Mysterious object washes up on Maldives beach: Haveeru (Updated)

Photograph: Haveeru

Update: So what is this object then? The website appears to be trying to get answers from the Maldives National Defence Force, which reportedly took the object away for further investigation. Check out the updates here.

Original post (27 March 2014):

Haveeru Online, the leading news portal in the Maldives, reported two days ago that a mysterious object washed up in Baarah in Haa Alif Atoll.

The Maldives National Defence Force extracted the object and confirmed that it was not an explosive nor was it dangerous, according to another report yesterday. But it had not yet identified the object.

According to Haveeru, the object was at the MNDF Northern Area still undergoing inspection.

Yet another Haveeru report cited local aircraft engineers as saying the object was “very likely” a fire suppression device from an aircraft, though they could not give a conclusive answer without actually examining the object.

The news comes about a week after several residents of Kuda Huvadhoo in Dhaal Atoll claimed they had seen a “low flying jumbo jet” at around 6.15am on 8 March – which led to a local police probe. But the MNDF later said, “No indication of flight MH370 has been observed on any military radars in the country. Furthermore, the data of radars at Maldives airports have also been analysed and shows no indication of the said flight.” The Malaysian government also denied the sightings after contacting their Maldives counterparts.

Meanwhile, southwest of Perth, 122 objects have been spotted in the ocean, though it is unclear if the debris is related to MH370.

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Utusan Malaysia’s assistant editor Ku Seman Ku Hussein today (alleged) that the CIA had a hand in “planning” the 9-11 attacks and thus is was possible that the agency could be linked to the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH370.

“What if the MH370 tragedy had been arranged by certain parties to put Malaysia’s relationship with China in jeopardy?” Ku Seman asked in a opinion piece in the paper’s weekend edition Mingguan Malaysia.


Anil, bernard khoo passed on ? Why the nasty hang on and seem to enjoy life?

Posted Major Zaidi’s book to aliran’s office in jelutong ystday. Hv a gd read thks.


that conspiracy theory about the MH370 being manipulated to land elsewhere (not ended in sea) becomes more apparent when the debris of wreckage could not be found as solid physical evidence.

Tonnes of “mangosteen” on board could just be the codeword for something more sensitive not to be revealed at this stage ???


Best to check the item found if the Malaysian authorities are serious about finding anything and solving anything at all. Afterall, Malaysia govt could afford to fly several officials to Sweden just for a child abuse/beating case. Another thing which interest me is the “bomoh” issue. Yeah, many are ridiculing those “bomohs” especially the Raja Bomoh Se-Dunia. I fail to understand as to why the Malays themselves are ridiculing their very own tradition and practice. The services of ” bomoh ” , “pawang” , “dukun” and some are known as “mahaguru” are not just limited to common folks. Their services… Read more »


Will the latest hijack incident in Semporna, Sabah involving a China lady victim impact Malaysia tourism? Nazri must start counting the loss in revenue for Visit Malaysia 2014.

najib manaukau

Najib has never intended to have MH370 found hence he never gave, not that he can even if he tries, that is why Malaysia is not actively participating in the search of the missing plane. To begin with if MH370 is found it might reveal untold mysteries that might be embarrassing to him, his schmuck ministers and most of all to his own kind. Why do you think Australia is leading the international team in the search presently ? Right now Australia is not facing any difficulty locating Lynas, what they would have it located in their own backyard and… Read more »


The changes of organized search finding MH370 is near zero at this point. Smart crtics had warned about this from the first few days when it was obvious its highly unusual nothing was found around shallow waters of area of lost communication.

So its very likely at this point the first trace of MH370, if any is found ever, will be from debris and chance encounter and hence these kinds of crowd-sourcing, no matter how ridiculous some leads will be and has been, its really the the best chances…

Medalene Sim

Hi Anil, thanks for sharing this news and appreciate the concerns of every nation in searching for the debris. It was not a surprise that both the civilian radar and the military radar in Maldives were not able to detect the MH 370 Plane if it truly flew so low . The Maldives govt should not have just brushed off their own people’s witnesses just bcos it was not captured by their radars. As there are constant under water currents that move in the vast Indian ocean, it is a very difficult task to narrow down each area as the… Read more »


Australian PM Toy Abbott can make daily press conference on the MH370 incident and yet out 1Malaysia PM chose to be silent, instead of helping out his under fire cousin Hishamudin?

Don Anamalai

Now Hisham wants to buy new radar and more military hardware despite the failure of ‘humanware’ in detecting MH370??


Everyday, new debris spotted, SAR shifted to new sites, hopes dashed & renewed. This seems like an endless insanity!
Are some governments buying time (you can speculate now) till something unearthly is finally revealed to the whole wide world?

This aviation mystery is unprecedented in depth & volume of unsolved circumstances surrounding MH370 disappearance (not crash as assumed based on mathematical probability calculation).

Where is my Ten Fingers Maths teacher holidaying in south Indian Ocean islands?


Najib never say the plane crashes, he merely says the plane’s journey has ended. Therefore lots of speculations start from there. If only Najib is more specific in his statement.

Phua Kai Lit

Ibrahim Ali does not know that Indonesia and Brunei are OIC member states ??
And that they helped in the search ??

CG Hong

Meanwhile Ibrahim Ali (aka katak of Perkasa) is asking why no OIC nations (brotherhood of Islam) did not render any help in the Search & Rescue/Recovery???

Where is the solidarity among the Muslim nations?

Ridhuan Tee should not stop criticising the western world as the Islamic nations offer no help at all.

Don Anamalai

Malaysia has been showing its ‘prihatin’ towards the plight of the Muslim nations.
However, such sentiment is not returned by the oil-rich OIC nations.
About time for Wisma Putera to review such situation.

In the meantime, Raja Bomoh strikes again!

Andrew I

The land where people are running around naked has spent quite a lot of money helping in the search.

Three cheers for the naked.


Hey, Anil, thanks for keeping alive the Maldive track of speculation. Seriously. Until final confirmation, nothing can be ruled out in this mystery.


MH 370 – A Sinister Tragedy In the Fog of Coincidence? – By Matthias Chang (1/4/14)
What puzzled me most since the “disappearance” of MH 370 is the deafening silence of the Military establishments of the United States, Thailand, Singapore (and to a lesser extent those countries who are mere observers) who prior and subsequent to the “disappearance” of MH 370 were involved up to their eyeballs in the annual military exercises “Cobra Gold” and “Cope Tiger” led by the United States beginning from 11th February and ending 21st March, 2014.