Soi Lek (never mind the role of MCA hands in the PKFZ debacle).

One final thought: are we going to spend all these public funds only for a future privatised entity to reap the operational profits?

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anak penang

who lead penang is the same BN or PR all they want are For BN money for they own. PR almost the same but if not why CM need to sit at the BOard of PBA.
…semua sama sahaja.


this fella (played) out her wife. you can expect him to ‘sell out’ Penang….. Thats MCA.


… No need for hidden camera this time as he is getting bolder and is endorsed by BN.
Don’t be a fool like his wife who is betrayed big time.


In my previous post,
2nd line should read, … are NOT very good…
3rd line should read, … then why NOT?


PPC and Penang Ports are managed like a Govt agency. The efficiency and work practices are very efficient. If privatization will help improve efficiency and turn around the operations, then why now?
AS LONG AS, the buyers don’t get the whole thing for a price less than REASONABLE / ACTUAL MARKET VALUE


AS LONG AS, the buyers don’t get the whole thing for a price less than REASONABLE / ACTUAL MARKET VALUE

This argument for efficiency holds no sacred water. Where on earth will you get subsidised services offered by privatised corporations whose corporate mission is to make more money for their CEO, employees and shareholders. Not even in communist China. Unless PPC is willing to serve the Rakyat, not the CEO’s salary increases or fat bonuses. This will be only a dream come true at the dawn of a new millenium.


Ah Soon

You did not “UMNO” to Cheap Minister coming from Malacca, how come no voice for the cheap chairman of PPC who jumps further than malacca. He is a cheap chairman and cannot be compare the chairman Mao (“lao” Mao as called by mainlanders)

ondre kural

PLS always it is the politician’s who get appointed to run things which they have no experience. In the process of learning, people’s money will be wasted.PLS return back the glory of Penang ferry and port services back to old days.When ever bridge is jammed, ferry service is of no help, at times of festival’s ferry service is bad/worst. Beware the people are watching.Don’t turn it into a money loss issues.PLS change or will be changed in future!!!

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi BN machais,

Why is there no cry on an outsider, a Johorean, replacing a Penangite as PPC chairman? Why no calls for him to go back to Johore?

Obvious reason, the UMNOputras, BNputras and their cronies rent-seekers are gleefully waiting for the gravvy to flow again in Penang!

Why privatise after pouring in rakyat’s RM1 billion, and more, into PPC? Classic case of privatising profits and socialising losses!! The Malaysian people are the losers while UMNOputras, BNputras and their cronies would be laughing all the way to the bank! UMNO and BN can never change!

Anak Mami

That’s why we must prevent Penang from falling back to BN in the next GE.


What this proves is that CSL still a strong relationship with UMNO top leaders and its likely not just Najib. That is why he basically is still unfazed at the fact that MCA has lost the bulk of Chinese support. The Chinese political Kapitan business is still alive and well.

Why would MCA leaders change given such opportunity the average Chinese Malaysian can only dream of and struggle like hell for it?


Why MCA? Why Soi Lek? Perhaps, because MCA has a snoop squad who captured pictures of Soi Lek in actions of the sexual kinds?

Why Soi Lek? Perhaps because he is the most famous Malaysian, and the most watched porn star in the history of Malaysia? …

This is what UMNO/BN represents! Tainted DOM! Tak Malu ke?

Ganyang UMNO/BN come PRU 13! Salam Reformasi!


Penangnites to lead Penang only? Where are all those champions of the above slogan? The fact is there is no candidate of calibre in Penang, either in the impotent Gerakan, MCA, UMNO, and other mosquito parties! All the capable men and women are with Pakatan Rakyat, because they are ready to serve the nation for the sake of their children and future generations! Shame to UMNO/BN in Penang! And having a pornstar to lead them? Only those fools in MCA and Gerakan can accept this appointment. UMNO? They are accepting a porn star to lead the PPC, just shows their… Read more »


Prime Minister Najib,

Penangites aren’t happy, want to know Why MCA; Why Soi Lek? Why not Tengku Razaleigh?

So soon you forgot about Galas already?


Hello Penang people, you all have to … defend Penang Port no matter how…

Dont be stupid again like letting Gerakan/Koh Tsu koon suck you all for the past 2 decades…

Gerakan K

Why MCA ??? Why Soi Lek ???

Because he is the BEST.

What do you expect ??? LGE ??? LKS ???

LOL !!!


Gerakan K

Of course he is the best for you. What MCA can do in Pasang can also do for you after it has been a drought for Gerakan.

He is also the BEST ACTOR and will be getting hollywood Oscar and Golden horse Award


Gerakan K, Yes he is the best. A minister and a pornstar and an adulterer

Pretty Obvious

Of course for Gerakan K, CSL is the best. This is a lifeline for the starving rent-seekers in Penang.


MCA President from finance minister to Transport minister to PPC Chairman and this porn star thought that Najib has think highly of him. A very grave insult to him MCA. haha hehe

Pretty Obvious

Hi Boys and Girls,

We should be setting an NGO and call it ” Anil’s Rent-Seekers Wannabees “.

With experienced cronies like K, Gerakan K, Pearl and DAP=UMNO on board advising us, we should stand a pretty good chance of helping ourselves to the (goodies).

Conscientious objectors like Anil may want to do a Robin Hood and distribute their share to the poor.


MCA has already started partying, “Happy days are here again”…thanks to the tourist minister for … the endless flow of ‘China imports’!

One billion already invested,little wonder of late, (certain groups were) making their presence felt…demanding to be included!

Andrew I

Correction: The Minister for Sex Tourism.


It doesn’t matter who is appointed. … They all have the same objective i.e. plundering the rakyat’s money as much as they could while they’re in power.

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone,

CSL and KCH would work hand-in-glove with their ‘masters’ in UMNO baru! The BN rent-seekers are rubbing their hands in glee with great possibilities that their voracious appetites are going to be satiated, even though there is a temporary drought when they lost the State Govt.! The Federal Govt is finally coming to their rescue.

Also, some of the PPC ferries could be turned into pleasure cruise boats for locals and tourists who’re up to it! In-house videos and entertainment provided! Our tourism minister would be able to sell these cruises to foreign tourists as well.


We should demand the inevitables. CCTV cameras equipped with night vision and motion/sound sensors of unatural animal movements and grunts in every spaces in Penang Port! Why? B’cos we want no hanky-panky of any carnal sorts, nor any sleigh of dirty hands’ corruptions as evident in the PKFZ fiascos under the now untrustworthy MCA. We are in the dark about how much of taxpayers’ free money have been invested prior to the expected privatization. And the state territory is now used for the one-way profiteering for the rich and soon going to be rich K’s, P’s and C’s. We expect… Read more »



Quick, quick, quick! The latest rent seeking venture is in town, fully endorsed by none other than our in-house ” rezeki ” seeking star Gerakan K.

So go collect your ticket and join the queue. Don’t waste your time ranting on Anil’s blog.

You have a new life line!


Just do not know whether PPC will take order fron the Transport Minister which mean CSL kow tow to KCH. The MCA president taking order from vice president


Anil, why do you want to filth your blog, even merely posting the name of the “Deep Throat” star into your blog? Gerakan K, have you re-adjusted the direction of your radar? Quick! stand by your man…
Talk of Mother Teresa la….it is a beautiful day down under!


Another MCA driven PKFZ show?


CSL (could end up like) Ling to be a scapegoat of BN’s corruption. Unfortunately he is still unaware of this.


Unless CSL is caught with his pants down again, don’t think this old … will care too much about morality of MCA politics.

The Penang Port is just another … money leeching opportunity. The gravy train … has arrived at Penang Port.


Wow! So much money at stake!

No wonder we have not heard from the likes of K and Pearl for a while. They must be busy making a beeline to this federally operated rent seeking nest.

Gerakan K had already declared that he was going to seek his ” rezeki ” there. Now that’s one honest boy for us!