Nuclear energy “in 2021” – but no decision yet?


Najib gives the impression that he is open to ideas regarding alternative sources of energy including the nuclear option – so why did his Cabinet Minister say a nuclear power plant is expected to be operational in 2021?

Najib’s latest blog entry:

As we consider all sources of energy, there has also been some attention given to nuclear energy. Nuclear is arguably efficient and cost effective. The question is this: is it the right one? Before embarking on such an important decision we must conduct a comprehensive study on it. As such the Government is undertaking feasibility studies on nuclear energy use for electricity generation. I am eager to understand better and to know the findings. If we press ahead with nuclear, 12 to 15 years could elapse before energy is produced using small reactors.

Of course, if we do go down the nuclear energy route, we would not be alone. And this is why we are looking around globally to learn from other countries and take note of the advancement in technology of this industry/sector. All this said, I would like to obtain your thoughts on our future electricity generation in Malaysia, especially any views regarding nuclear. Are there alternatives not yet considered, that could firmly establish Malaysia as a global green revolution leader?

Bloomberg reported him as saying that no decision had been taken. And Najib gives the impression that the government is still considering alternative options.

So why was Energy Minister Peter Chin reported yesterday as saying the nuclear power plant would start operations by 2021?

The first nuclear power plant is expected to start operations in 2021, said Energy, Green Technology and Water Minister Datuk Seri Peter Chin Fah Kui.

He said his ministry has been given approval by the Economic Council to start identifying suitable sites for the plant, adding that the countdown for nuclear power began three weeks ago.

“Once the site is identified, we will roll out stakeholders consultation,”…

Is Najib backtracking in his blog post today in the face of strong public opposition (even the readers’ comment on his blog seem critical of the idea) to the announcement yesterday?

Or is the nuclear option already a done deal, as Peter Chin seems to suggest, and Najib’s soliciting for public opinion is just a public relations strategy to defuse public disquiet?

I see, there is still no decision now and they are just looking at options. But it sounded like a done deal yesterday, no? Testing the waters (of public reaction), perhaps?

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Anil Netto

Latest: Nuclear energy "in 2021" – but no decision?


energy7news Nuclear energy “in 2021″ – but no decision yet …


SameSame, you misread me la…

Yes, some people here (I think they are the so-called Penangites) are really irritating, that is why some of my friends they said they cant stand some readers in Anil’s blog. So, they give up…

Exactly, on one hand they want BN out but on the other hand, instead of working with PR govt by offering some good and useful advice, they hammer PR govt mercilessly…

They particularly hate LIM GUAN ENG, i dont know why la???

Cheers !


1. THANKS KNK! KNK has responded PRECISELY to you, Iron-man!

2. Gerakan K : My friend, I have not forgotten about it. I am trying to get the bill from TnB first. They are trying to ‘do it’ – They said its the 1st time for them in Penang 😉


Whats wrong with you people. Dont you all know that BN is very very dirty, stinky and selfish when it comes to monies (which i must say its not even theirs!!) It irritates me to see some people here who speak of wanting the better m’sia yet ask to vote for BN. I can understand the frustration but if we give in to the nonsenses of BN, then we might as well kiss our monies goodbye as it will only be pocketed by our greedy fat politicians! As for PR, buck up and work things out. This Nuke deal…if it… Read more »


What comes to mind is, “ada projek means ada masuk, the bigger the projek, the bigger the masuk”…

So, please vote for BN in the next GE to kick start with the nuclear project and kick out the Pakatan government ya?

UMNO/BN guy has threatened May 13, i am very scared, better vote for Dr Koh to come back as Penangites need and miss him badly…



If that being the case then, they can’t be expecting us to place a nuclear reactor in the hand of some readily available mediocres of their choice amongst the cronies, a two ringgits enterprise, a wannabe entrepreneur perhaps. The risk going to be tremendous…never!! Thanks.


Now you know why my children are not staying in M’sia?

Just couldn’t bear to think they could end up glowing-in-the-dark.


Same as mine, hopes they may understand the rationale….


Its just too risky to set up a nuclear plant in Malaysia.

If the country’s top cop can be a victim of car theft, what is stopping robbers from stealing the uranium and plutonium and making a bomb?

What a big joke. The robbers and thieves are no more scared until chief police car also can steal. What is stopping them from stealing nuclear material?

So, basic safety pun tak ada, but we want to do nuclear plant?


1. Doing it is EASY. Maintaining it is HARD. Base on how we have mega structures/projects, most of it fall of the pedestral. Smart Tunnel flooded, Hospitals fungi’ed, Sport Center(Badminton) heavy leakages, Parliament roof fell etc etc. At least all these are not life threatening. Nuclear Reactors give Malaysian a second chance if anything goes wrong! Till todate, Malaysian mentalities cannot ensure this kind of ‘zero-tolerance’ Dont use Malaysian human lives to gamble for more gravies 🙁 2. England has declared “Sun is dropping money” ie they are promoting Solar Energy. Brits averagely 2-3months of sunnydays and Malaysia has 365days… Read more »


So sorry, but I do have an issue with your broadbrush approach.

Malaysian mentalities cannot ensure this kind of ‘zero-tolerance’

Meaning what? All Malaysians are morons? That we can not even begin to comprehend anything? Izzat it???

Please la !

If you want to say “UMNO” or “DAP” or “BN” or “PR”, just say it.

Stop disgracing all Malaysians just because of the idiocies inside the Dewan Rakyat.

Gerakan K

Hello my friend,

when are you ready to share with us your solar experience ??? Now already in the month of May.


Just 10% football money from a mega project such as this will be sufficient for any party to win 10 Hulu Selangors.

I would rather they take the 10% from solar or hydro.


Whatever it may be, as far as the idea of employing nuclear energy is concerned, before anything else, we must first ascertain the availability of our own nuclear scientist in the country, particularly the standard of their indepth offhand working knowledge in the area of related expertise, nuclear engineering and technology, nuclear physics,nuclear energy technology and application, chemical engineering technology and so forth. Our local universities must be ready to embark on ongoing research and development in this sophisticated area of nuclear energy and its utilization in the production of alternative power energy in our country. Our people must be… Read more »


Actually Malaysia was doing nuclear research silently at the Bangi Institute of Nuclear Research for the peaceful applications since 80s.

I got to know this info from a Malay researcher who attended ACCA evening class in early 90s.

Whether they are capable or not, I am not very sure.


… as far as the idea of employing nuclear energy is concerned, before anything else, we must first ascertain the availability of our own nuclear scientist in the country …

With regards of Nuclear Scientists who happen to be from Malaysia, there are already aplenty.

The only problem is, 99.9% of them work and stay abroad.

They were born with the wrong skin color.


MACC should investigate Peter Chin who knows more than PM. OTOH might as well investigate Najib also…


with all evidence so far, has one thing in common regarding this Government’s future plans.
1. It does not give a damn what rakyat wants.
2. They will be the first beneficiaries and the rakyat has to bear consequences.
3. This Government only talks about what they want.
4. They are above all laws of this land..period.
5. Con’t to be slaves ppl… or Just Do it! next GE.
Every other day, … had been dropping from these ppl for the rakyat to swallow, no?


How sure are we that this is not another ‘get-rich-quick’ scheme like the submarines? Building a nuke power plant cost billions. I smell a rat in this.


hmm… Yes, you’re right. No decision had been taken but wanna starts operation in 2021… no time to do complete research? still don’t know where to build up the plant still don’t know if the power is the right one? all these and other reason too give a picture that government has not yet know what they wanna do about this nuclear thing.. but why did they wanna set up a plant? a nuclear plant in our country? and I agree with Iron regarding the process that the government must do before they decided to build a nuclear plant… for… Read more »



Off topic again.

See how far Penang is falling behind.

The state government of Malacca is subsidizing streamyx subscribers inside Malacca — they are getting 4Mbps streamyx package for RM 88 per month !

See this thread on lowyat :

I am not pro BN, Anil, but I gotta say in this case LGE’s government is falling way behind the BN government of Malacca.

At least they are using their state fund for something good, unlike LGE wants to waste our RM 50 Million to build a white elephant.


Oh, BTW, Anil,

Should we, as Penang net users and Penang bloggers launch a concerted effort to put pressure on the LGE administration so that they won’t waste our excess state fund to build that white elephant and instead get them to make Penang at least as progressive as Malacca ?


More bad news, Anil.

First it was Malacca now it’s Singapore.

IBM is opening a brand new laboratory (another name for Research Center) in Singapore.

See how far other places has progressed, Anil?

See how far behind Penang has become?

And our CM is still doing nothing to make Penang better !!


A new avenue for a “Side Dish”? Mine, this project will climb up to billions…who will be the suckers? You guess is as good as mine!
What worries me is, with this Nuclear power plant, this govt is putting the whole nation at risk!…do we have competent scientists to run them efficiently?
The bottom line is still…side dish opportunities are there to tap!…that is what matters to the ruling administration.


A decade-long stalled nuclear plant project in Taiwan re-started because their people realize burning oil is too expensive for an oil importing country.

Majority Malaysians only change their minds after they cannot “tahan” paying high electricity bill. But how long power subsidy could be lasted?

There is too high political risk to be taken by either BN or PR for a nuke power plant. I do not expect to see any nuke plant can be operational in the Bolehland by 2030.

Dangerous Variable

This is a half-baked, never thought, no studies done, serious idea. Maybe they have plan various locations and sites for the nuke (power plant) to be in but do we really need to alternative energy? Should we be investing in solar, wave, or other forms of energy before even considering this? Imagine the security for this massive power plant. We have the JI nutters over the straits and on our soil as well. Do we really want to consider the risk of an environment meltdown? With Malaysia’s record of tidak apa and lackadaisical attitude towards maintenance, I would be very… Read more »


1. Peter Chin is famous for talking nonsense. 2. Building a nuke power plant takes much longer than fossil-fuel based power plants. Normally it takes about 1 or the most 3 years to build a coal-burning power plant. Constructing a power plant that burns natural base takes approximate the same time frame. However, constructing a nuke power plant takes anywhere from 5 years to 10 years, because every single stage must be checked and re-checked, and then checked again to ensure things are constructed properly. Radiation leak is not the only danger from a nuke power plant. Many doesn’t know… Read more »