Leaning Arch: Now you can’t measure the tilt!


Talk about a cover up! Someone has just put up a barrier around the ‘Leaning Arch of Penang’ after the revelation yesterday that its tilt has worsened.

Notice that the fencing is not to protect the unsuspecting public from danger in case the arch collapses (it is too small for that). But it appears aimed at blocking Penang’s newest ‘tourist attraction’ from further public scrutiny.

Hmm, that takes care of the nosey folks with plumb lines and theodolites, eh?

Asked an engineer, “What is the appropriate word to use to describe this conduct: pathetic, deplorable, despicable, contemptible, laughable, pitiful, myopic, unthinking, selfish or merely bone-headed stupidity?”

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Let’s not rush into things. This is a tacky issue which both LGE, NGOs and Penangites should approach together with care. Obviously, we are disgusted with the abhorrent quality and unsuitability of design for Botanical Garden, intentionally or not. Obviously, KSK has no taste whatsoever for improvement of BG. Dealing this head-on will yield counteraction from the Feds and ammunition for Opposition. And possible adverse effect on BG tourism should this project be ‘hang’ indefinitely: wouldn’t this be an eye-sore? The more effective approach would be thro’ safety concerns and legal means. There is also Parliament for us to voice… Read more »


I wonder what the people of the town of Pisa said when the Tower of Pisa started to lean? Mama Mia. I am quite sure there were many xxpletives in Italian! But in Penang? Not even Patrick Teoh’s famous last word?


There is very little that LIM GE and Penang State Govt can do about it.
If Lim order the arches to be remove this will be seen as anti kontrektor kelas F, anti bumi kontektors , anti malay , anti islam , anti democracy , anti monarchy , anti federal govt and so on.
I bet Lim GE is waiting for the right timing to say something.


He should press for a civil consultation for the project instead of being threatened by Tourism Ministry to accept or reject ultimatum.

Now it’s too late for LGE and NYY to undo the lean and ugly arches.


And I thought the arch here was something like the Arc de Triomphe in France.

It looks really ugly and serves utterly no purpose. Oh wait, maybe to justify or cover up other expenditures, yeah must be that.

Ong Eu Soon

Even if the project is Ng Yen Yen’s baby, that does not give her the exclusive rights to do whatever she want on the Botanical Garden. The project is on the jurisdiction of LGE, he has every rights and power to scrutinize the project. But up to now, when majority of Penangites decided against the project, he still refuse to take action against BN and it’s crony for a lousy job done. Why LGE transformed him to be another Chicken(子根), when we least expect him to do so? Not only the Botanical Garden, he shown no gut, the Pulau Burung… Read more »


I guess some people have short memories – accidentally or deliberately – but I DON’T. I distinctly remember the press conference called by the Penang State Development Office Director (Putrajaya’s coordinator for Federal projects in PR controlled states) Nik Ali Mat Yunus, warning the State Government not to delay any further handing over “vacant possession” of the land for the Botanical Gardens Project. Yes, the PR State Government in formal terms had the power to reject the project, but the fact is by the time LGE had taken over, this project had become a “poison pill”. Rejecting it would put… Read more »


Meaning LGE is lacking political skill to negotiate with Federal government.

He(and his political assistant Jeff Ooi also) is good as a fighting cock, but fails miserably to work with federal government and NGOs.


Dr Pang HC and Kee,
Thanks, at least I know I’m not alone.
Hmmm like they say, an idiot is born every other day, how true!


Anil, just to share how disgusting this state of development has gone too far:
To a certain extent, if State Gomen stays ‘quiet’ about these kind of ugly Federal project development, the future of Penang’s environment and beauty will most likely be messed up again and we can open our eyes wide and without blinking see the irreparable damages beyond recognition which we Penangites will have to bear and suffer for non of our own doings.
Just imagine somebody mess up your front door in the name of public walkway access development and you stand there doing nothing?!


The demarcation is very clear. It is just like our jalan2. There are roadsbelomng to the local councils, State JKR and Federal JKR. How can local councils interferes with the federal highways? Just look at Sammy talking about the killer toll in North Ipoh.Surprise that our Engr Ong cannot distinguish them clearly

Dr. Pang HC

That’s why i’ve always believed that Malaysians deserve the stupid government they have.

They don’t even know the differences between state and federal powers and then start blabbering nonsense and blame LGE for something he has no role in and has no powers to intervene.

Such Malaysians should be forbidden to vote!


You should shut up your mouth first.

What on earth you allow someone to build a toilet in your compound and then you tell the world that you have powerless to stop toilet project.

“YOU” is exactly your LGE.


Yes, Mr Ong, Dr Mahathir’s blog, Toyo, Rocky Bru, Chua Soi Lek or even that Wong Chun Wai, their blogs need your comments there.

Ya, simply pick on Lim Guan Eng or anyone else for that matter, for no apparent reasons only show our own stupidity. Enough !!!


Ong Eu Soon, Please stop picking on LGE and make a fool of yourself. By attacking LGE all the time on this blog for no rhyme or reason you are no doubt making yourself look very silly. Know the facts first before you comment, better still ask first. I’m sure Anil will enlighten you if you care to ask properly. By the way do you know that this is not a Penang State Govt project? I am sure Penang State Govt have their reasons not to interfere just yet, perhaps they want to give BN’s Ng YenYen more ropes to… Read more »

Bengkraplah Negara

The underlying problem in the Gulf-of-Mexico oil disaster (besides overall greed) is the waiving by the Bush administration of a requirement for a dead-man-switch valve.

Here we have the Federal Government stooping so low to barge into not just a state matter but a local municaipal matter.

Keep voting for Benkraplah Negara.


Let us gamble on this one:
The BN Tilting Arch will fall/topple before the next GE. Any taker?

LGE, please legalise this BN Tilting Arch Topple Gamble for once. Just one time will do.

Phan Gaik Cher

Ng Yen Yen should park herself beside the arch until …. Shouldnt take too long.

tan, tanjong bungah

Hi everyone,

The fencing is obviously NOT a safety measure. See how close the cars are to the structure.

Really who ever instructed that such fencing be put-up is sheer stupidity – shooting themselves in the foot, as so often happens!! The Federal authorities/agencies are reacting to the adverse news on the leaning arches with such stupidity, but, if the MPPP or State Govt has provisions for demolishing the structures, do it ASAP!


This is a sick symptom of BN. When they can no longer lie, they cover up? In the picture above, this short skirt is not enough to cover the shame. Are they going to increase that skirt?

How long will Ng Yen Yen keep this opera running?


DAP’s government failure at it’s best


It is just too many… stadium collapsed, roof leaking court building, bridge collapsed and caused the lives of two little indians (in Perak, remember?), the cracked of overhead flyover…

Now, we have a tilting Arch in Penang Botanical Garden !!!

Looks like Lim Guan Eng’s administration have to forever clear the rubbish of BN’s government !!!

Sigh! Sigh ! Sigh !

Anthonysamy s/o Arokiadass

Something is missing there. Someone forgot to put up the sign board on the fencing: “Lagi Satu Project oleh Kerjaan Barisan National”

Ha! Ha! even make my toe laught

Andrew Aeria

Aiyoooh, how like that-lah to promote tourism in Penang? If they ring-fence the Leaning Tower of Kebun Bunga, how are the tourists gonna come and snap photo for their albums? How are the drink sellers going to sell the tourists all those coconuts and sugary drinks? Haiya… Very sengetlah all these Ministers and their thinking. For what they do like that? Want to protect unique historical value building one like Penang Prison I can understand. That building, we can ring-fence and protect. But like this leaning tower one, must not ring-fence. It is bad for tourism, leh! Tourists sure want… Read more »

Albert G

Hello Ong Eu Soon.. you are stupid or what. This one got nothing to do with LGE administration. Go ask your political master Yen Yen. Don’t take Malaysiakini readers for fools.

New Malaysia

check out this website anil. Its on … Taib Mahmud, Pek Mo(the White Hair) of Sarawak



Let’s put it this way: A Cover Up in Broad Daylight!
It’s not meant for public safety. And if you put your nose too close you are risking getting smashed by the Tilting Arch. No warning sign around the perimeter. Irresponsible and indifferent best describe whoever erect this Cover Up!
A fitting dressed-up arrogant and despicable symbol of the Feds.
Also, a great Cover Up for Federal project meeting away from public scrutiny! Ng Yen Yen, you are welcomed to use this facility too!

Ong Eu Soon

Merely bone-headed stupidity! But why LGE administration still refuse to make any decision regarding the arches. Arm with strong public opinion against the arches and proof that it is now a public safety concern, LGE should not hesitate to tear down the structures. Seem like PR’s version of Chicken(子根=Tsu Khoon) administration is still in power.


Very strange of LGE!
He should know what’s best strategy to counter this sabotage project.
Not to wait until a tragedy happens. (Still remember the Chung Ling dragon boat team drowning incident?)
By the way, anybody check on/access to the on-going Penang Hill Railway Upgrading?


Dear Mr. Ong,

That’s Ng Yen Yen’s baby, you think LGE can simply “touch” the project? Don’t you think there might be legal complication?

Why you questioned LGE instead Ng Yen Yen who is the main culprit?


Botanical park is under the jurisdiction of state government.

LGE has legal right to reject or question the feasibility of the project.

He fails again as a CM to safeguard state matters.

Obviously LGE approved the project blindly as usual.


Dear Mr Ong,
It is just like your big brother … in his pants and you get blame for it.How ingenuity your subtle shift in blame,that even the mainstream media would envy.