No-tower Facebook page: 116,000 ‘likes’


More than 116,000 folks have already “liked” the 1M Malaysians Reject 100-storey Mega Tower Facebook page.

And the number opposing the RM5 billion 100-storey tower is rising by the minute. Have a look here.

This is a resounding vote against the proposed tower, which I hope the government will take heed of. One person said on Twitter: “My daughter, 11, is against it.”

The tower would be another colossal monument to misplaced priorities.

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why the need for such a mega buildings? there’re many other ways to tell others malaysia bolih! we’ve already the twin towers sitting in the middle of the concrete jungle with traffic everywhere day and nite, come on mr prime minister, malaysia is already broke. IRB and JPJ is chasing us like mad. lastly,mr prime minister ,no worry there will be no tsunami in malaysia. so no need such tall buildings. even if there is one it cannot acccomodate 27millions rakyat. better to disimburse the monies to your rakyat pockets. it will do you wonder!


Here we are in the Klang Valley, everyday waking up at 6pm, scramble to send our kids to work, and then crawl our way through the traffic jams, suffering from migraine and gastric, just about make it into meetings where the boss is pressuring us to meet the next deadline, have lunch with colleagues where everyone is trading stories of break-ins and burglaries in their neighbourhood, cars getting stolen, bags getting snatched, schools not up to standard so have to send kids to tuition, our cars giving problems but new cars so expensive, lunch getting more expensive .. RM6.50 for… Read more »

Jimmy Ng

I don’t see how having a 100 storey building in KL will help me in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. I would prefer to see the 5 Billions be spent on improving public amenities, transportation, education, infrastructure, healthcare, etc.


Memorandum By The Secretary of State for the Colonies Dated 21st Feb 1956 Federation Of Malaya

Read here:


We have Twin Tower already, why built another “white elephant”? We don’t want our buildings going any higher while our economy is going lower! Now it’s RM5 billion but by the time it’s completed, the cost will become US$5 billion!!! Which mega projects undertaken by BN doesn’t blown out of proportion in the final costings???


10.30am Oct 24th, 141,365. Its still growing 40% in 24hours. Mark Zuckerberg would be impressed.


off topic..i brought my wife and son to visit our zoo negara today…after my last visit 35 years ago. parking is rm4.20/entry, adult is rm25 and kid is rm9. but the zoo today is not the zoo 35 years ago…the birds inside the cages are old, dirty, messy, many cages but with same type of birds, same monkeys..ponds outside the penquin home is full of trash…bears, lions and tigers are “sleeping”, aquariums are dirty…and all I can tell you is that you can see many cows and sheeps. It is like a farm negara instead of zoo negara. What I… Read more »


There is no point in having the tallest building in the world if you don’t have well educated citizens or a good living environment, RM5 billion can help a lot in upgrading infrastructure in our country.

Salleh Yahudin

BN will use 2-generation loan to pay for this 100-storey white elephant. BN to pay 1 nillion ringgit and the next government will take on the burden of 4 billion rinngit.


RM5 billion is alot of money that should be put to better use for the people by the people not for Najib, not UMNO or their cronies! The education system needs sprucing up to produce quality, not unemployable graduates, quality medi-care & well-equiped hospitals, infrastructure and more schools for the rural interior of Sabah and Sarawak and raise their quality of life. It’s “NO” to this unnecessary wastage of public funds but if UMNO/cronies come out with their own money, fine go ahead build the No.1 tallest that surpass Burj Khalifa, why stop at No.2? But don’t ever touch PNB… Read more »


Even now we drag going to KL for appointment or function at peak hour not to mention during heavy downpour. What more to expect if another mega tower is on the way ? Now we are in the high-tech info era and able to get the true info on any nation just by a click of the button ,One can even easily tell what’s the color of your underwear. So by Parading the biggest , tallest hardware merely reflect the ” wisdom ” of the supporter. Dont be fooled by the concept- Bolih Land Bolih. It’s just another version of… Read more »


Things certainly are changing. If anything, this Facebook response is telling the government that it can no longer threat us like fools and village idiots who will swallow anything thrown at us. It’s good to know that young people are starting to find their voice and about time too. The future belongs to them so they must protect it before everything is gone and the country relegated to 3rd world due to corruption and mismanagement.

Labu Labi

BN prihatin when rakyat tak setuju?


Macam mana nak prihatin bila tak dapat kontrak?

Phua Kai Lit

Dr M builds an 88-storey Twin Towers.
Present PM builds a 100-storey tower.
So there!

Ho Ho Ho

Ho πŸ˜† Ho πŸ˜† Ho πŸ˜†
πŸ˜† Those 5 BILLIONS or more should be distribute to very poor RAKYAT better than wasted it on this NOBODY LIKE MEGA ? TOWER !!!! Change a must if this DRACONIAN STYLE GOMEN never listen to plight of poor RAKYAT πŸ˜†
Ho πŸ˜† Ho πŸ˜† Ho πŸ˜†


I bet UMNO is quaking in its slippers at the thought of so many Malaysians discharging their democratic duty by ‘liking’ a facebook page.


Najib must realise we Malaysians want practical projects that help everyday Malaysians to ‘cari makan’. how is this massive 100 storey project going to help awang the fisherman, or ah leong the car salesman or mutu the rojak seller in Segamat?

We Malaysians are not anti Government for the sake of being anti Government. The Malaysian government does do a lot of good things too.

But this project does not make sense lah.


Strongly agree.

Priority is to build low-cost housing for the poor rakyat, instead of another white elephant to cause more traffic congestion in KL city.

It will be a key point for rakyat to consider in the next GE.