Penang Global City Centre: Activists step up campaign


Activists have stepped up the campaign as the stakes rise. The developer has taken its PR blitz to the shopping malls, but activists have been meeting residents neighbouring the PGCC project site who are worried about the impact of the project.

Here we see heritage conservationist Loh-Lim Lin Lee, architect Laurence Loh and heritage activist Dr Choong Sim Poey briefing Scotland Park residents and exposing the deception inherent in the development plan. Make sure you catch all four parts of the video and see them passionately and eloquently arguing against the project.

I have no doubt that the PGCC is going to emerge as a major election issue for Penang in the coming general election as more and more Penangites become aware of the horrendous implications for the environment especially the loss of a vast open green space and the predictable traffic congestion and emissions.

Will we see a repeat of the successful Save Penang Hill campaign, which resulted in the ruling coalition suffering an electoral setback in the 1990 general election in Penang?

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Gale Metcalf

Nov. 12
I met representatives of PGCC today at their Gurney Mall exhibition. They invited me to attend an all day symposium this Saturday, Nov17, from 9;30am, at the E&O Hotel. This meeting is NOT open to the public. However, I was told that invitations can be secured by requesting them via their website at

I hope that all who are concerned about this development will request invitations and turn up on Sat. to ask the questions that need to be asked about this project.