MPPP’s slow response frustrates worried TBRA


Unlike the MPPP’s prompt, decisive action in the case of an RMAF hostel following a complaint from a neighbouring resident, the council appears slow to respond in another nearby project, despite repeated reminders from a residents group.

The RMAF hostel was being constructed without the plans being approved. In the case of the Bolton Surin project on a steep hill-slope, neighbouring residents are concerned for a number of reasons.

The frustrated Tanjung Bunga Residents Association has sent yet another email to the MPPP which it says will be its final message to the council. The group wants answers to the following questions:

Yesterday, Sunday, 25 July 2010, the developer of Bolton Surin was at it again – working on so-called electrical and other construction work (which caused quite a din, by and by), when we believed that they are supposed not to be working on a rest day.

As such the questions that we have been putting to our MPPP are really relevant and require a simple answer. Can we please get an answer from our MPPP relating to our questions…  These questions are now long overdue (since June 2010) for answers…

  • Please advise us all at what time daily is the developer required to cease all work in the Bolton Surin project?
  • Has Bolton Surin been given permission to work beyond the normal working hours?
  • Has Bolton Surin been given permission to work on rest days and public holidays, thus disturbing the tranquility of the surrounding neighbourhood on such rest days and public holidays?
  • Should the developer work beyond the permitted time or day, what is the penalty that will be imposed by Bolton Surin on the developer?
  • What is light work and what light work does the developer carry out when permission is given to do light work after the permitted daily hours and on rest days/public holidays?
  • What are the machinery & tools allowed to be used during light work?
  • Has MPPP officials advised our “blur” members of the Mesyuarat Jawatankuasa Majlis that the residents living all around the Bolton Surin project are NOT in favour and strongly oppose any application to extend work beyond the normal daily working hours?

We have not yet received any response from (the) Engineering Dept of MPPP towards any of the questions posed and promised to be answered by (the MPPP head).

… In the above MPPP is not even able to make simple answers to areas that are within its purview/control despite repeated requests by members of the public via their association – TBRA. What more to view its actions….

Do also note that the rains & winds over the last few days have caused the sheet coverings of the Chee Seng hill-slopes/cliffs to fly apart, thus exposing many areas of the near 90-degree cliffs in the Bolton Surin project. Perhaps a reminder by your council to Bolton to recover them and to do it well is in order.

The residents association has also questioned the hoarding of the 1Tanjong project, which restricts access to state land.

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Dear Pearl,

Hahaha …. you are hilarious.

You might as well call a whale a fish just because it swims and lives in water. 😀


Dear Pearl.

Lim Guan Eng is a public servant.
However, he is hardly a civil servant. 🙂

It is not my business to advise you but I think you need to read and understand more about the constitutional limits of state governments and the functions of the civil service in Malaysia as you are making yourself a fool here.


Lim Guan Eng takes his pay from public money, that makes him a civil servant.

No matter how you want to deny it.


It is amazing that many who voice their complains here are ignorant of the fact that it is the civil service which runs the day to day function of the government and the civil service basically reports to Putra Jaya. The state exco sets the policy and appoints the councilors whose main job is to be the legislative body of the local government. I have repeated here many times what Dr Toh Kin Woon, former Gerakan exco member in the old administration, used to tell his audience that if you removed the state government from Penang, nobody would miss it.… Read more »


It is amazing that the guy who calls himself a “wira” is himself ignorant of the fact that the term “Civil Servant” includes Lim Guan Eng and that Yang Berbasikal.

Is Lim Guan Eng reporting to Putra Jaya?

What is Lim Guan Eng’s job? To talk nonsense all day long or to serve the people of Penang?

Only an ignorant will call other ignorants.


The perils of being a leader.
Nobody wants the position knowing very well the burden that follows. The few that are brave enough to take it has to bear the brunt and satisfy “everyone”.

I like (wira’s) clarification;
“It’s damn if you do, damn if you don’t”.


How to blame MPPP? Who is going to pay them O/T – on Sundays and after 5pm? If there is a complain, they have to be fair to both parties. They need to check the complains to see if the works are carried out after hours and the DINS are really disturb especially TBRA has a grudge against MPPP. Also there are many complains such as parking illegally all over the places, illegal hawkers, dusty roads, uneven pavements, ponded pavements, smoking in closed public places, spitting, plants are botak,inadequate public signages, illegal extension or renovation to their houses, shops and… Read more »


Mr. Anil, you call what MPPP does in the RMAF case “prompt” ?

Wait until the building is almost 90% built before issuing the stop work order is “prompt action” ?

Mr. Anil, want to check the definition of “prompt” ?


Anil : When you act promptly after receiving complaints, isn`t that efficiency and competent. Unlike someone like Pearl who knew there is an illegal going but do not act to report to the right authorities but instead babbled here and there complaining….


Pearl, you did not report it earlier when it was 10 – 30%. Have you been sleeping or just having a I don`t care attitude….


Machai wants to place blame on the rakyat? Why are we paying salary to Lim Guan Eng for? To let him sit in air cond room to open his mouth before he powers up his brain? Why are we paying that Yang Berbasikal for? To let him ride his bicycle to Cambodia again? Why should the people elect the YB and then pay the YBs for? Aren’t they the Civil Servants? Or are we the people the servants of the YBs? Only machais will want to serve the YB. People with honor will let the civil servants, including Lim Guan… Read more »


Are you sore that Koh Tsu koon is no longer the CM?


You were away when 308 happened?

Pinang Boy

Here is a friendly advice for you.
The sooner you shake off the Gerakan mentality the better it is for you.
Trust me, what has Gerakan done for Penang?
Do not find fault with LGE, he has done a lot despite a lot of resistance from the BN flers.

Gerakan K

Why sleeping again ???

Where is MPPP, LGE and his team ???

I’m so angry with officials either appointed or elected that sleeping on the job.

Voters need to reject such irresponsible passengers in the state administration in next GE.


Who is sleeping? After 18 years of governance what has Zero KPI KTK done to demolish illegal structure. In fact they condone these structure to the extend that it has mushroomed all over the island. An example is the tree house. Yes voters was right to reject and they are now out. Its now left to LGE and Pr to clear off these mammoth task and he is doing a great job despite the difficulty. His outburst against the Federal office was right unlike KTK who is just a weakling unable to voice his objection against UMNO even if it… Read more »


Where is MPPP?

In the aircond room.

Where is LGE?

Still busy making noises.

Where is his machais?

Here and everywhere defending LGE.

Gerakan K

Strange but true, LOL !!!


They are working very hard trying to untangle the mess created by that zero kpi KTK. Pearl, If you are really a true Penangite,you should have co-operate with the MPPP and the state government by informing them of any illegal structures or whatsoever illegal so that they can take action. On the contrary, despite knowing things that are illegal, you not only did not report the matter but tried to stir the honest nest to create more trouble…


True Wira, people’s sweat and blood, their life savings to buy that apartment, their dream home…

Much as i would like the hill projects to be stopped all together but truly, it is not all that simple as some readers put forth their arguments, or to be more correct, blatant accusations…

Just wonder why NGOs and the people of Penang didnt object during Dr Koh’s tenure, and now blaming the present state government for inaction???


I would like to agree that what ever project(s) approved by previous government have to be carried out, unless its not even started.

Be fair to the developer and also the purchasers.


What do you expect from MACC?

It cannot even find evidence to cahrge the ex-dentist who could miraculously build a RM23 million palace in Selangor.


If you stop hill slope development which are approved under the old administration, you risk the ire of the condominium buyers, many of whom dished out their life savings to make a down payment for the property.

They, plus their loved ones, will be angry with the PR government.

It’s damn if you do, damn if you don’t.

We should have kicked out the old administration years ago before they got so cocky and bold.


aiyoyo Anil the Gerakan boy vs the State again