Past fraud, new risks in Malaysia


Suspicions over the integrity of a Malaysian government program popularly known as “Project M” that fast-tracked citizenship and voting rights for immigrants in the eastern state of Sabah threaten to complicate upcoming general elections.

Witness testimony to a royal commission of inquiry into the program suggests that large-scale fraud took place in Sabah in the 1990s. The revelations have raised new questions about the accuracy of the country’s voter rolls, an issue opposition politicians and civil society activists have highlighted at street rallies calling for electoral reforms.

The inquiry, which was set up last August, has heard witnesses testify that government officials loyal to the ruling United Malays Nasional Organization (UMNO) engaged in undercover operations to topple the then ruling party in Sabah, the multi-ethnic Parti Bersatu Sabah (Sabah United Party), which at the time was in opposition at the federal level.

The party was apparently perceived by some UMNO loyalists to be “Christian-led” and the covert objective was to replace it with a state-level coalition that would be more “friendly to Islam” under the umbrella of the federal-level ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition.

Full article in Asia Times Online.

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Anil, DSAI was clearly involved as the Election Director for BN in Sabah and the person responsible for the 1st Katak incident in Sabah that led to the collapse of the PBS state government and despite what he may say that he was taking orders from TDM (of course DSAI and Azmin(his polsec then) has denied any knowledge in the first place), he is equally responsible. What we have here now is DSAI a person representing PR who is willing to do anything to guarantee a win (even lie and cheat) and DSNajib who is not tainted. The ends don’t… Read more »


Najib’s latest publicity stunt and propaganda is to have Gangnam Style’s PSY drawing crowd at its Penang Open House on CNY2. The Star and Red Tomato would have a field day reporting Najib popularity and strong support for BN ,,,,,,,,, It would be great if Penangnites and those from surrounding state that attend the open house takes along the Ubah mascots and dress in yellow or green attires. Perhaps Anil and his gang (tunglang, Yang, Andrew, TuaKee, Rilakkuma…) can perform a Flash Mob at the event to steal the thunder from Psy? Sure will make it to world’s headline on… Read more »


Rakyat is calling at PSY facebook not to come now & getting corrupted money from BN that robbed from its people。

Rakyat sedang seru PSY jangan datang kerja untuk wang rausah dari BN:


Najib should have (using his brother CCIMB to sponsor) Psy to sing “Opa Tongkat Style” at Umno Assembly. It is more appropriate!


MCA is noe using the Padang at Han Chiang school for its dinner and ceramah in a bid to emulate DAP in 2008, hoping for good feng shui to rekindle its faltering fortune?

Wonder why no reporting of this event by anil or his readers in Penang.

najib manaukau

Why is this … shenanigan Mahathir, he had the exclusive right to call for a RCI 22 years during his tenure. Yet he did not do so and now he is using TAB’s approval for the million of local born 2nd , 3rd of even fourth generation pendatang the citizenships. Does that justify this project M or even when he now accuses (Anwar) was also directly involved. What is wrong with that ? After all you are the boss, that was why it was called project M, and (Anwar) was only carrying out your order ? Also why was it… Read more »


I don’t know why PR so worried about Najib bringing up his trip to Gaza/Palestin. All they have to do is point to Sabah and probably Selangor and say we have our own Gaza/West Bank here and zionist in UMNO/BN.. why have to go all the way there to look for suffering?