Penang boleh! Public road dug up, blocked


The entrance to Jalan Kaki Bukit was today dug up, blocking access to Kampung Buah Pala from the Bukit Gelugor side and inconveniencing the public.

Staking a claim: Breaking up a public road – Photo by Penang Media

Jalan Kaki Bukit links Bukit Gelugor to Jalan Yeap Chor Ee.

How is it possible that a public road could be blocked? Who is responsible for this? Is this another indication that anything goes in Penang?

Don’t tell me that this public road now belongs to the developer!

What do the state government and the municipal council have to say? Let’s have some CAT here.

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What happened to law and order the developer is having another Federal court order to dig and block handy….LGE to answer….no matter what he will be (finished) for demolishing KBP..


This scene is so common. Which road in Malaysia can remain virgin? Even just resurfaced for 2-3 months, digging take place. There are TNB, Telekom, Water works, house owners, Majlis have all the right to dig the road.

Ong Eu Soon

There is no such thing called private road. Any road once gazetted belong to the public. LGE apologists need not waste time to mislead Penangites and Malaysians about it. Not only developer should be fined, LGE should answer why such a thing can happen as if he is KTK version 2.0.
MPPP need to do more than just a public denial, it need to take action agaist the developer!


One thing I got to agree with Anil, need to fine the developer. May I suggest Singapore style? M$50k penalty



What’s the role of MPPP ? Is it issuing media statements or enforcing regulations ? If they indeed did not approve the road closure then what the heck are they doing about it then ?

Well, don’t be surprised that in the next few days another story will emerge to … clear the “misunderstanding”.

We have seen such “miscommunication” so many times in the case of KBP and others.


“good” job…
i will go there to have a look of this supreme work…


“The Penang Municipal Council has issued a statement strongly denying that any approval had been given to the Nusmetro to close the road, as claimed by the firm’s director and reported in The Star.”

Ong, Fatimah and K can now rest in peace.


hey people , cant help laughing at the comment that you all made about the road closure. First , you got to get your facts right.. if the road was build across the private land then it’s their right to seal it off , who knows maybe the road is part of the development area. But before they can actually put hoarding over the existing road, they must get the permission from the city council because the road have been there for a very long time. By what the developer are doing is consider inconsiderate to the other road users..… Read more »


I am surprised that people are surprised by such “cowboy” act by Big Business.

The speed,coodination and efficiency of Tenaga, PWB and the Police in dismantling KBP should have given an indication that the incumbant state governent are in cahoots with the Big Business for the sake of “development” and “progress”.

Such act of lawlessness is not confined to KBP but everywhere in Penang. Just go around Georgetown, BW or BM and you will see Big and Small Businesses stealing public spaces and blocking roads. New car parks and hawker centers are emerging everywhere.

Welcome to Penang, the Silly-Con Island.

Gila Kah

Hmmm….a very interesting and controversial subject. Firstly, is the whole stretch of road leading and exiting the village from both ends, a public or private road ? 1. If it’s a Public road, get the authorities to penalize / fine the developer for vandalism / destroying public property! 2. If it’s a private road, where does it begin and end… the boundary so to speak. 3. If they want to play tough by blocking Off the road, by the same token, the Penang Govt. can also permanently blocked the road outside the limit of the private property, thus sealing off… Read more »


To take a neutral stand, can we presume that the road is part of the parcel which now belongs to the Koperasi/Nusmetro Oasis project?
if it is the boundary, then they have the right to block it off as it is now a Construction site.
Also if anyone can recall, the Petani Road / River Road MPPP apartments. An entire road disappeared during the construction (Jalan Vetenari? or something like that). The parcel of land could be encompassing 2 sides of the road also also the land the road is on.


Anil, keep up the good work of reporting, while you are at it, did you ask those contractors :-

a) Who are they ?
b) Who are they working for?
c) Why are they doing, what they are doing ?

Reporting and a little bit of investigative work would be great.

Meanwhile since you posed the question to the state government and the municipal office, I will wait for your update on their answers before I pass any judgement or comments regarding the Penang government.

What do you think ? Is it fair ?


Anil, any idea where are Sugumaran, Darshan Singh,MIC’s youths,NGOs and all those who vowed to defend KBP together with the villagers and not even one inch of KBP’s land will be conceded ?


How come the police did not arrest them for damaging public property. Where is LGE? Where is Jeff Ooi? Hoi!


This (could be) corruption….

Fatimah Zuhri

Hi Anil, This just shows who LGE really is. In front of us and the media he talks about transparency, CAT and what not but behind our back he is PakLah version 2.0! This is clearly an act of straight from the LKY game book. He is trying to force the people of Penang who voted for him to forget about the injustice that had been done to the Kpg Buah Pala residents. Many people have forgot (typical Malaysian…having short term memory) that in the last GE, … his DAP cohorts openly PROMISED that Kpg Buah Pala is here to… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

How come KTK still in power ah? No law? Where is our opposition leader, LGE ? Why LGE has nothing to say? After they demolish Kampong Buah Pala, still not satisfy want to destroy and block the way? Who is in charge now?


Where in the world public road become private property,only in Malaysia. Shameless sham.


Is this some kind of a sabotaj on Penang Govt?????


Do they have proper approval to do this? If they do, on what basis was the approval given?

Bodoh punya authorities.