Penan sexual abuse: Piling trauma upon pain?


In response to the official investigative report confirming the sexual abuse of Penan women and girls, the Sarawak Women and Family Council appears to be ready to take action – and carry out another probe!

This from The Borneo Post:

Council ready to probe Penan women rape claim

KUCHING: Members of the Sarawak Women and Family Council are prepared to go to the ground to investigate claims that Penan women were raped or sexually exploited following the findings of a taskforce set up by Women, Family and Community Development Ministry.

Council chairperson Datin Fatimah Abdullah said yesterday she was still waiting for the taskforce report from the government and the police.

The taskforce report has indicated that Penan women and students were indeed sexually exploited by timber workers because they are very vulnerable and also partly due to consequences of imbalanced development.

So, the Sarawak Women and Family Council are about to pile trauma upon hurt and pain.

What is there to investigate? Does the Sarawak Women and Family Council, and Fatimah Abdullah in particular, disbelieve Shahrizat and the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development?

Does Fatimah Abdullah disbelieve all those representatives from the various ministries, and the state government?

The report was the consensus of all of them.

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The issue has been highlighted by a Swiss foreigners long time ago. But we ignore him and bar him from entry.

It is not an old issue, we hide it under carpet. They are the minority with little economic power. We need timber from their native land. We closed our eyes….

Now it is action to protect them, the duty of state and federal government.

One malaysia,one Malaysian….


‘No will’ is so very true and ‘conscience’ they have nione! Vote BN again and PENAN problems will remain unsolved forever!

Don’t cry and don’t complain because it’s YOU Penans who have been putting them to power and they con you year after year and YOU never learn … wakeup!

Time for real change!!


The BN Government including the police (appear to) have no will to bring justice to the Penans. Excuses upon excuses, we read. Negative NGO’s, no budget, never heard about rape when I was there, Penans good storytellers, no witness, only a small percentages are nomadic and now they want to write another report again. You are right, trauma upon pain, salt into wound and doubling their pain. This looks like another lost cause for social justice. Even humanitarian efforts are not forth coming from the Government, let alone justice for the Penans. To me it looks like the Sarawak Govt… Read more »