Now Penang turns to Perak for water


Now, Penang is seeking intervention from Putrajaya to facilitate the acquisition of water from Perak. The problem is that the Penang government wants cheap raw water, but Perak, whose water tariff is double that of Penang’s, is only interested in selling treated water.

PBA has done a great job so far in keeping Non-Revenue Water at around 18 per cent and maintaining low tariffs.

But isn’t there anything more we can do to raise water self-sufficiency in Penang and to protect and expand our water catchment areas instead of allowing our hills to be ‘botak-ed’?

And can we do more to reduce consumption of water in Penang, which is much higher than the national average? What about trade consumption of water? Are businesses taking advantage of cheaper water in Penang?

Perak will soon need all its own water for domestic use. Even Taiping, the wettest town in the country, was affected by the recent dry spell, and several districts in Perak had to impose water rationing.

So how can they spare water for Penang in the future?

Have we tried rain water harvesting?

Meanwhile, I notice we will be getting another water-guzzling golf resort on the mainland soon…

The following statement was issued by PBA:


PENANG,: The Penang State Government is seeking intervention from the Ministry of Energy, Green Technology and Water (KeTTHA) to kick-off inter-state talks regarding the proposed Sungai Perak Raw Water Transfer Scheme (SPRWTS).

Penang Chief Minister Y.A.B. Tuan Lim Guan Eng said that there was a “clear gap” between Perak’s intent and Penang’s need with regard to inter-state water cooperation.

“As a water-stressed state, Penang’s primary challenge is raw water sufficiency. In a letter dated on 16th December 2013, the Office of the State Secretary of Perak has stated that Perak is only interested in selling treated water to Penang, and not raw water,” he said.

“On 12th June 2014, Penang State Secretary Dato’ Farizan bin Darus replied in a letter to his Perak counterpart that Penang prefers to source raw water from Sungai Perak. What we really need is raw water. Buying treated water from Perak is likely to have a detrimental effect on Penang’s water tariffs,” he added.

Penang’s average water tariff for the first 35,000 liters of domestic consumption per month will be RM0.32 per 1,000 litres, based on a proposal that has been submitted for approval by the National Water Services Commission (SPAN) on 30th April 2014. In comparison, Perak’s average tariff for this band of domestic consumption is RM0.73 per 1,000 liters.

Y.A.B. Lim, who also serves as Chairman of PBA Holdings Bhd (PBAHB), pointed out that Perak’s domestic tariff was 2.3 times higher than Penang’s for the first 35,000 litres per month. “This is an indication that it would be impractical for Penang to buy treated water from Perak as the cost is likely to be too high,” he said.

“I want to be clear that Penang is willing to talk to Perak at any time on the SPRWTS with regard to raw water, as suggested by KeTTHA. However, it is obvious that Penang and Perak are not on the same wavelength regarding inter-state water cooperation. As such, it is the responsibility of the Federal Ministry that holds the water portfolio to step in,” he added.

In a letter to Y.A.B. Lim dated 29th May 2014, KeTTHA Minister Datuk Seri Panglima Dr. Maximus Johnity Ongkili stated that his ministry appreciated and took note to the initiatives implemented by the Penang Chief Minister to ensure water sufficiency for the industries and people of Penang.

However, Datuk Seri Dr. Maximus said, the State Government of Penang needed to hold discussions and reach an agreement with the State Government of Perak before the SPRWTS could be implemented. The Minister pointed out that water resources were under the jurisdiction of state governments. If an agreement is reached between Penang and Perak, he added, KeTTHA would then prioritise further action on the SPRWTS.

In 2009, PBAHB’s wholly owned subsidiary, Perbadanan Bekalan Air Pulau Pinang (PBAPP) commissioned a “Masterplan Study for Potable Water in Penang until 2050”. The results of the study showed that Sungai Muda, Penang’s primary raw water resource, would only be able to meet Penang’s needs until Year 2020.

As such, the Penang State Government and PBAPP proposed the SPRWTS to channel raw water from Sungai Perak to Penang. The SPRWTS allows Penang to tap a second raw water resource, which is relatively under-utilised, to avoid water rationing during prolonged dry seasons and ensure water sufficiency until 2050. The SPRWTS will also benefit Perak in sustaining continuous good water supply, particularly in the Kinta Valley.

In 2011, Penang and PBAPP migrated to the National Water Services Re-structuring Initiative (NWSRI) by signing agreements with the Federal Government. One of the key conditions for the migration was that the Federal Government agreed to be legally responsible for the implementation of raw water resource projects for the benefit of Penang.

In June 2012, KeTTHA reportedly approved the SPRWTS. In August 2012, the scheme was endorsed by SPAN. Since September 2013, Penang has been requesting for KeTTHA to chair coordination meetings between Penang and Perak.

Y.A.B. Lim reminded the Federal Government that it was time to fulfill its obligations. “We would like to take this opportunity to remind the Federal Government that it is time to fulfill its legal and moral obligations to the people, businesses and industries in Penang. This is in accordance to the provisions of agreements signed by Penang and PBAPP with the Federal Government to facilitate the National Water Services Re-structuring Initiative in 2011,” he said.

“It has been said that Selangor had to impose water rationing earlier this year due to the delay in the implementation of the Ulu Langat 2 project. In fact, the Federal Government was eager to implement the Ulu Langat 2 project even when it faced strong public opposition in Selangor.

“And yet, here in Penang, when we want the SPRWTS to avoid rationing in the future, the Federal Government seems to be unusually reluctant to move on this project,” he said.

“The Penang State Government and PBAPP are ready to invest in the requisite infrastructure in Penang to support the SPRWTS because we are concerned about water sufficiency after Year 2020. We are counting on the Federal Government to make good its promise to look after Penang’s water interests,” he said.

Contact: Syarifah Nasywa Syed Feisal Barakba

Corporate Communications Unit Tel: 04 2013 231 | Email : [email protected]

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LGE tak boleh

Please stop high density development in Penang Island if the state is not ready.


I think that the Penang government and the people should start thinking of alternatives. Desalination using solar and wind power. Ground water. Recycling water. (including washing machine water) Rain Harvesting.(my mother in law already practiced rain harvesting since the 80’s. Putting buckets out when it starts to pour and use it to water plants, wash car :)). I also saw this ingenious water closet in Japan in the late 90’s. When you flush, the tank has to refill right? Well , the water flow from a small tap into the tank, and the user can wash his hands with the… Read more »


Liar liar liar is the CAT. Who said our water tariff is 18 cents. The PBA water tariiff since 2010 until now is. 1st 20,000 liters its 22c per 1000 liters 20,000 – 40,000 liters its 42c per 1000 liters 40,000 – 60,000 liters its 52 per 1000 liters 60,000 onwards even higher On the average, those using 51,000 liters the average is about 27c per 1000 liters. At current rate, how could our water rates be lower than Perak(?) Its almost the same and the rates will soon be increased as announced by the CM although he promised the… Read more »


See how much mca, gerakan and umno bn federal government is increasing our national debt. Also, they want to use gst and they created opportunties for croncies and everyone to jack up prices in the name of gst when some items are exempted. At the sane time bn gerakan government are creating homeless and hungry people chasing soup kitchen away from the city. gerakan and mca ate partners to that.


What is the fuss. GST or VAT is being implemented in almost 80% of the world whereas GST in Malaysia is just a replacement of the sales tax. Only fools will say that homeless and hungry people are being created because they were chase out of the city. In the US (supposedly the richest or most powerful country in the world) about two million Americans are homeless with 31 million people living in hunger or on the border of hunger while ten million survive on food stamps. In the UK it is not too bad. Only about 60,000 families or… Read more »


You shot your big mouth and now you support why there are homeless and it is a gigantic task for pr givernment provide housing. You explain all. They are labour left, central and right government in uk, Australia. But you support umno government to chase homeless. You cannot see the difference between beggers and homeless. You never bother to read those go for kitchen soup do not earn enough and not beg enough. Further the welfare in those countries are far better. If get money, go for free training and education and a counsellor.

seng tak

We shall wait for Johor MB to elaborate on his plan to develop new township within Iskandar solely for foreigners, to justify the massive reclamation in Johor.


Just curious, anyone know if it is within the state gov or town council’s power to require rain water harvesting installation in houses?


Pity Malaysians Di not know about 3 levels of government as former gerakan and bn government did not teach democracy and system of governments for 50 years. They only teach how to kau tim and APA Mau buat?
Rain harvesting tanks are under local government. One town council may implement but neighbour council may not.


Would Pakatan have won 5 states if Gerakan & BN has not practice democracy. Comment without using the brain. Go to your next door neighboouring country and see how democracy have been snatched from the people.


Umno loves people like you. They have judges, ec, Mata Mata, perkasa, yang good enough for the time being. Otherwise they have not leash the empire to strike back at pr if they lost in the federak election. Of course, yang will support it.


People flock to KL or Selangor is because people want to migrate to urban areas for better opportunities like KL. Thereafter the BN govt open up township like PJ, Subang Jaya and others to cater for the increasing industries and urbanite. And this is done during the period of BN governance not PR. It seem that cwf is liking PR to this Chinese hokkien saying “ Eong Lan Eh Kang Chooi Choh Bing Poi“`. meaning using others backside for face saving.


I think the Federal Government has been wrong on putting all development and national events in the state of Selangor and KL in the past 3 decades. They could choose to hold events and conventions in other states to stimulate the economy there.

Ask yourself, what have they really done for the northern and eastern corridors?


Selangor and KL are the centre of the country and has most of the infrastructures, as such investor would preferred such areas. But then the BN govt for the past 30 years has also considered the priority of Penang and the Northern, Central and Southern region. Yes ask ourselves and look at Penang, Perak and Johore. Have they not being developed with all facilities and infrastructures to be on par with KL & Selangor. Just prior to 308, KTK was prioritizing niche and hi-tech industries to move Penang forward to be on par with the world for higher wages and… Read more »


Bn open kl and make a slow death to penang by having putrajaya. Infrastructure and land, lu tolong saya, saya tolong lu. Look how they piratise selangor water board with the taikoh getting a hefty gaji many times more than cm. Further, they are suppose to renew pipes to reduce non revenue water but like sailors of the carribean, its yo ho ho.


Its your assumption and only DAP PR supporters like you keep assuming day and night without proof. You should be telling the CAT that on how our sea has been hijacked for reclaimation without tender or how seaside have been given to cronies (with out tender?) depriving the people of their usage or how land has been given to the developer even though we have yet to see the tunnel. Or how LMC afforadable houses has been sold direct by the developer instead of going through the state govt housing list of how 72k house become 200k. Please read history… Read more »


Liar liar. Mca and gerakan allow bn to remove the name of yap ah loy. In fact many road name in Chinese owners nexr to danau titiwangsa have been renamed. Bn spend billions in putrajaya without tender and no foreign missions eant to relocate there like Canberra or Washington dc. Komtar design was given by gerakan government to relative who is in Singapore. What a close relative. Bloggers marvel about Shenzhen but they did not realise many areas are reclaimed from the sea. Same shanghai. Apart from land is getting scarce and occupied, bloggers do not know why many governments… Read more »


You are one big liar. Tell me what name has Jalan Yap Ah Loy been changed to.


As usual gerakan and umno silently change the names of the road overnight. And though some rounding and hard work, the name was changed. You better find it to see what gerakan have done. Just like history has been rewritten, road names have changed, soon the next generation do not know Georgetown, Francis light, yap ah loy etc


I told you several times before that it is time for Penang to build a dissemination plant before thinking of building a tunnel. Just learn from the hassles and the way the Umno schmucks Singapore had relying on water supply from Johore. It was indeed a blessing in disguise had and from the threats it had from the, now dumb Umno schmucks especially from the egregious Mahathir. Always threatening Singapore with ‘cut off the water’ whenever Malaysia was not getting whatever they want from Singapore. These Umno schmucks are all now dumb and extremely quite because Singapore is now able… Read more »


Nsw government build a desalination plant. When the plant was completed, they were unable to use it bacause the dams are full. But the people still have to pay for the unoperating plant. If bloggers thinks penang is for penang people, dont expect to get cheap resources from other states. So time to pay the extras. Lucky penang is a state within the federation which can be dealt with rather like Singapore which is a different country. with pr in state government, more people are flocking to stay there than in perak or kedah. Water consumption increases rapidly. How to… Read more »

seng tak

Singapore Temasik may one day invest in the Newater plant in Penang? It could be a cheaper alternative than buying water from Kedah or Perak?


Penangites should treasure their water supply, cheapest in Malaysia.


Penang should follow Singapore’s practice in makin git mandatory for all public toilets/basins to install self-closing water taps.


… and also make it mandatory for all new toilets to have dual flushing system.

Batu Ferringhian

RM50million (or however much lah) that will be spent on flushing the STP2 channels can be used to help solve THIS problem


The CAT is more interested in his prestige tunnel, high condo and theme park than concern on the basic and self sufficiency of the state for the people. We have seen not only the PR DAP CAT but also Selangor PKR Khalid desperation and incompetency in managing their states. They are now turning to the BN govt for help but keep criticizing for inefficiency & incompetency. Now we really know who is incompetent. ?????. Now I want to ask the people of Penang. What the hell are we voting in the DAP PR govt for when they are asking the… Read more »