Nik Aziz and his cheap, plastic BIC ballpoint pen


Here’s something our politicians can learn from Kelantan Mentri Besar Niz Aziz, who lives in a simple wooden house.

Farish Noor describes his encounter with the simple politician who still uses the same type of ballpoint that he saw him using when they met in 1999.

Blog reader Zack adds:

Nik Aziz was once ask why he did not press the BIC ballpoint pen hard on to the paper when signing documents. His simple answer was that it was to save ink! This man is a rare breed and one in a million.

We all know what most of the Barisan leaders are like, but I wonder to what extent the other Pakatan leaders will change their life-styles if and when they come to power.

In this respect, they can’t go wrong if they emulate the simple life-style of Nik Aziz.

I will let blog-reader Karma have the final say:

A great man, he is. Tok Guru reminds me of Gandhi. Both have spiritual strength and it is this strength that has coloured their personalities. Gandhi left no material wealth when he died, but he left spiritual wealth to the people of this world. Tok Guru would always remind us of the importance of spiritual values rather than forms in life. He believes in moderation. He also believes in simplicity.

His soft spot for all races and religions is because of his spiritual richness. When a person is spiritually strong, he will not waver when it comes to principles in life. Friendship to him is genuine. To forgive for him is divine. Hopefully, with his spiritual strength, Malaysians would be guided to the right path.

I remember in one of his religious talks he said, “Every Malaysian and every human being has the right to live peacefully in this world. Hate not each other, but help each other. Don’t make greed a way of life, as this will lead to selfishness. We are all children of God, seek in us the similarities and not the differences and this will lead us to a true bond among all. It is only when your heart is spiritually cleansed would you appreciate the beauty of creation and discover the truth.

“This is only a temporary world, remember. No one will live forever, strong or weak. So, nurture in you pleasantness to achieve the best in life. Rich or poor, you will one day leave this world. So, be kind to all when you are in this world.”

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Sad to note that even in this era of the internet, there are peope who are ill informed and rely on the main media for news.

Imagine what would it be if we did not have the internet and all still rely on news papers and tv news for info


again and agan..we talk to much about this and that, but we are malaysian, please talk like malaysia who love malaysian, like a family..

abu bakar

orang satu malaysia dah tau nik aziz…
anak menantu semuanya kaya dia belajar kat india dia ikut fatwa kepala dia politik guna nama islam kutuk orang islam tapi bersetongkol dengan dap yang tindas orang melayu penang dulu saya sokong pas tapi banyak soalan yang terkini tak terjawab saya yakin saya keluar pas jalan yang betul bye,bye see u masa pilihan raya nanti may god bless you.


celaka kepada si pendusta… jgn ckp kalau x kenal nik aziz. jgn ckp kalau x tau taktik perjuangan islam. apa bukti dap tindas org melayu? ade dap naikkan harga barang? naikkan harga petrol? naikkan tol? kat pulau pinang lebih 95% kontraktor melayu dpt kontrak.. rujukla persatuan kontrakter pulau pinang sendiri… apa soalan anda yang x terjawab? sila tanya kepada tok guru directly, tanya saya pun boleh…


kesiannya kat abu bakar ni. ye lah, kan dulu umno yang perintah penang. lagi pun tak pernah depa dok bersekongkol dengan mca n gerakan. melayu umno yang jadi cm kan? pasal tu lah bile penang dapat keat pr (dap) habis semua orang melayu kena tindas kan? ish ish ish kesian…


@Ben.. cronyism? Nik Aziz? Whatcha talking man? Ben, Ben, Ben…. the problem is people do not want to let him go. and it falls upon him to do what people expects him to do. he can’t simply pass the baton and get someone else to carry the burden. it’s not easy running a state you know. hell, i have problems running my own family. Nik Aziz is one of those who is hard to come by. I respect him for what he is and what he does.

Ben Othman


Nik Aziz to a certain extent is better than others.But he is not perfect.He practices cronyism.At nearly 80 he stubbornly holds power.He has to give other younger people with better ideas to lead the state.


people always misunderstood whatever he say, and this is only because there are people who always twists his word. for me i dont see him as a menteri besar kelantan, but i see him as the honorable old man, who i trully admire, for his character, his generousity, and his faith….

May Allah Bless u!


Hi Anil, There’s also another story of Nik Aziz always carrying with him 2 pens in his pocket. A young guy walks up to him and asked him to sign some papers. He asked the guy whether it is “official business” or “personal business”. Since the guy is his old friend’s son, who wanted him to be a character reference for his application for a job, therefore this is “personal business”. Nik Aziz then took out from his pocket, his personal pen to sign the papers. The other pen is the “official pen” provided by the state govt. He doesn’t… Read more »


I have known Tuan Guru Dato’ Nik Aziz for more than 40 years.Yes,he’s one in a million.lets pray for his health……..


Don’t be such ignorant or acting fool like that, I believe you aren’t that dumb. That ‘fatwa/decision’ you said is not to be taken just like it. Study more before making comment.


nik aziz is simple man? yes and he is the modest leader in the world. but what he has done to the muslim people in malaysia is beyond of his character. He can punish people by giving fatwa/decision, whom can enter paradise and who are not. He said PAS member can go to paradise and UMNO can go to hell, but what will happen to fence sitter like us, are we go to between neither paradise nor hell. and what happen to some PAS leaders like Nasharudin as what he said – UMNO agent – where he goes.. to hell… Read more »


TG Nik Aziz Mission and vission is to plant good faith in all Malaysian even all human in the world.




There are 3 things that will influence a man decision.It is money,woman and rank.And the only thing which can keep a person to the right path is faith.

maulana arrif

Men can be deceived by what they see, hear and think.

Allah said in the Quran that He looks at one’s heart not at his physical appearance.


Forgotten rukun iman?? Hope not!

Shams Fatani

Hi Anil…you yourself drech in goodness of Ghandi & Nik Aziz…selfless, courage & committed par excellence in you blogsphere reflecting a true inner sence service to humanity & country in the time of crisis of destiny. You know the role you play & I we respect you. Simply keep it up.


Inilah TukGuru yang saya amat hormati,ajaran yang tulin,kehidupannya seperti rakyat biasa sebagai Menteri Besar Kelantan.

R.Prem Kumar

Tok Guru has been misquoted and often his statements have been taken out of context. He does not speak literally; one has to read in between the lines of what he says. His aim, as I have come to observe is not to give fish , but to teach how to fish. He leads by example. Such a man of God is humbled by his own understanding of what he knows. I would quote Yanni, originally a Greek but now residing in USA and is known for his contemporary musical compositions: ” Greatness has nothing to do with success or… Read more »

Jaihan Mansyi

I see him like I see Gandalf in LOTR. saviour, righteous, wise, but Muslim version of Gandalf. May Allah grant Him peace and guidence in the Hereafter…


What a saint! Tok Guru is the pure version of his Islamic faith. Yes, if only we can all be like Tok Guru in our own faiths.


>>tun bilang melayu mudah lupa.

bukan hanya mudah lupa kot – tapi mudah tertipu dengan style over substance dalam pelbagai perkara.<<

Yes, like having First World infra and Third World mentality. That comment (I first heard it mentioned by YB Lim Kit Siang – might be from someone else) rang loud and true.

Sad, but true none the less.


yes we must always put ourself Allah-fearing!
the sylibus of our educational system so far (upon 40-50 years of merdeka) has failed to educate this (those who are muslim)?




I saw a photo of Nik holding hands with Buddhist monks! Totally shocking by today’s standards!

About being frugal, remember the time when Nelson Mandela tried to kick a ball and his shoe flew off, revealing a big hole in his sock? 🙂


In BN, how many of their MPs are God-fearing? They are not afraid of God, neither do they fear the devil. They only fear of their own downfall to the Opposition.

It will soon come to pass, the passing and demise of the ruling party here in Malaysia when the final nail is nailed onto their coffin and that will BN-ed or better still, DE-a(N)d (pronounced ‘the end’).

Wishing all Indian brothers and sisters a Happy Deepavalee!!!!!

Mosses Enjob - Abu Dhabi

I am a Malaysian living and teaching in UAE. I used to tell my fellow Arab students and close friends that we have one very capable, simple, respectable and kind-hearted politican and religious leader who love his people very much irrespective of who they are, and social status. He preaches loves for others and simplicity of life that we should emulate in our daily life.And he is none other than our Tok Guru from the northern state of kelantan. The state despite being in the opposition is managed and run by a Tok Guru, a person of good character, corrupt… Read more »