Occupy protests spread across the world


Hundreds of thousands of people in major cities across the world have rallied against corporate greed in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street protests.

There was even a small protest in Dataran Merdeka as reported in the Wall Street Journal.

At the core of the protests is the demand that corporations and the banking system must be accountable to the people, and that the economy must serve the people rather than Big Business.

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GREED, POWER & MURDER. The 3-in-1 Ego of today’s mankind for anything, goes to satisfy the wanton desires of the lowliest of demons. It happens in politics, business and even in religious circles where the 3-in-1 is too irresistible even for the most staunch of human upbringing in the rights from the wrongs. The daimon of the other half of every man can be both an angel as well as the Devil himself when confronted with this 3-in-1 temptation. Modern societies in the fervent quest for progress, technology and recreational comforts associated with the modern industrialization and materialistic Gagas worlds… Read more »


The problem is fascism, the collusion of authority (executive, civil service, legislators and judiciary) with capitalists. The common people are distracted by bigotry or sheer poverty.


Not just corporate greed, but also rally against corruption, scandal, murderer, liars, rapist and now Barbarian who when all else fails resort to sex and more sex allegations with true lies and half truth.

Albert Sim

Bumiputeras should seriosly ask themselves whether the NEP has only benefitted the top 1%. No need to protest in the street. Just think about this before you cast your vote.


and also the alledgely RM51 billion not filtering down to the deserving bumiputras ?

Gerakan K

The government should adjust NEP to everything and be raised to 70% to reflect the bumi population in Malaysia. 30% is not fair…


Gerakan K,..(deleted)… Anil I know you won`t publish this but just to let you know the feeling of most the posters here who just simply detest the most low down of wannabe who are willing to sell their soul … to enjoy that benefit…

Andrew I

Aiyah, 30%, 70%, still goes to only 1%. If it went to 100%, then never mind lah.

Gerakan K

How corporations and the banking system must be accountable to the people ??? Corporations are private entities only accountable for their shareholders. Then the banking system ??? Hey, their banking system is very people friendly. You can apply easy loan and easy credit cards there. What else they want ??? You think by protesting you can be exempted by paying your loan and card debt kah ??? You think government will settle your personal debt kah ??? Bodoh !!! How the economy must serve the people rather than Big Business ??? Hey, sounds very similar locally. Eh, I think something… Read more »


Gerkan K,
You are such an idiot making stupid comments. Just can`t apprehend what the people are rallying against.


Wait till his many kedai runcit go bankrupt due to … of dissatisfaction of the jobless and marginalized.
Till then, cross fingers and see 2012 happenings unfold as foreboded.
Only those with excessive or stolen earthly treasures will be scared day & night comes 2012!
Anybody wants to follow me to Belum where one can live freely without money?

Andrew I

Do these worldwide protests mark the beginning of the 2012 prophecy?