Don’t privatise Penang port to anyone


Today’s papers report that the Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce wants the Penang port to be privatised to it. Is this a good move?

The opposition to Penang port being privatised to Bukhary’s Sea Terminal centred on two main concerns:

– opposition to the privatisation itself. The port should be a state asset under state control so that no private business concern can hold the state, the people and its industries to ransom. We should not be transferring more public assets, which belong to the people, to private hands. This only increases the concentration of wealth in the hands of a few.

– opposition to Bukhary’s firm taking over control. The concern was over the accumulation of strategic transport infrastructure assets in the hands of one powerful tycoon, which could be detrimental to the interests of Penang port.

Now if the port is privatised to the Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce, it only removes the second concern, but the first concern remains. The port will still fall into private hands. We can see how a monopoly of water in Selangor in private hands has led to the firm holding the people of the state to ransom.

The principle is that the port should be under state jurisdiction, managed on behalf of the people of Penang. A separate agency could be set up under Penang state control to run the port. The state may then solicit the advice of not just the Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce but all other chambers, associations and groups with an interest in the port – and the ferry services, remember.

So save Penang port. Let it remain in public hands, preferably under state control. And no to the privatisation of profits and transfer of control of assets to private hands.

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apanama kroni would be making the latest version of this movie under rais yatim direction…..

Anak Pulau Pinang

Has anyone heard of a federation of States where the central government has taken over the port of one of the component States? Soalan ini “memang serius.” The theory is that States come into a federation to enjoy certain advantages that only a federation can give, not to have one of its limbs taken away. But as I have always pointed out, in strict political science terminology, the Federation of Malaysia is not as “federation” but a “union.” Australia is a federation and so is the United States, although it is called the United States of America – although its… Read more »

Batu Ferringhian

Finally…someone else who understands the “real” situation. Malaysia should follow this instead of a bias monopolized policy of federal gov.

Mana adil…mana progressive? Fed. gov. nak sapu semua…amende la

As for the police force….splitting them into 3 levels is a great idea. County, state and federal. Let’s hope this will happen in the future…if not for us, do it for our future generation


ROFL, this is catch-22 situation : “Public” AKA burden free government worker don’t freaking care whether the port is making profit, efficient,etc, where the general rate payer still pay it/bail it even it making huge losses, over-stuff, taking “gaji buta”. While “privatisation”, people say it aims for profit making. While in the real world, we see private entrepreneur bring innovation and profit to the investor and public; on the other hand, we see “PIRATES” cronies that make use of the concession to make huge profit but return almost nothing to the society. Clear this Catch-22 and we may start making… Read more »


Old man may have ‘retired’:

but he (may) still (be) behind many piratisation projects of his chosen cronies like Syed Mokhtar!

Ahmad Sobri

Like what we heard from a Parliamentary sitting, Saifuddin, told member of Pagoh ( JOHOR) that while he was MB, he sold everything that can be sold, except for burial grounds and fresh air. Similary, Chua Porn Leg, is selling everything, PPC is one of them! Besides, what was reported that Chua Porn Leg also wish to sell the 45 hectars of TARC land in KL. The 45 hectar land was reported worth 500-1billion, but he attempted to sell it for 100 million? You can see folks, this man besides loving sex against the course of nature, is also very… Read more »

Gerakan K

Malaysia other private ports are doing EXTREMELY well. Face the fact and move on. Penang port is the BOTTLENECK now and need to improve.

Jealousy is one thing but I don’t care who is taking over as long as he/she can do the jobs. Bukhary is the ideal choice because under Bukhary vast experience in this industry, we really can’t do any wrong.


So is Penang port that is also doing well and making profit.
Only liars from BN and their sycophants pornstar adulterer Pres from MCA says it is making a loss so as to enrich their cronies..


Buckhary experience and his VAST DEBTS. Just like Tajuddin Ali where the rakyat money will be used to bail them out.

Remember the white hair … who was given contract in the Penang Port by M … and amassed a vast debts and is now a bankrupt.

Definitely not another BN UMNO crony in Buckahry whose listed company have big big debts. .

Penang port must go back to the people of Penang.

Buttock Brainy

Ha.. ha, mr clever GK, why not a single reader here agree with you? Shout out loud: “Bukhary is the ideal choice because under Bukhary vast experience in this industry, to your Mr Teng or Mr Chua, they needed that, not here. By the way.. what industry is Bukary expert of ? Detrimentally Intertwined politic and business, Malaysia style?. Tycoons of any country generally symbolized the country’s economy capital, such as Bill gates, Steve jobs, Mark Zuchaberg they are all technology/internet capital. M’sia have many tycoons, who represent their time and economy capital. Untill recently, the tycoon are from political… Read more »

tan tanjong bungah

Hi everyone,

If the Penang Port is privatised, whichever entity takes possession is going to prioritise profits!

It is best that the Port remains in government hands, be it Federal or State, though better to let the State own and manage it! Any inefficient management of the Port by the State Govt makes it answerable directly to the Penang people!! A public-owned Penang Port need not make losses, but instead, efficiently-run could turn into a profit-making concern with returns accruing to the State coffers for the benefit of the people!

Buttock Brainy

In Selangor Syabas control the treated water, then dam is full but the state in water crisis, needed water rationing. Because it is piratised it is up to pirates!. Myabe the same reason, Bukhary is believe proposed to be ‘syabas’ of johor.

Penang port could be a powerful political tool once piratised. After privatization era, we are moving from piratisation into politicalization of important assets for purpose of ‘transformation – Malaysia style’… Hopefully whoever control these assets control the economy and eventually control the voting trend.

Gerakan K

Can you drink the water from the dam directly ??? If you do not know the issue please listen/do some research. What we need now is not support either side but to build a new water processing plant AS SOON AS possible. It is simply a supply and demand problem.

If you want to play play with basic but important thing like water, even your supreme idol Anwar cannot help but joining the condemning movement and then Khalid should retire from politics forever.

Ahmad Sobri

You do not know what you are commenting.

I think probably you are helping your political masters to implement HUDUD for ALL?

You are nuts, dude!


And do you know the real issue. N.. and AMMo want to increase the price of water (which will) enrich their cronies by awarding to Syabas and Puncak Niaga which are in debts of hundred of millions. Is the idiot Syabas head worth 5 millions per year. To just maybe 5000 per months. The PR Selangor PR govt will not let it happen again where they have to rescue their cronies company just like Talam. The Selangor govt are willing to take over. Why stop them if they are sincere for the people. With only 4 years and their efficiency… Read more »


And we don`t want our Penang port to be given to their crony company which is also in debts of billions. Penang port belong to the people of Penang.

Get the pornstar adulterer … CSL out of Penang. We don`t want the N… in Penang. We do not want their crony Bukhary either.

Penang govt and people have the resources to buy back the port. Give it back to us and we can manage it.

And let us kick N …, pornstar adulterer CSL MCA and the … Gerakan Teng real hard … next GE

Anak Pulau Pinang

Gerakan K, I am very disappointed with you. You view everything through your politically partisan prism. That was actually what went wrong with you guys and that was why you guys got totally rejected! Tell me, how much water was treated? And how much actually was wasted because it never reached the final consumers? That percentage of wastage and spillage or theft or a combination of these is outright criminal. If after you study those figures, and you still can justify what Syabas has done – not forgetting giving its COO or CEO or whatever an annual income of RM5.1… Read more »

Penang Voter

Gerakan K is so narrow minded with BN that both his eyes can see through the same key-hole

Andrew I

With a key in it.

Andrew I

Debate? Gherkin is like his 1PM, except he is 1AM. That could stand for a lot of things.

Buttock Brainy

Mr Clever GK, I really don’t understand, do you?

1) Why manufacture the water crisis, when it was not? to justify langat 2?
2) If state gov are responsible for dam water (plentiful), Syabas (Umno’s company) responsible for treated water, since treated water in shortage due to their mismanagement, why blame state gov.
3) Since it was treated water shortage, what is that got to do with drought season? a lie whould not round itself off.

Will your friend, after prostitulisation of penang port, manufacture another crisis? It is scary lah bro…


Why do you guys allow Gila to take you for a ride ??? He is fooling you all !!!

king kong

Those water company are supposed to cut down wastages due to leakages – NRW but relinning or replacing old pipes. But they only … spending peanuts and DUMNO wants a hand into the cookie jar by building billion ringgit plant.

Also has the water company spend money on education as to conserve the useage of water? Why DUMNO Federal or State Givernment has to spend money on water education?


If Bokhary can get privatisation (or is it piratisation) project, I see no reason why chinese chambers cannot do it. Another case of Massimo vs Gardenia?

Perkasa will likely croak again questioning the dilution of bumi’s euity?


They never thought of privatising Penang Port when BN/Gerakan was in control for half a century with Koh Tsu Koon its helm for 18 years, how come? Don’t kacau this state governement, we are extremely happy with this Pakatan Rakyat government!

It’s a “NO” from me.
Penang Port must remain state property, the Rakyat’s property under state control/jurisdiction. No to privatisation!

Down with UMNO, Down with Gerakan, Down with MCA!!!


Looks like the Penang people need to take it to the street to say a BIG NO to piratisation.

NO to the Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce !!! Why does the Pg Chinese Chamber want to have a hand in the PORT.

The Penang Port belongs to the Penang state. It also means the Penang Port belongs to the Penang people, the Indians, the Malays and the Chinese, etc.

Enough of piratisation !!! Please stop looting from the RAKYAT !!!

Is Burkhary a proxy of someone, some selected few ???


Only when the pornstar, adulterer … takes charge.


Chua Soiled Lek is put in Penang Port Commission for a reason – to do damage to Penang State! MCA never dare attempt when Gerakan was State Government!

Of course he “welcomes new bid amid resistance to Syed Mokhtar” . He thinks Penangites are that stupid and will fall into his trap?
(They are all the same) whether it’s Syed Mokhtar, Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce or even that Kazakhstan Son-in-Law!

Penang Port our heritage, belongs to Penang State and must come under jurisdiction of Penang State Government!