Najib feted on the island where Jho Low grew up


I cannot for the life of me understand why the convicted criminal Najib Razak is now being feted by certain groups in Penang.

Then again Penang has produced some characters – Jho Low and “Fat Leonard” come to mind. Let’s not forget the the ‘money-game’ companies. So there must be something about the ‘air’ in Penang. Full article on Aliran website.

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He’s not only a ‘National Embarrassment’, the worst is he doesn’t have an iota of guilt, nor Shame. The Koreans and Japanese once found guilty will commit hara-kiri in shame.



Frankie Cheah

Jho Low should surrender himself to police like Datuk Nicky!


The fiction of Funny Bossku Najib He still struggles to give speeches that are unscripted and engaging. He still needs his entourage to tell him what to do and where to go. He still runs away from his parliamentary speeches and stays silent as a mouse. More and more people have grown suspicious of this contrast and started thinking that maybe Funny Najib was a manufactured persona that only exists online. There were more reasons to start believing this. Earlier this month, a spokesperson from Karv Communications revealed that Najib paid them RM600,000 for two months’ work. In 2019, a… Read more »


Apamalu’s appeal has taken so many twists and turns and is being dragged along at snail’s pace that it is confusing what stage it is in with reference to its appeal process to the Federal court and how long it is going to take for Bossku to reach his final destination in bamboo river.

Alpha 888


” FERRY TRAVEL WITH ALL MOD CONS” by Arnold Loh / Friday, 25 Mar 2022 /

This is BN’s initiative and an initial RM30 million has been allocated for it. Penangites have sentimental attachment to their old Ferry Services and the new ones have all the comforts. If this works out well with additional ferries, why do Penangites need an Undersea Tunnel that costs Billions.


Omega 888

Airport like terminals, comfortable ferries are wonderful and timely, but noticed that there is no mention about parking bays or building, especially for those who wish to cross over by foot to go to Weld Quay, Market Street, Beach Street and its surrounding areas and for those who wish to take the bus to go further in. Do we have any ? As you know, this can also be one of the ways to help reduce traffic in Penang island.


Who runs the Ferry and Bus service? Dap gomen? If not you go and kbkb at your BN MCA Federal gomen. Your BN MCA sits on Pg Port Commission. What have they been doing for more than 70 years?

Frankie Cheah

Penang need the iconic Ferry service., not the refurbished boat provided by Wee Ka Siong!


I guess people in general are very disappointed with PH economic policy and competence.

Also it seems politicians of both sides are corrupt.

On going LGE trial and exposes of tommy thomas dropping cases does not help PH/DAP etc.

Also from the court case in msia and the US clearly jho low was the main crook and there were many crooks helped him and were paid by him. So why aren’t they charged too?

So bossku may be a crook but so are the rest and at least the economy was better then.

Last edited 10 months ago by Robin
dollah yankee

Certain of these group know that najib is [allegedly] having billions of stolen Ringgit in his account and that’s the way how these Certain group can get a bit of the money. [Some of them could be hoping] 1 or 2 millions is easily will be in their account and they don’t have ask for it…


Allegedly RM200 any pow given out … yesterday morning. This must have encouraged many to show up … hoping to get any pow.


Najib at Spice deliver biz talk this morning, rally Chinese support at Cheah Kongsi then at Jelutong and now Chew Jetty. MCA Penang is using bossku aura to capture the locals imagination for better economy better prospects. Many await free meals again in Penang and free K pop BTS concert at Spice (no more at taboo Han Chiang) leading to GE15. Anil can feel the earth move this time probably funded by …?


Najib was at Pitt Street Beratur Nasi Kamdar the last time he was in Penang.

Bossku fanatic fans may look for selfie with him at Deen Maju or Line Clear?

Corruptions create sensation in a different way that defies common sense logic?


He was at Queen Street Tajuddin Hussein for lunch Nasi Kamdar today.

Alpha 888

” FERRY TERMINAL UPGRADES ON COURSE” By R. Sekaran / Wednesday, 30 Mar 2022 ======== A timely simple solution and for more cheaper, than that silly undersea tunnel and land reclamation, projects by the state govt. which effectively displaces the coastal folks lives an both side of the channel and the negative impact it will have on the natural environment. And, not to forget that overhead cable car across the channel project. And the state govt. and its Green division is still dilly- dallying with the total ban on plastic usage. Its been so long already! Please come up with proper… Read more »

Alpha 888



2. ”  ‘BOSSKU’ BANNERS WELCOME NAJIB AS HE SETS FOOT IN PENANG ” by Ian McIntyre / 25 Mar 2022 10:58AM

3. “CHANTS OF ‘BOSSKU’ WELCOME NAJIB DURING PENANG ROUNDUP” – by Arulldas Sinnappan / 25 Mar 2022 6:16PM



Lagi tak malu?

Alpha 888

1B == During the 2018 election, their appointed Opposition Leader TMM declared that the country will become bankrupt if BN was allowed to continue as the ruling government. It was said that the Rakyat must stop them by voting them out.  And so we did. Out went BN and in came PH and with PH came 3rd Car, Flying Car, Black Shoes and a host of other useless things. We were even asked to donate what little we had in the spirit of National sacrifice to settle a so called 1 trillion plus national debt. Whatever happened to all that… Read more »

Alpha 888

1A == ‘BOSSKU’ Dato’ Seri Najib is now a Mega SuperStar Politician. We must say thanks to the Opposition Leaders, their members and supporters for their obsession with his Mega Superstar Personality, their constant chanting of his name etc, etc . The opposition have elevated Dato’ Seri Najib ‘INTO’ a National Hero, and a Legend among Politicians. All hail the one and only BOSSKU Dato’ Seri Najib Tun Razak. Hallo, opposition parties, Dato’ Seri Najib has just stepped in your ‘ backyard’ and what do you do. PROTEST. This is so PATHETIC. In return he gave the opposition a clue, by… Read more »


The Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce (PCCC) president told Malaysiakini the association members had neither invited nor welcomed Umno politician Datuk Seri Najib Razak who made a day trip there yesterday.

Likely organised by “Macai Clan Affiliate” to promote unscrupulous and unethical business practices ‘cash is king’ way?

Alpha 888

P2a === A Reply to Luca —- ( luca reply to Alpha 888 – 26 Mar 2022 1.16pm) ======== It is Irrelevant. Who invited Dato’ Seri Najib or who did not, does not matter. The PCCC do not make up the whole of Penang’s 1.8 million population. Dato’ Seri Najib is here and now and he seems to be getting some good support from Penangites and BN is doing its intelligence gathering, gauging Penangites response. BN already started its GE15 campaign in Penang months ago. Its just that you boys are not able to spot it. For example , today’s news : Cont. to… Read more »

MGR Maran

Ya lah you are campaigning for be end even many have shrieked out of
So GE15 uncle 888 to serve with Hor Fun with Tiger Beer at Spice with Ang Pow, ok?
Thank you hahaha

Foodie can do survey polling with subject who you prefer most now given these choices :

A. bossku (1 Msia)
B. abah (Prihatin Msia)
C. Atuk (Boleh Msia)
D. Sabri (Keluarga Msia)