MPPP to mull no-car zone for inner city


A proposal for a no-car zone in the heritage enclave could be deliberated in the MPPP’s next full council meeting.

State exco member Lydia Ong reportedly made the suggestion to MPPP president Patahiyah Ismail, who seemed receptive to the idea. She suggested that certain parts of the heritage enclave and the Esplanade could be made off limits to cars from 6.00am to 2.00pm on Sundays.

No-car zones are an idea whose time has come. The successful implementation of an inner city pedestrian-only zone for the climax of the George Town heritage celebrations earlier this year showed that such zones are possible and could be extended to other areas, going hand-in-hand with improved public transport.

Meanwhile, here are the latest rumblings of discontent from Tanjung Bunga:

Puan YDP,

On behalf of TBRA, we have written in to our MPPP on the following dates:-

* 13th & 14th July 2010 – 2 e-mails to you & Your Dept Directors stating TBRA’s OBJECTION to working beyond normal hours for the BOLTON Surin Project & to inquire into How MPPP defines Light Work. – You responded the same day to state that they are allowed to work until 7.00pm. Your Pn Noorhanis Bt. Nordin reponded on 14th July to state she would investigate & provide all answers but sadly, this was never done and until today we have no idea of our inquiries on Working Late as listed in our mails to you on 13th & 14th July 2010

We attach the e-mails above for your review.

Once again Pn. Patahiyah, TBRA (in solidarity & in collaboration with the JMBs of Straits Regency & Coastal Towers) writes in to inform you and your Departments in MPPP that all residents (Chee Seng Gardens, Straits Regency, Coastal Towers) in and around the BOLTON Project OBJECT STRONGLY against any work that goes beyond: –
a. normal working hours of 6.00pm AND
b. On any REST DAY or Public Holiday
in short any time or day where residents need time for family, recreation and rest.

Our objection is made more strong by the fact that MPPP is UNABLE or UNWILLING to provide our Association on the definitions, equipment & work tools allowed, decible level permitted, type of work, who monitors and how often monitored etc, etc in the definition of “Light Work” as in our correspondences to you in July 2010.

As such please refrain from any further approvals of late work and should your Dept continue to do so, our residents will meet to take whatever action/s deemed appropriate to safeguard our quality of life since our City Council is unable or unwilling to do so for its Rate Payers in these areas.

Thank you

George Aeria

p.s. we note that last night (2nd Nov 2010) there was no late work. We hope that this continues and no late night works start all over again once things settle down, as often done

And one from the 20 Pykett Avenue area:

I am a resident around Khaw Sim Bee Road, Penang. The mansion on that land was demolished on or about 1 August 2010 . This was done without any approval given by MPPP. The matter was actually reported in Kwong Wah Yit Poh.

I believe the local council was waiting for a report on the possible heritage status of the mansion before deciding on the whether demolition order can be given.

I find it shocking that owners can flout the law so easily. The owners and “others” may say that the mansion has yet to be listed as “heritage”. If buildings can be demolished and the council can only fine the owners, NO HERITAGE BUILDING in Penang is safe. What prevents owners from just demolishing any building even those listed as heritage?

If a fine is the only deterrent, we might as well kiss the Unesco listing goodbye. The only effective deterrence is denial of planning permission for the next 20-50 years!


Dr B Nawawi

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We need big businesses and development. Without these Penang will be dead. So courting big business people whether overseas or local will always be of benefits to the people. The Federal government are also doing that. LGE cannot just rely on the Federal and UMNO government as can be seen that they are sabotaging the PR government for their own agenda. The UMNO BN government are not doing something that is for the benefit of the people but for their own cronies. At least LGE is doing something that does not benefits his cronies but for the people. Whether its… Read more »


Frankly I can’t take this Lydia seriously at all, not after her Korean melodramas and her numerous utterly stupid comments. She can’t even speak decent English and Bahasa and dislays. In any case don’t keep your hopes high, the Cheap Minister will never do things that will affect the income of the state (via parking) and/ or antogonise the big business. As such this “No cars Zone” rule is a non starter. It is more likely that Chairman Lim will decalre the city and the Island as the “No Poor and Middle Class Zone” and reserve it exclusively for rich… Read more »


This idea is fine but a CARPARK, taxi stands or waiting bays, will be needed nearby and the CARPARK should be metered, not private or overpriced.

We would know instantly if vested interests are displayed against the people if the carpark is private and eternally owned by cronies.

Ric Francis

Best suggestion is Heritage area no parking after 0900 till 1800. Traders deliveries before 0900 and after 1800. Exception disable persons transport. Works well in Capital Cities in Australia.
Ric Francis

Ong Eu Soon

What MPPP should implement is no parking on the road side on certain days. All vehicles still allow to ply on the street, stop for unloading and boarding but no road side parking or waiting except for the disable. This will be more easy to implement, and with less controversy.

Ric Francis

I replied to the Reporter who wrote this article but received no reply. I quoted my idea which included a propose tramway would make this idea work, include in my email I sent my proposal system map. Alas no reply.Typical news hounds never ,like there thunder replied to

Gerakan K

As expected more rules and regulations to make people live harder.

This is the sign of no class administrator.


Just bcos she has attended a few cycling events she is suggesting a no car zone in the inner city. Please get feedbacks from people living and running businesses in the area before deciding. It will affect their activities and livelihood.
Why not start with enforcements on motor vehicles that park haphazardly and drivers or motor cyclists that do not obey rules? This will make cycling safer without having to close streets from motor vehicles.


But Lydia Ong is the typical example of what DAP is all about.

No brain, big mouth.


Am surprised that Netto would let this ad hominem through but claim to obey rules set for self. Double standards?



People living in that are can chincai(simple) park their vehicles as if their grandfather owns the road? Also how can the shopkeepers allow the customers to park as they like without consider to those on transit to other places by passing through this area.


Do study all the complains and feedbacks received by Bukit Bintang KL . Years ago , certain sections of the Sultan ismail road and Bukit Bintang road was closed to all incoming vehicles on every Sunday . Due to poor planning by the dbkl & tourism ministry , the idea back fired. As there were also no proper plan setting up waiting bays for the public buses, airport taxis,tour coaches , hotel workers and residents living in the affected areas.Plus too many motorcades carrying those VIPs entering a supposedly “pedestrians” only zones on a Sunday ! Hopefully Penang will be… Read more »


Yes. No car in inner city.
Then those anti-wealth people like tunglang will be very happy.


Yes Indeed, this is what we called sustainable, environmental-friendly development. We cannot go on endlessly, indifferently and irresponsibly damaging our earth, our health, our sanity and our right to a decent balanced living without having a clue as to what we are heading to – self destruction. There is no excuse for a life of only making a living over other as important issues as sustainability, happiness, culture and heritage, and managing our voracious, covetous, materialistic appetite for all things useless and harmful to the environment. Why not spend some of your precious time researching how the Scandinavian manage their… Read more »


The Malaysia’s National Autombile Policy has made everyone buy Proton (by making foreign cars expensive) instead of focusing on public transportation system.

Now Malaysian are ‘tagih’ with cars, and cannot do without them. They cannot even walk short distance, they must drive even to a place within walking distance.

This is a very sad legacy of Tun M in his misplaced pride for Malaysia Boleh.



You talk so great about scandinavian countries but you are great hyprocrite to condemn Penang Government. Scand countries are Demo Socialist similar to DAP ‘s principles.


No Gomen is SACRED COW, my dear friend. Not even DAP or PR or any Democratic Socialist on earth. If it is so, we can close our eyes and our minds without so much a concern for all kind of developments happening around us. We as voters of this Gomen for Change are equally responsible for putting up a Gomen that we hope and trust can bring good to this state for betterment of everyone. To criticize some (not all) developments like land and housing is not taboo. Just see what is happening in Tanjung Bungah to the detriment of… Read more »


Just a armchair critics looking at Tanjong Bungah for the rich and should not be expanded. What about those wanting a home of their own or those living in slum to move into brick and mortar. Where do the power station, water treatment plant, rice mills to be located. If there is a big clearing for them, we are very quiet and when we see all these things in the google earth. If scand drives less and bike more.


Ask LGE what he is going to do about your questioning.
He has more answers and ready power to decide what is best for Penangites, for good or for worst.
A leader should be responsible to you and me. Not the other one-way round.


Then better do something about those GMO mosquitoes they will release in December in Malaysia. Whats the TBRA doing about that eh? In a few months, the monsters could spread up to Penang. Oh as I do like your green ideas. How about lobbying for a dedicated Bicycle/Trishaw lane based on overhead bridge concepts in every city or connecting cities as well?

Datuk Loh Yeow Boo

Please do your homework before all of you start complaining, especially the Bolton Surin project. 1. Do you know who is the contractor for the Bolton Surin project? 2. If you don’t please find out. If you do, please go to question 2. 3. Have you seen CM LIm Guan Eng’s facebook pictures? Do you see who are in his photos and rubbing shoulders with him? Do you see those surrounding him during the DAP Centre donation drive? 4. It is the same gang of Penang … who are the contractors for Bolton Surin project. So, with a little common… Read more »


Dear Mr. Loh,

Mr. Anil Netto has even gone to the point of deleting my message for pointing out the connection between the developers and Mr. Lim Guan Eng.

Do you think this pro-DAP guy will care if Mr. Lim Guan Eng…


There you go, selective censorship, again !


Netto, pls display journalistic/blogger’s integrity and respect the right to free speech. Unless this commentator was being particularly offensive or abusive, you should not censor him. You will end up no better than the censorship board and only display fascist mindedness if you don’t repost that you have moderated into oblivion. Power goes to your head does it not? “If we don’t believe in freedom of expression for people we despise, we don’t believe in it at all.” Noam Chomsky Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights – “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression;… Read more »


And supercilious to boot. Do you really think a blog and it’s readers deserve to be subject to this sort of red tape/automated response attitude? The lack of a human face or human response is the gravest insult any institution or website can inflict upon it’s users, readers or patrons. Try KTemoc’s or even Lord Bobo’s or Haris Ibrahim’s responses for example.

*Distancing* and a dismissive attitude, hiding behind ‘rules’, is done by people who somehow think it empowers them and don’t engage people as equals.
Disappointing attitude Netto, thought you were better than this.