Need training for your ‘character and attitude’?


A private company based in Kuala Lumpur is conducting an interesting training programme in Johor called “Character and Attitude Training”.

The programme is targeted at 1,500 Malaysians – graduates, unemployed, retrenched workers and existing employees, according to the firm’s website.

It is part of a so-called “Skill Enhancement and Employability Development (Seed)” programme, which is a “capacity building initiative by Iskandar Regional Development Authority (IRDA) intended to equip the talents in Johor with soft-skills as well as technical skills to increase the employability of the unemployed and performance of the existing talents in the Region”, according to a letter from the firm to participants.

The main objective of the programme, according to the website, is “to develop, attract and retain the right talents and skilled workforce to support Iskandar Malaysia economic activities and development in three economic clusters Electrical & Electronics, Petro & Oleochemical and Healthcare & Hospitality”.

And what’s the best part of the training, for many participants?

The actual training is about three to five days, but participants get paid RM500 per month for three months after that.

Interestingly enough, one whole page of the letter to participants is devoted to the Dos and Don’ts of the dress code, during the training. For instance, formal attire is a must for the first day of training. For women, the list of Don’ts includes no tank tops, hotpants, Bermuda shorts or other revealing attire, no excessive accessories, no torn panty hose(!), no sandals, sneakers, slippers or clogs. For the subsequent ‘smart casual’ days, no cargo pants, cropped pants, track bottoms, leggings or hotpants, no bell bottoms(!), carrot cut or hipsters. There is a separate list of Dos and Don’ts for men. But bell bottoms?!

After the training, a “Candidates Care Consultant will liase with you directly within the next two months for coaching and mentoring phase of the Programme”, said the letter. This covers the “bridging the gap programme and on-the-job training (job placement) supported by career coaching and mentoring”, according to the firm’s website.

An employee at the firm said the training covers personality, stress management, some assignments, coaching and mentoring.

Let’s see now: If they get 1,000 participants to be paid RM500/month for three months… well, you work out how much the firm needs to spend.

And how much is the IRDA spending for this?

Note: this is not just meant for unemployed workers but also existing employees.

Maybe I need to get my character and attitude trained too. If only I lived in Johor.

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Cheated Taxpayer

This is the latest government project to screw the taxpayers. Our hard earned money is wasted in disguise of free training. How stupid can the government be? Being a trainer my self this is the first time I have heard of a situation where the government offering money to participants who attend irrelevant training. I came to understand that some senior managers and executives of large organisations also attended this course just to collect RM1500 (RM500 X 3 days). How can this these people become senior executives in the first place when they have attitude problem. If you ask any… Read more »


Hi, Actually the course was offered to Factories, hospitals, banks and hotel employees with attitude problem. For factories the top management people grab the opportunity to enroll instead of giving it to the operators for the $$$$$$$. Looks like everyone is going for money and not to change attitude and character. In malaysia we pay tax for other people to change attitude. Does this training really necessary? Can these money be used for students who just finished SPM and STPM with soft skills, Effective communication skills,leadership skills and many more or even learn driving while waiting for result. They don’t… Read more »


Is it BTN in disguse?

Samuel Goh Kim Eng


Don’t ever try to be a silly crank
Trying to play a dangerous sick prank
For soon you may be walking the plank
Or get thrown inside the prison tank

(C) Samuel Goh Kim Eng – 150110
Fri. 15th Jan. 2010.


Anil, I need to ask you some very important questions since I wasn’t around in Malaysia back in the 1980’s. I was overseas. I hope you, and/or somebody else, can help me understand. The government did inform the Church officials (Catholic and Protestants) about their decision on banning the word “Allah”, which means Church officials (at least those high ranking ones) knew about it since 1986. Now … the questions are — * 1. Did any of the Church officials tell the Church goers about the government decision ? * 2. Did any of the Churches (Catholic and/or Protestants) start… Read more »


Najib don’t need the rm500 lah….
Moreover they oredi have that company, errr…. what’s the name arr..?
To train them what…..

Plain Truth

Wow! If my maths are right, RM 1500 over 3 months for attending a 3 to 5 days course means that each participant is paid between RM 300 and RM 500 a day just to attend the course !!!

Quick, Anil, let us have the website.

It’s not everyday that free monies fall from the sky.


This is the sickening state of ideas we can best get from the UMNO/BN morons, who are so void of grey matters. Such monies should be put to better use than to address the dress codes of participants!

For goodness sake has the Bolts and Nuts got no better idea to impart to the participants? Will the training given be able to support the Iskandar corridor? Why is the emphasis on Science and Maths and the proper usage of English, spoken and written not emphasised? At least, common conversation in the work place?

Over to you Gerakan K.


Ong eu Soon

Send Najib for the training too. He need to has a better character, attitude …


I am with you Ah Soon.



What have they got against the 70’s?!