Murder of Jalil Ibrahim: Mother of all corruption scandals


Long before the Mongolian case, we had the BMF scandal. Bumiputra Malaysia Finance auditor Jalil Ibrahim was assigned to investigate dubious loans to the Carrian Group in Hong Kong. He was strangled to death in a Hong Kong hotel room in 1983 and his body dumped in undergrowth in a village.

The problem was the convicted killer did not appear to have a real motive.

The scandal proved to the forerunner of all the other corruption scandals in our country. A must-watch video as you head to the polls.

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GP Joseph

This is it! It’s now or never to ubah!! Go Malaysia change now.

Timothy Mok

The GE13 is not only about current political personalities, we seem to find past ghosts haunting us as well. May we all vote in a manner as to allow them to rest in peace. Amen.