Penang Botanic Garden: Is this progress?


For over 120 years, the Penang Botanic Garden has managed perfectly well without these concrete structures.

But now, in the name of ‘development’, ‘progress’ and ‘upgrading’, concrete is being dumped in the Garden and useless structures are sprouting up. (The slideshow above includes photos of the horrendous new arches at the Garden entrance and of the administration block being built near Moon Gate.)

How sad. And to think they use public funds for all this.

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Interesting … yeah why federal govt is owner this project?
Interesting video Lim Guan Eng : Baseless Allegations on Penang Botanic Gardens


Our state government is quite “chicken”. Even the little Napolean (BG superintendent) got more power and even “demanded” immediate action for this upgrade or hinted that Federal funding will be withdrawn. Read more of a series of pictures here!/album.php?aid=160522&id=523753980&ref=mf


Wah, so much venom pouring out from so many mouths, looks very much like a concerted and organised attack on the state govt. Venom pouring out just like concrete. Much of it is senseless attack. Anyway, the question to ask is – why are Federal Funds and Federal Govt involved in a project in a state recreation park ? That is the most important question. Just focus on this question. Don’t get distracted. Use penetrating insight. Zoom in on it. Ok, why is this question important ? It is important because ownership and control is a prerequisite for responsibility and… Read more »

christine yong



LGE and his gang shall visit Kandy Botanical Garden in Sri Lanka to learn how to manage a botanical garden.

If I want to make comparison, I’ll rate Penang Botanical Garden 5/10 compare with Kandy Botanical Garden 9/10.

Gerakan K

My prediction comes true. More concrete projects on the way.


Pulau Pinang – Darul Konkrit !!

DAP – Development Above People
DAP – Destroying Annihilating Penang
CAT – Condos, Apartments and Townhouses
LGE – Likes to Gostan and Evade


Yang, where are you, your comments please.

Mr Anil, can i hear from you?

O, please hold on, i believe DAP has the Rakyat at heart…

Please bear a little while. Gerakan is a useless party, we are committing suicide if we vote them back… How can we trust them twice???

For long time i hv never been to Botanical Garden, dont know what is going on???


i believe DAP has the Rakyat at heart…


DAP has the Rakyat at heart ???

Like the Rakyats from Chung Ling High School that drowned…?

Like the soon-to-be-built white elephant PICC, that will cost the Rakyat RM 50 Million?

Penang Person

Vote Gerakan? Dream away!


Penang – the Business Friendly State.

Economy improved so much, why you complain some more?

Penang Person

Oi people, the Penang Botanical Gardens is not a tourist spot! Neither is it a recreational spot! BECAUSE: PBG is a necessity. It is a necessary facility for the life of a normal human being. People are already walking into one another at PBG, every day, because it is congested. The Penang population no longer has a decent place to go for exercise. So what tourist spot are you talking about??? More accurately — it is an embarassment; to tourists it is an exhibition of how the welfare of the Penang citizens has been neglected to the point that its… Read more »

Tan Jo

I think the issue here(correct me if I’m wrong) is that some quarters are unhappy that Botanical Gardens is being converted into more of a tourist destination than the recreational spot that it used to be.

But while I agree that its recreational value will be diminished somewhat if there is an increase in influx of tourists, I think it’s a bit selfish as Penangites to hoard such a nice park to ourselves too.


anil, state cannot stop fed projects from cuming into penang. soon there is one more.

people dont understand which is state and fed project.

even during bn ktk, fed came and did tesco, state cant say anything.

even if fed wants to abandon 2nd link, wat can lge do? uem is cancer stage 3.8

this is problem whe fed still bee-end.


anil, state cannot stop fed projects from cuming into penang. soon there is one more.

You said the above, right ?

Please help us by telling us which law give the fed the absolute power over the states, in term of “projects” ??

I am tired of half-truths, and I hope what you said above is not just another “half-truth” from DAP.


anil, isnt that botanical project frm Fed?


Current crop of leaders in DAP Penang cannot be trusted! Lim Keng Yaik was correct, when the DAP’s battle cry was “Try Five Years” and Lim Keng Yaik retorted, “Try Five Years, Die Five Years”. Luckily, we do not have to endure five years of incompetence, as the GE will be called sooner than expected! Parti Cari Makan (PCM) is not an alternative as they are opportunists. The best option is for Gerakan to quit BN, win back Penang as an opposition and go back to BN. We will not feel so painful than to place so much hopes on… Read more »


Oh wow !

Even our “O” tak boleh tahan already !!

We await your response as to what your plans are to a small issue like the Botanical Gardens! Whether it is a Federal or State Project, englighten the Rakyat and tell us your plan. Work your plan and we will continue to support you, otherwise, you just butt off!“…


LGE, Until the beauty, cleanliness and ambience of the Botanical Gardens are restored, you remain to us as DAP= Deliver And Perform (Don’t talk so much)… DAP is hopeless! It cannot even solve a small problem like the Botanical Gardens, do you expect it to solve bigger issues if it crops up? Penangnites, wake up, Do not be cheated by these actors, and having your trusts betrayed! Compared to PKR in Selangor, DAP is not qualified to lick PKR’s boots! I am a very hardcore supporter of the PAS, DAP and PKR, but, DAP had let us all down! Just… Read more »


I want to scream!!!


Welcome to the world of the Cheap Minister who puts Developmnent Above People (DAP).

One by one LGE (administration) is destroying Penang’s heritage. KBP, Botanical Garden, numerous heritage sites, beaches,etc are been destroyed or irreversably damaged by the greedy and irresponsible hands of the Cheap Minister.

I’m, sorry folks but Penang’s doomed under LGE and DAP.


One way out for Penangnites, vote Gerakan come the next election! On condition that they quit the BN, what is the point of having DAP? It had proven to be hopelessly inept when it comes to handling the needs of Penangnites. A basic problem like the Botanical issues takes rounds of pressuring, and even so, it had become bad to worse! Who is in charge of tourism in Penang? Thought tourism is one of the pillars of the Penang state economy? Building orang hutans lavatories for tourists? Splutter of concretes here and there? It is high time we vote out… Read more »


Dont feed the monkeys PLEASE. It makes them less capable of surviving by themselves in the wild, makes them more pesky to humans in other areas because they expect food, and also causes more aggression in them as they compete for food and with other humans. Ive seen it first-hand while studying them for a mini-thesis


This is the saying – when the monkey gives money, don’t expect it to buy a house – it will probably dump it into the trash and search for the bananas.

Idiots from Ng Yen Yen’s stand point on charging entrance fee.


Actually I hope they charge the entrance fee of RM 1,000 per entry.

That way no one will get to enter and the green space will become green again.


Dear KM.

I think you have raised an important point.

The Tourism minister Datuk Ng Yen Yen told the press recently that the Federal government had allocated RM7 million for the upgrade work at the Penang Botanical Garden.

Looks to me this is a federal project.



The project carry out right now at the main entrance is State government or Tourism ministry’s project? Can you please clarify?


When i was young, Penang Botanic Gardens was the most fun place to be. I loved feeding the monkeys and enjoying the fresh air. It is sad to see green lungs going down the drain. In Malaysia, politicians spend their time just fighting with each other instead of concentrating on issues such as the above. At the end of the day, when parks are not kept well, the social cost escalates. Nobody wants to go to the park. Nowadays, cannot blame the youths for being Mat Rempits cause the youths have no proper place to go or indulge in healthy… Read more »

Dog Lover

And to add, I can’t even bring my pet dogs to the youth park/botanical garden, if I bring them to the beaches, many eyes will be staring at me, some even have the cheek to told me that beaches are off boundary to pets.


Because irresponsibble dog owners like you let your dogs SHIT all over the place in the park and you guys never pick up after your dogs !!

Wanna blame? Blame your fellow dog owners la !


Dear Iron,
It is true that some dog owners are irresponsible but it doesn’t meant all is.
The park should prepare plastic bags for the owner to pick after their dogs.
And society as well, should be responsible in reminding the dog owners who let their dog defecate everywhere.
Iron, the next time you see this happen, please voice out immediately rather venting it out in a forum.


Dear Bobby, You may be a responsible dog owner but then, if you are, you must be feeling so lonely in Penang. In Penang, dog shit are everywhere. In the park, on the pedestrian pavement, on the street, everywhere ! How often do you see dog owners pick up the shit from their dogs, Bobby? In other countries, like Europe and America, yes, the majority of the dog owners are responsible dog owners. They *DO* pick up the dog shit, no matter how smelly and yucky those dog shits are, but the dog owners *DO* that, and I saw it… Read more »

Dog Lover

Hi Iron,

You know what, I bet my dog is (more) well behaved…

And to think of people simply throwing rubbish out of their car windows/flats everywhere, and you guys never bother pick it up after eating..

Wanna blame? Blame your fellow humans around you la !


Oh wow, what a strawman !!

And to think of people simply throwing rubbish out of their car windows/flats everywhere, and you guys never bother pick it up after eating..

Where do you want to begin?

In the park or in the canteen or in the flats?

How many Human Beings SHIT in the park, huh?

Wow !

Wanna erect a strawman? Erect something that makes sense la !


We have people here who does not like Government CAT. So they are BARKING … all over the places even in the electronic media.


Oh wow, the CAT thing again !!!!

So it’s because of the CAT thing that our Botanical Garden is turning into a Concrete Garden ?

Concern Citizen

BN and PR both same! Corrupted!


Bangkit, Penangites !

Let’s voice out our objections.

No longer can we keep quite while they destroy the precious little open green space around us.

No longer can we keep our mums while they lord over us.

Penang is outs. They, the BN or PR, are merely our EMPLOYEES, and we must let them understand that we don’t take no BS from them anymore !