Penang: 25558 new voters in Q2 2011


More on the controversy surrounding the 25558 new voters in Penang in the second quarter of 2011.

This time a response from Guan Eng, saying that the gross number of new voters (25558) should be used for comparison and not the net increase (18713) after removal of 6845 voters who had died, relocated or lost their citizenship status.

Elections Commission(EC) Deputy Chair Datuk Wan Ahmad Wan Omar is wrong to make wild allegations that I was trying to distort the increase in voters in Penang over the 2nd quarter of from April to June this year. Wan Ahmad should stop trying to confuse the public by comparing gross increase with net increase of new voters.

This is no different from comparing apples with oranges and a dishonest representation of facts and figures. I had asked the EC to explain why there was such a dramatic gross increase in new voters of 25,558 new voters in the 2nd quarter of 2011 as compared to the previous quarters over the last 3 years.

Whilst I was talking about gross increase new voters, the EC is talking about the net increase in voters after removing voters who had lost their citizenship status, died or moved away. Comparing the net voter increase with gross voter increase is wrong and is akin to comparing apples and oranges.

I had said that for the 2nd quarter of 2011 in Penang, there were 25,558 new voters and 6,845 names struck off. The overall impact of the increase of new voters accompanied by the removal of voters both ways would be 32,403 votes. The net increase of new voters is derived by deducting the gross increase in voters of 25,558 by the number of voters removed of 6,845 to arrive at the net voter increase of 18,713.

It is regrettable that when I am talking about gross increase of new voters of 25,558, Wan Omar tries to divert attention by talking about net increase of new voters of 18,713 voters. It is therefore wrong for Wan Omar to say that of 18,713 net increase of new voters registered in the state, about 14,000 were registered by political parties, of which Umno registered 4,000, followed by DAP (3,900), PKR (800), Gerakan (750), MCA (600), and PAS (500).

The 3,900 new voters registered by DAP should not be compared with the net voter increase of 18,713 but compared instead with the gross voter increase of 25,558 voters. All political parties did not remove voters only new ones as only the EC has the power to strike out the names of voters. Wan Omar should not pretend that he does not understand simple arithmetic.

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Or trying to be positive, could this increase be all those who did not bother to even register, and coming out of the woodwork now? To ensure BN does make any inroads in Penang?
Could the increase also be from the initiatives driven by both PR & BN to register more young voters?

alvin ang

the stupid EC will just keep silent as if nothing happened after their stupid comment. Like that also want to tipu ah? EC really tak tau malu … good for nothing stupid…


The last 2/3 decades Penanites must have taken a lot of fertility pills!
The Lord says,”Go forth and multiply”
Anil, are you one of those contributors?

Andrew I

Was this meant to be your Penang surprise, Gherkin?


Just like in 1995. Sudden increase in Tanjung Bungah voters of the postal vote kind. If not for this underhand tactic, seedless ostrich or Boh Lan Hoot (may) have had been rendered history.


Mr tunglang can organize another round of Han Chiang rally to shore up Penangites support against this dirty tactics.

ps: My son is now studying in Han Chiang. He knows Wu Chun better than any Bollywood stars.


I still got my historical Red T-Shirt (>3 years old) with me which I wear every week with great pride.
Only my father-in-law disdains it for the loss of “Boh Lan Hoot” Durian every time he sees me wearing it like my 1st layer of manly-pride skin. (We did had a Teochew Opera-shouting match after that fateful night in Han Chiang field. Even Jackie Chan couldn’t match this).

Thinking of stitch-design a bold ‘308’ across my Tee front in Bersih Yellow….


no point in debating with the EC. Its just another UMNO appendage. Even the chief behaves as if he works for UMNO.

Syiok Syiok

with net increase in voters, do Penang businesses like street food vendors see an increase in phantom revenue/profits ?