Nothing suspicious in pilot’s flight simulator: SMH


The Sydney Morning Herald reports that investigators have found nothing suspicious in the flight simulator and the backgrounds of the two pilots. So much for the ‘political fanatic’ pilot theory touted by the UK’s Daily Mail.

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22 Mar 2014 10.02pm

Our transport and “defensive” minister should be refrained from saying and accusing that the MAS MH370 was DELIBERATELY flown elsewhere as if this was a hijack by the captain. When he himself and all relevant and irrelevant authorities knows absolutely nothing except that the passenger plane is still missing. We should be thankful to all participating countries and private entities (shipping , satellite , professional bodies & individuals) for their vast contributions and efforts to make the search possible. As Malaysia is lacking in all fields except in creating rumours , issuing wrong informations , ejecting family members by brute… Read more »

22 Mar 2014 8.42pm

Hello hello where is the local investigator by the name of tunglang who zeroed into Captain Zaharie and his “intelligent” analysis and his own corroborated evidences against Captain Zaharie because he has a flight simulator at home, because zaharie also didnt land on the padi field, and also he is anwar’s fan so he is irrational of anwar’s jail sentence, so he lost direction and did a david copperfield… malu besar now this time, wonder where he is going to hide his face now like that self strangling lawyer in beng hock’s case??? Bo been chui la !!! If he… Read more »

22 Mar 2014 9.40pm
Reply to  kee

Loud mouth kee. You still don’t get it beyond your emo-politikus highs & lows.
In any investigation based on probabilities from evidences, no stone is to be left unturned. Even FBI has to investigate him. Nothing’s wrong unless one shout out loud & accuse like an emo it’s Zaharie’s fault, whatever the motive.
Go drink Batu Ferringhi water to clear your knee-‘jerk’ pea brain.

So far, no black box retrieved yet, so don’t be too sure who did it or what actually happened on flight MH370.

23 Mar 2014 12.41am
Reply to  tunglang

It is confirmed tunglang is fit for Belum forest. This aviation thing is obviously too complicated for you. Just admit it, it is ok, sometimes
we lose, forget about your been chui.

tunglang, you should keep your intelligent analysis to yourself as it is a laughing matter la.

Please have a cup of kopi o kau kau and a plate of char kuih teow, and dont embarrass yourself any further. Enough ! Goodnite.

23 Mar 2014 9.02am
Reply to  tunglang

Is this the best you can loud mouthed?
So sorry for your emo-politikus existence that doesn’t help in this national crisis except to sell your poorly managed mouth.