Oh no, not more massive swap deals in Penang!


We all know we need better public transport for Penang – but not at any price, not if it means more disastrous land swap deals involving even bigger tracts of land reclamation for more multi-million ringgit sea-view bungalows and condos.

Enough is enough with these controversial multi-billion swap deals that favour powerful interests!

Say goodbye to sustainability, if the EIA process we recently witnessed is repeated.

What’s with all these land swap deals anyway? What happened to open tenders for the sale of land? Why should infrastructure deals be linked to land reclamation? Why can’t they be handled separately? Transparency? I think not. This is certainly not CAT. Not by a long shot.

Who is Penang for – the people or the interests of wealthy and well-connected corporations and large developers? Who cares about the interests of the ordinary people, including the fisher folk, right?

The news report below makes me upset because I sense deep down that this is not in the best long-term interests of the people of Penang. They won’t be the ones making obscene amounts of profit off land – land that rightfully belongs to the state and which should be used for the common good and not almost exclusively for high-end property development.

Right before our very eyes, Penang (and its surrounding waters) is being carved out and allotted to major corporate and property players. Like I said some time ago, Penang (and the coastal areas of Johor, for that matter) has become a playground for wealthy developers and corporate interests. What a letdown.

Read this Star article which you may have missed:

Gamuda leads pack for multi-billion ringgit Penang transport job

by david tan

GAMUDA Bhd is the favourite to land the job as the Project Development Partner (PDP) to oversee the implementation of key components of an integrated transportation plan on Penang island

The others in the running for the PDP job that is estimated at more than RM5.5bil for the initial phase are IJM Corp Bhd, MMC Corp Bhd, the Scomi Group and WCT Holdings Bhd.

The state that is expected to issue a request for proposal (RFP) exercise next month have made it clear that only companies with a minimum RM3bil annual turnover and a track record of 15 years can participate.

Two key components of the RFP would be to build a 17.5 kilometre light rail transit (LRT) project that connects the Komtar building to the airport and a link cutting across the island from Bayan Lepas to Tanjong Bungah.

The Bayan Lepas-Tanjong Bungah cuts across a mountainous terrain and would require tunnels.

“The LRT project alone is estimated at RM4.5bil,” said a source.

In return for implementing the entire transportation system, which is expected to cost RM27bil and to be done over many years, the PDP would be awarded with the rights to reclaim a sizeable amount of land in the state.

Sources familiar with the proposed plan said Gamuda met with the state government officials about two months ago to present its proposal.

“The proposal to construct a LRT line would need the license from the Federal Government which would be the responsibility of the PDP. For instance, if Gamuda wins the mandate, it would also be responsible for securing the licence,” the source said.

The Scomi Group is the dark horse for the project because it already has a mandate from the Federal Government to carry out a train project on the island.

“The mandate was given in 2008 but could not be implemented after the state government fell into the hands of the opposition,” said an industry official.

In exchange for carrying out the project, the state is giving the PDP the rights to reclaim large tracts of land and the option is in two areas on the island.

The first option is an area in the southern part of the island involving reclamation of some 2,000 acres of which about 30% or some 600 acres will be carved out for the state for the future expansion of the Penang International Airport and to enlarge the Free Industrial Zone (FIZ).

The other option is for the PDP to reclaim the seagrass land located in between the Penang Bridge and the river mouth of Sungai Pinang, which is popularly known as the Middle Bank seagrass.

The state has already indicated that it would start work on an integrated transportation master plan last month.

In relation to this, on June 13, Penang Local Government, Traffic Management and Flood Mitigation Committee chairman Chow Kon Yeow had said in a press conference the Penang government would call for a RFP in August for companies to bid to be the Project Delivery Partner (PDP) in the state’s Penang Transport Master Plan strategy.

According to Chow, the appointed PDP must be a reliable partner to the state to guarantee the projects’ delivery.

“They will have to oversee all the projects with costs estimated at RM27bil. The costs cover highway infrastructure (RM16bil) and public transport (RM9bil). The institutional costs amount to RM905mil,” Chow had said during the press conference held in June.

Chow had said that any interested company or consortium comprising local or international companies could take part in the RFP and the submission period was open for three months. Chow said the appointed PDP had to ensure that the projects complied with government policies and procedures, and obtain all relevant approvals including securing of funds.

He said the PDP would not be working on the projects but only acting as a consultant to the state.

“However, the PDP will be involved in the calling for tender process of the transport master plan projects and will have to step in should the contractors fail to deliver, either to replace the contractors or to do it themselves under their own cost,” Chow had said.

The concept is almost similar to Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s plan to build a tunnel between Penang island and Butterworth together with a traffic dispersal system near the Gurney Drive and Tanjong Bungah area.

The project was awarded to Consortium Zenith BUCG Sdn Bhd, a joint venture between a Malaysian company and a China company. The entire project is expected to cost RM6.3bil and is to be paid by the company having some 110 acres of land in the reclaimed area of Tanjong Tokong.

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I hope Anil can provide further update on this LMC project as PR1MA is unlikely to happen on Penang island.

Don Anamalai

No news on PR1MA in Penang in conjunction with the Star Property Fair at Gurney Plaza?


The dream of owning a RM72,500 home is becoming a reality with the development of Bandar Cassia Affordable Housing Scheme by the Penang state government.

Phase 1 which comprises 520 residential units will be completed in early 2017. Designed by Surbana International Consultants, which is synonymous with the development of Singapore HDB homes, the affordable homes in Bandar Cassia will be unmatched in terms of quality, design and concept.

For more information, call 04-5050001 or visit http://www.pmm.gov.my.



B………………………….. S……………………………………….
Heard that once too many. When it come to that it is not that


Yang should go checking up the offerings at Star Property Fair at Gurney Plaza and let us know if there is any better bargain compared to the LMC housing at Bandar Cassia and Sandilands foreshore.

Stylo Logan

Anyone can provide commentary on the offerings at the Star Property Fair?


Another good news for Penangites looking low medium cost housing! 1.71 ha of affordable housing at Sandilands foreshore in Jln C.Y. Choy Penang! Make sure you can qualify for a 700 sq ft unit of low medium cost flat at RM72,500. http://www.theedgemalaysia.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=299656&Itemid=77 The project when completed will have 482 medium-cost apartments — 241 units with a minimum 1,000sq ft priced at RM400,000, 161 units at minimum 900sq ft each at RM300,000 and 80 units at 800sq ft each at RM200,000. There will also be 321 units of low medium-cost flats of 700sq ft each set at a ceiling price of… Read more »

Stylo Logan

This is indeed good news for Penangites looking for affordable homes on the island. I wonder why Anil do not highlight the details of this project. The tY tag team seems to be quiet on this matter – Perhaps they are putting their faith on Najib’s PR1MA on Penang Island?


Good to see readers highlight important development that Anil could have missed out completely.


Eu Soon’s comment these days are improving; unlike Mr T with mid life awakening starts to degrade in comments.


tunglang’s comments degrading just like bastardised penang street food – originality is gone when influenced/tampered by external factors ?


Lapala, … Don’t be thin face, … & get angry ah?


Go to KL Petaling Street and you can see many foreigners are cooking on behalf of the local hawker bosses. Do you want this to happen in Penang?


Apa lapala. How do you know tunglang still ori or not? Even my one & only wife doesn’t complain, father-in-law still fuming for my wearing red tee @ Han Chiang 308. Of course he will be surprised + heavenly happy if he gets to know I daily bash CAT Deity online (serious, this deity is not metaphorical, dear all CAT minions pandai-pandai & worshippers). One difference here between street food & political support: Penang Ori-Maestros serve their customers. The best hawkers serve original. Penang Lang don’t ‘serves’ Penang CAT Gomen. So, who should be serving original (308)? Pandai-pandai? Your version… Read more »


A foreigner would made a lousy cook. An outsider would made a lousy CM and indeed this outsider is one lousy CM


Dear tunglang, i think you need peanuts more than others lor !!!

In fact, Lemy’s “… senseless analogy and metaphors are not relevant and funny..” is spot on and i had a good laugh. Thanks lemy.

tunglang do you know you are the most touchy one here, mid life crisis is no joke indeed. Have a good day !


The World Cup is over but the two World Cup official songs have its place in the different sides of Malaysian politics: 1) We Are One – by Pitbull & Jennifer Lopez http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TGtWWb9emYI – This is the song for the 49% who are deceived by the Botak guy (not Pitbull) with the ‘One’ symbol. They are fixated by the gyration of Ms Lopez (sweet slogan and campaign songs?) to forget the woes of the nation. 2) Dar um Jeito (We Will Find a Way) – by Santana & Wyclef Jam http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIZCNDTDEi4 – This is the song for the 51% who… Read more »


There will always be for and against the changing skyline of a city. Even London’s skyline is set to get a lot more crowded over the coming years with skyscrapers:


More images: http://now-here-this.timeout.com/2014/04/10/12-new-skyscrapers-coming-to-london-and-our-proposed-nicknames-for-them/


W have also noticed that many high rise/high density condominiums in Malaysia are having their garden/children’s playground on the rooftop.

Plain Truth

I agree with some of the comments on en bloc above.

Given the scarcity of land on the Penang island, en bloc will free up large tracks of land that currently houses the low rise blocks.

Building more apartments on these free-up land will ease the pressure on the ever escalating property prices in Penang.


Plain Truth: Building more apartments on these free-up land will ease the pressure on the ever escalating property prices in Penang. But will the prices adjust to more realistic level? I doubt given the ‘en-bloc frenzy & exhilaration’ of developers’ addiction for maxi-profiteering from ‘en-bloc’ surreal property pricing. Which developer is going to be price-conscience given the new opportunity to up their game another level in property development. As I said before, I met a Butterworth developer whose condo projects in mainland priced @ Rm180+K in 2011 & who could ‘upmarket’ his pricing to Rm300K in 2012. With ready land… Read more »


Your father never teach you simple economics?
Go learn demand vs supply and how scarcity will drive up prices.


Simple economic of supply and demand is an old father`s story is not applicable in today`s economic when the CAT can manipulate land prices to more than RM1,300 above the current rate. This is what the CAT and DAP have been blaming BN but is doing it themselves.


Your wife or grandma didn’t tell you why cakes are raised without adding more flour?
Le me tell you this: prices in properties are manipulated thro fear of future supply (exact supply as yet speculated), greed (of high profiteering in multiple bookings) & surreal pricing tactics (broad price classification + add ons).
I would be the happiest housing agent with XXXL size calculator to see a client like you tonight.

Plain Truth


My sentiments exactly. Your reply to tunglang echoes my thoughts.


Plain Truths, pls keep your unsavoury thoughts to yourself.
This is not a place to show your upbringing like Lemy’s or is it on a contrary?
Show better comments instead of mouthing like an Amazon parrot at Chew Thean Yang Aquarium.
Want some peanuts? That should be how much you get paid.


Good point if land reclamation is not an option. I guess it is up to the owners to make their decisions. Hopefully it is win-win for both parties in any en block exercise.


Plain truth ; How can prices of property be eased when land are being swapped for more the RM1,300 psf higher than the current market price


“””How can prices of property be eased when land are being swapped for more the RM1,300 psf higher than the current market price”””

This is not simple father economics or mother arithmetics. This is simply self-denying the plain truth so as to continue praying shook-shiok for CATs to rain from the sky in this hazy weather of botak hills & polluted beaches & sea water.

Plain Truth


En-bloc and the apparent current state policy of land swapping are two separate issues.

Sunny Ooi

Gomen selling state land on the cheap is not free economics. That is a socialist idea. Are we in high school?


Even Belum near Grik expects transformation. Emkay Group, controlled by property magnate Tan Sri Mustapha Kamal Abu Bakar, expects its Belum Rainforest Resort (BRR) in Pulau Banding to be a profit churner for the group in the future. The BRR project, which is currently being developed, is expected to be fully completed within the next 10 to 15 years. “This place would be the next profit centre for us in the future,” said Mustapha Kamal, who is the group chairman. The overall development of BRR involves four phases on over 600ha in Malaysia’s 130 million-year-old Belum-Temengor rainforest and will boast… Read more »

Belum Trekker Guide

a resort is not a forest reserve.
Belum is much bigger than Belum Rainforest Resort.
Dah pergi ke Belum?

tunglang, jemputlah mereka pergi Belum tanpa insuran nyawa.
I voluntir guide mereka ke SiMaybank (rimau jantan).

ong eu soon
ong eu soon

Penangites face a daunting challenge to fight the dubious privatizations of the state transportation infrastructures. We should be wary of the road building solution that lead to more land reclamation. The state government’s transportation policies are characterized by misallocation to low-value activities with misguided policy directions that stifle innovation and boost transportation costs. One damaging policy direction involves efforts to finance the state transportation infrastructures project through state-private land swap which ignored the need to smooth out cash flow problems for multi billion mega project. With a shortage of land, the state government can only rely on land reclamation as… Read more »


Where is PR1MA on Penang island?


And as the CAT played with the land while Penang burned, blame Penangite and DAP LGE not BN for no PRIMA as they voted in and trusted the incompetent useless CM


Wait for the announcement just before the next general election.
It is a tool by BN to get votes, as usual.


Taj : Yes everything is a tool to entice just like PAS saying want hudud while DAP saying no hudud but continue to sleep with PAS. OK BN using PRIMA as tool in last election but we should not blame BN for not implementing it in Penang as Penangite voted for the CAT. So let the CAT do it but then the CAT continue to ask BN GERakan MCA to do it. Now as I said before, what the hell are we voting in the DAP and CAT for. I just met an old retired state govt officer while hiking… Read more »


Wait wait, is it not that DAP and LKS and son have been lamenting all along that Gamuda and Scomi are BN UMNO cronies. Now what, DAP are also engaging all these cronies. Should not all these projects be tendered out under CAT. So you see all the CATs (Competency, Accountability and Transparency) are lies and lies and deceit. And we have someone here that thought this CAT is an angel and its the devil in disguise.


You mean those work in these companies like the office boys,tea maker, cleaner are cronies otherwise the companies camnot function properly?? This also suppliers of materials to these companies??


cwf : You should know what it mean. You are just giving a stupid answer. Try giving a better rebut. Like the swapping of land. Are these tea boy and office maker making the decision to swap at RM1,300 psf for a tunnel yet unseen. . Try giving a better rebut instead of supporting your idol without using brain


Your luncy answer begets luncy reply in the first instead. Just because those construction company is doing government projects needs not to be crony. You said malaysia is top 35 GDP in the world. With top 35 GDP, you still want a us20k house if people are well paid? It shows your illogic thinking.


cwf : Just because those construction company is doing government projects needs not to be crony; This is why you are either ignorant or just plain stupid. Its a fact that almost all of the developers are cronies that get most of the benefits from the DAP LGE govt. I can name you all the big developers that never play by the rules but only by CATs rules. With top 35 GDP, you still want a us20k house if people are well paid? It shows your illogic thinking. And here you just as plain stupid. The US is has one… Read more »


In principle, like Anil, I believe that public transport is the way to go considering the population and density increase. I also think that land reclamation is destroying this Island. But a few issues with this plan. 1. A public transport system should not prioritise highways. It should prioritise public transport. LRT, trams or whatever, preferably should be built underground like in Sg to minimise disruption to the environment. Why does the state plan to only have one line from Komtar to Bayan Lepas. Who even goes to Komtar anymore? A public transport system has to have a good comprehensive… Read more »


Which company or bloggers do not want to make some money. why bloggers making noise? There must be some benefits in the end result. The chances of making some money to operate the airport line is higher than losing money in running services around the city. Fyi, kowloon motor bus lost millions in last year operation.

JJ Thomas

while you all busy swapping your viewpoints and forget about displacement to mainland, better go check out alternatives. I was at Queensbay Mall and even government linked UDA is building 3 storey houses at Prai; while a cluster of quite luxurious look condo fronting new Butterworth frontline facing Penang Jetty. After some thoughts, I think Kee got a point. Sungai Petani a good choice as I am impressed with Phase 3 of OSK Propertis there. The prices are affordable. At least those who can’t stand LGE swapping issues can now find solace with Kedah MB by opting for Sungai Petani… Read more »


I hope Anil could highlight the formation of Negara-ku – “A people’s movement to reclaim our nation” on July 10. It is aimed at healing Malaysia and restoring hope, given recent challenges that continue to threaten the peace and harmony of its multi-ethnic and multi-faith society.



Talking about reclaiming our nation, what about our heavenly cuisines? it looks high time albeit rather late that our Penang street hawker cuisine is already being bastardised by Maymars, Indons, Thais, Vietnamese & Banglas cooks & apprentices. With the exception of Mamak Nasi Kandar (which has been a recipe of India’s Indian cooks for almost a century), our Ori-Maestros needs to wake up to the fact that their heavenly cuisine is slowly being un-authenticated by their own doings – relegating the fine art of cooking to foreigners with foreign taste buds for whatever reasons. Besides preserving our secret recipes thro’… Read more »


If Penangites do not take pride in cooking their heritage hawker food, soon the original taste could only be found from the cooking of those original cooks who have migrated to other states or Singapore? Already Penang food could be easily dow south in Johor Bahru and Singapore.

Anyway, I do not understand why the government is granting so many foreigners to work here in hawker centres and car-wash centres. The unemployed locals can do the job, right?


Given the rapid urbanisation of Malaysia and the infrastructure extension, development land is now a scarce resource, especially in Kuala Lumpur and Penang. Expanding of the boundary is not a solution in maximizing land usage. All buildings have an unwritten expiry date. Malaysia can learn from our neighbours in renewing the aging and dated parts of our cities. One obvious solution is en bloc sales. En bloc sales are most notably used in city states like Hong Kong and Singapore. This happens when a majority of owners in a building agree to sell the entire block for redevelopment, effectively forcing… Read more »

seng tak

My friend who works in a developer firm told me that the company is actively looking at some old estate of terrace houses in Penang, with the plan for En-bloc offer to take up the land for high rise high density development in the land scarce Penang. Already some residents are eagerly waiting to cash in, so that they could migrate to mainland for a bigger house. This is likely trend that will continue to redefine the landscape of Penang island. The developer terms it as a win-win development but I guess old timers prefer the charm of old Penang.


Singkapore did that they bought the old flats from the owners, tore down n rebuilt… Developer gave a good price n owners were happy to sell their flats.

“…residents are waiting to cash in n migrate to main land…”

Truly we dont know how’s our tomorrow will be like.

In fact, the developers are selling at a higher price now in sp but to compare with pg it is still a small fraction.


Private houses and condo are high but public houses by HDB are affordable.


Going by the comments on this blog, I guess many readers will complain when en bloc sales start to take place in Penang, for they detest development that changes the face of old Penang. I suppose many owners of old estate will be willing to cash out to fund their purchase of new apartments (could be outside Penang where land and houses are cheaper) as many old estates are not in good conditions. There are pros and cons in renewal of housing via en bloc exercise, depending on your priorities in life, and we should respect that. Therefore I hope… Read more »


T&Y reminds me of Tom & Jerry the cat & mouse animated slapsticks on yester-years TV.


Don’t simply assume when you have no proof.
Many others are in the name calling.
Nothing wrong of them disrespectful in the first place?
Anyway, opinions are subjective. take it or leave it.
Given my right to assume (as you do), you are no better.


Yes, Mr T should observe courtesy here .
Do not condemn people who have different opinions.
Please be constructive and stop bashing without facts.
Stop using senseless analogy or metaphors as they are not relevant or funny.


Chinese has a saying that trouble usually comes off the mouth.
All readers must exercise restraint in the spirit of exchanging views.
No need to spew hatred or make fun of names.
Be careful with words as your humour may sound offending and disgusting to others.
We live in Malaysia and must respect one another, do not be like the Jews fighting the Palestines endlessly in the Middle East.
All join and support Negara-ku initiative, and say no to racist politics!


Please read what is the proposal. It is from airport to town centre. The bidders must have billions in turnover and get the go ahead from umno federal government to run the service. The tunnel is operating in different direction. David Tan ask why cant the infrastructure be seperated from land reclamation? Of course, he did not answer if umno federal government going to fund it? All the risk will be undertaken by the bidders unlike klia2, the cost balloned and people against CAT happily willing to pay? In infrastracture or construction, there is an element of risk. Chunnel cost… Read more »


Taj, you are levelled headed.
Say no to cocky-arrogant cat-idolising politics.

"Tua Pek Kong"

… never make fun of those praying with joss sticks just bcoz your faith does not practise it….


TY is a branded name for cuddly beanies (soft toys).


“Tua Pek Kong”
What colour is your parachute?
Full time TPK or part-timer TPK?
Trolling is not a rewarding career to sustain your lifestyle in Cosmopolitan Penang.
Better read up the above title by Richard Nelson Bolles to get a better self assessment.

Facts about Tua Pek Kong:
There are Green, Red, White & Purple TPKs.
Like to stroll & troll the back lanes in the evenings.
Abodes fashioned in red shrines with oil lanterns.
Offerings include joss sticks, candles, sireh & bananas.

Where is your red shrine?

Aisay man

Ayo, there’s another billions project when the first (tunnel) project couldn’t even see the light of the day yet ?
Think big ? Or….


We have yet to see the light of the tunnel but our land has already been hijacked and swapped by the current govt of DAP LGE

Phua Kai Lit

CAT does not need to go, it needs to be belled by the people (as in putting a bell on it).

The alternative to the CAT is much worse, it is the UMNO Baru-BN “lion” which only greedily wants the lion’s share or more. UMNO Baru male lion eats first, then leaves it to junior partner females. Finally the cubs (people) eat i.e. if they get to eat at all.


You are right. Some of us not praying mindlessly with joss sticks but are ringing alarms to CAT Deity for a better Penang, not a CHANGED Penang for the worst or solely for the rich & famous, much disdain of a developer’s Local Plan & profiteering playground. It’s more than a cosmopolitan lifestyle which is anybody’s choice & free will. What’s more alarming, is the way the development is heading. No Local Plan to refer, guide, direct & monitor. Environment degradation, faux conservation (how to rebuild a torn down building? – resurrect Madame Pykett?), affordable housing sold at inflated pricing… Read more »


I know you are a Christian, but please do not make fun of people using joss stick for worshipping their idols. Already Christians have made enemy with the Muslim in Malaysia, do not create more religious tension!


VK, your point noted. No more verbal joss sticks or verbal metaphors for the sake of sensitive minds. Can the same reciprocal from those cocky-arrogant (en-bloc?) who sneer at other’s choice of Belum lifestyle or economic circumstances? The point is: opinions on issues reflect the individual concerns & objections (- of those from different backgrounds) to reflect on or debate. It should not be manipulated as majority wins, which is narrowness of thinking. Reality: more like ticks don’t reflect the street sentiments or locals. Anil, no offence. Not to be taken as attack on thy political favourites. But this is… Read more »


“is it wrong to take a picture of joss sticks with Cat statue during Hungry Ghost Month for posting in anilnetto.com?”

Why must tunglang offend those people who are using joss sticks for prayer?
Why must tunglang associate their mode of worship with your imaginary Cat?

I am a Christian but I respect my the practices of my parents who are not.
Will you be sensitive when someone use the Cross or the Bible with other imaginary things that are unpleasant? Please do not stroke any religious tension here. It is not funny and it reflects badly on you.


Yes, the alternative to the CAT is … the BN (which) will skin you clean and not even bones left. But still there are people engage the reverse gear and willingly chose to be run over by the BN posh 4wheel drive… Lee Kuan Yew (am not a fan of his) had said pg is 20 years behind… So far i have not heard of anyone complains about sg land but all praise with their thumbs up !!! Pg can be made that way too. See, the train project was already awarded to Scomi prior 2008 !!! Who are the… Read more »


Exactly, DAP LGE cannot milk much from 72k flat selling 200k so he need to milk even more with swap of land that come in the billions. You are right on spot Mr. Key. Look at the many comments here that should open your eyes but you are still blind like a fool. And look how the CAT now cohabit with UMNO cronies


Yes, the alternative to the CAT is … the BN (which) will skin you clean and not even bones left. But still there are people engage the reverse gear and willingly chose to be run over by the BN posh 4wheel drive…

And who is the very people that opposed them and is now engaging them. Well none other than the DAP CAT LGE. Is not Scomi and Gamuda BN UMNO related, you stupid fool


The male lion will kill the cubs from the ousted male so that the lioness could be in heat to bear his children.

Batu Ferringhian

holy s**t! 2000 acres!


It’s going to be a holy ****! of an island with CAT holy ****! every where.
Some praying minions in SP can talk all the goodie cats from a safe distance knowing his life won’t be affected for a while. But in his so-called enamoured heart of The Lord (but filled with property investments & greed-induced commissions fr million ringgit homes?) their eyes are easily cover with holy ****!. Nevermind the cat holy **** of unbearable smell.


Can old buildings be dismantled and rebuilt?

Not only have our sea and land be hijacked, our Heritage Building will soon be gone. We must make sure the CAT go


Yang, you believe in resurrection (of the destroyed or dead rotten)?
Some blokes do believe all the way in the capability of (builders) to resurrect old buildings to their former glory.
Can I now hope for Madame Pykett resurrection by a KL developer?

Don’t tell me it’s another SingLand’s idea of ‘plastic skin & bone reconstruction.


Just only 6 years we have been hijacked. Have we not have enough. The CAT must go or Penangite will be driven to the sea.

Orang Kampung Jaga-Jaga Sentiasa

Tak tekejut Kucing Kurap sentiasa suka swap Tanah cintai penduduk Pulau Pinang..
Orang kampong sentiasa jaga kucing comel dari keluar cari swap deal dgn kucing sebelah kampong.
Ini lah hal kejagaan alam sekitar orang Penang yg telah ditipu kow kow Kucing Kurap ..

Banyak anak-anak kucing kurap buatan swap deal siapa nak tanggung kalau tak jaga langsung?
Malu lah hal ini kalau di biarkan saja di kampong.