Parliament-to-Putrajaya flip-flop?


Is the relocation of Parliament to Putrajaya going to be another case of flip-flop, after the sports betting fiasco?

In his written parliamentary reply to Sim Tong Him (DAP-Kota Melaka), Nazri  said the relocation was decided by the cabinet recently.

But according to Malaysiakini, Nazri later clarified to the press that the matter was still being mulled over by Cabinet. “It’s not decided yet… We will bring it to the Cabinet to be discussed,” he said.

Not again! Flip-flop – or testing the waters?

Even Khairy disagrees with the RM800 million plan.

He tweeted:

disagrees w/ building a new Parliament in Putrajaya. Unnecessary. Money can be better spent on other programs for the rakyat.

Parliament underwent extensive refurbishment couple of years back. Ya still some leaks in the roof but doesn’t require relocation.

I thought the country was supposed to be short of funds; so the government had to slash/remove “subsidies” for sugar, cooking oil, hospital fees and petrol and introduce GST.

So where is the RM800 million (plus the inevitable  cost over-runs) for the relocation coming from?

And think of the greater distances that MPs have to travel to Putrajaya and the unnecessary construction. Not eco-friendly either!

Umno is running out of ideas. They are unwilling to make real changes – or maybe they are just incapable of changing old habits, hot air over NEM notwithstanding.

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Ong Eu Soon

We finally find a bapa title for Najib, Bapa U-turn Malaysia.


I think Parliament should move to Putrajaya. Then there is no reason for the Federal Govt to keep Kuala Lumpur. There is more reason for Selangor to take back KL. KL will be Pakatan’s capital. This is worth the 800M RM.


it is time to move the parliament to putrajaya. it also time for selangor to ask the RETURN of KL. at least the kl folks will have the chance to have 2 votes instead of the current 1. and when the parliament moved to putrajaya there is really no reason for the king as well as the diplomatic corps to stay in kl.


When it comes to plundering our rightful money, there is always money available for UMNO politicians.

Even if it bankrupt the nation, it doesnt matter. By then they (could be) be self exiled in South Africa/Aust/UK enjoying the plunder, living in luxury.


Just read from Malaysiakini – Rakyat to “subsidise” RM800 mil parliament.

Come to think of it, it is true, RAKYAT were the ones who had been subsidised the government all this while…

It is time we say a big NO, enough is enough in the ballot box, now or never.

SamG, so they have realised they cannot cari makan under Gerakan anymore???

I truly hope Pakatan Rakyat has learnt their lesson well about these opportunists.

May God bless Pakatan !!!


Unable to change ‘old habits’ – YES! That’s their crutch on tax-payers, mainly non-Malays, no? Let’s hope racist Perkasar reads this and realise who has been funding our national projects all these while.

UMNO still want to squeeze till the last drop, …a last tango … before Malaysia goes down bankrupt in 9 years time so we have been told, in 2019!

Imagine, even at 1% of RM800 million they claim will cost Parliament Complex in PutraJaya, is alot of money for them… no?!


Anil, Umno is not running out of ideas – just desperate, to squeeze the last drop as the clock is ticking!


I cant even buy a kilo of coarse white sugar in KL for the past 14 days and they wanted to built another Parliament !
If simple things like controlling taxi drivers cannot be done , what is the use of a new 800 mega millions Parliament?
And BTW the new palace construction overshoot 1 billion(?)


On a related story, my buddies in Gerakan tell me that the Political Eunuch KTK is not bothered about the party anymore. KTK is expected to get a safe seat somewhere in Johor or so. Grassroot Gerakan don’t want him back. They are still wanting to pull out of BN and become the 3rd force (which can’t happen, as KTK is the Samy Vellu of Gerakan), so that the can at least get back a few seats in Penang. They have all resigned to the fact that DAP has the political will to get things done in Penang. So, at… Read more »


The British Parliament building at Westminster is nearly a thousand years old and has been renovated and rebuilt after 3 major fires. Nazri oversaw nearly $100 million of roof and other repairs to our 48 year old Parliament building and wants to replace it with an $800 million new one. For sure this will eventually turn out to escalate to $2 billion with VO’s and cost overruns and possibly a bailout of the direct nrgo croney contractor. Our Govt is full of these philistines who have no understanding of history, heritage or apppreciation of art, architecture or culture!! I suspect… Read more »


jungleboy, i get the picture, let us, each and everyone here be counted and do our part by sending BN out to the jungle, once and for all…

i have asked a few youngsters to register and vote…

if we dont win in the next GE, we will never win again, 5 states is not good enough, now or never.

there are lots of zombies out in the street, let us wake and shake them all up…

vote for change !!!

Hidup Paktan and may Allah bless !!!


“I thought the country was supposed to be short of funds…”

Yes, but for the sake of development (and mutual benefit), we are open to suggestions. Maybe the world’s first floating Parliament. We can consider anything over 0.5 billion. Remember, we help ourselves and help the nation. I help you, you help me.


The BN govt says there is no money…country going bankrupt…that’s why they need to implement GST.

Then why spend millions to relocate Parliament?

Have you seen the British parliament on BBC tv? The seats are so cramped up that all MP’s are squeezed up against each other. Yet they have a much more vibrant and functioning parliament!

Gerakan K

British parliament BAGUS !!!

Betul ke ???

British buli Iraq dan Afghanistan juga BAGUS ???

Abang Adek

Cut subsidies for the rakyat BUT waste all the money anyway on useless projects like a new parliament which will be awarded – (probably) without tender – to some (crooked?) UMNOputra company, (probably) linked to some bigtime UMNOputra politician. Rakyat become poorer while UMNOputras get richer…!!! UMNOputras are social parasites.

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone, Apart from the flip-flopping former premier and the current one, we’ve so many ministers who have also been consistently flip-flopping. Recently, we had the Health Minister and Consumers Affairs flip-flopping, the minister in charge of agriculture flip-flopping over only a certain make of fish crates. Now, we have Nazri, who in a written reply to MP Sim in Parliament, stated that the cabinet had decided on the relocation of Parliament, and then later on flip-flopped to say that the cabinet had yet to decide; not forgetting the flip-flopping of the reissuance of sports betting licence to Berjaya’s VT… Read more »


Nazri is not a flip-flopper. If you had followed his career very closely (or not) throughout the years, you’ll know that (these)… are lies….


Cut subsidy not to reduce deficit but to build RM 800 million parliament building?

Is that 1 Malaysia? Rakyat didahulukan??


The country can go to hell or become another Greece or another Iceland
Umnoputra will be forever rich !


Parliament house still leaking ? Why cannot fix the roof after spending so much ? If can’t even maintain or fix the roof, how to run nuclear power plants ?


A silly plan to waste rakyat’s money. Use the money to feed the poor, build hospitals and schools. If this is the way politicians manage the country, the country will be bankrupt much earlier than predicted. See how some of the GLSs are managed in the country. Over 90 percent have failed. There are GLC subsidiaries losing money almost every year and yet the CEOs are keeping quite! The GLCs are even in sectors they are not supposed to do. There is one GLC that has a university as its subsidiary and it’s losing money in millions almost every year.… Read more »


Pak Lah is famous for his flip-flop policies, Najib is repeating same thing.

Meaning they are heading to a same fate.


No wonder the country will go bust in 9 years’ time …

Jala, where are you???


with out mega projects these UMNoputras find hard to sponser their fatty wifes to overseas shopping !


If no new Mega projects, no mega bucks for UMNOputras! Get the picture?