MPPP Councillor opposes increased density


MPPP Councillor Lim Kah Cheng has registered her objection to the Penang state government’s decision to raise the permissible density for property development. She made these remarks during an adjournment address on 25 September 2009:

Saya ingin merakamkan bantahan saya terhadap keputusan baru Kerajaan Negeri untuk menaikan kepadatan pembangunan di Pulau Pinang. Keputusan ini tidak mampan dan akan menjejaskan kesejahteraan rakyat Pulau Pinang dan akan menakibatkan persekitaran kita merosot. Infrastruktur kita yang berada masa sekarang memang tidak mencukupi dan tidak boleh menyokong kepadatan yang lebih tinggi. Rakyat Pulau Pinang sekarang menghadapi keseksakan jalan, banjir, pencemaran, krisis pengumpulan sisa pepejal dan kekurangan kemudahan kemudahan sosial seperti Tadika, Taska dan sekolah sekolah dan penagkutan awam yang efficien. Kualiti kehidupan rakyat Pulau Pinang akan merosot dengan keputusan yang di buat tanpa mendapatkan pandangan pandangan semua stakeholders di negeri ini.

Tujuan meninggikan kepadatan nisbah plot untuk membina lebih unit perumahan untuk menarik golongan professional muda memilih Pulau Pinang sebagai destinasi yang pertama tidak akan berjaya jika kualiti kehidupan rakyat Pulau Pinang merosot dengan kenaikan kepadatan nisbah plot. Pulau Pinang tidak kekurangan unit unit kediaman pelbagai kategori dan kos pembangunan boleh di kawal dengan kaji semula garis panduan yang berada dari segi keperluan keperluan yang lain seperti keperluan menyediakan tapak penjaja dan ruang ibadat. Saya ingin bercadang lagi sekali supaya garis panduan yang ada sekarang di kaji semula dengan keseluruhan nya dan keputusan mengenai garis panduan tidak patut dibuat secara ad hoc.

Garis panduan pembangunan perlu di “updated” supaya dijadikan relevan untuk masa ini dan mengandungi ciri ciri hijau. Pulau Pinang tidak boleh mengasingkan diri daripada akibat “global warming”. Kita perlu mengambil langkah langkah yang sewajarnya untuk mengurangkan global warming. Keperluan keperluan seperti pengumpulan air hujan untuk kegunaaan semula, cara cara mengurangkan kegunaan tenaga elektrik, penyediaan tempat dan tong sampah kitar semula di setiap rumah pangsa dan kegunaan reka bentuk bangunan yang manpan patut dipakai dalam garis panduan .

Garis panduan kita mesti bertujuan untuk memastikan pemajuan yang dilaksanakan adalah ke arah penyediaan perumahan yang berkualiti dan memenuhi prinsip prinsip perumahan yang kondusif bagi mewujudkan persekitaran kehidupan yang sejahtera. Kehidupan yang sejahtera tidak akan di capai dengan meninggikan kepadatan pembangunan.

Saya ingin memohon Kerajaan Negeri mengkaji semula keputusannya mengenai kepadatan nisbah plot. Saya juga ingin merayu supaya Kerajaan Negeri mengambil langkah langkah dengan secepat mungkin untuk membentangkan draf Rancang Tempatan yang telah disediakan dan telah di lulus oleh MPPP untuk peperiksaan awam dan mendapat maklum balas daripada semua lapisan masyarakat dan bukan daripada satu golongan sahaja.

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Gerakan K

anda samalah dgn chong eu dan ktk yang halau melayu miskin dgn naikkan harga rumah di penang.

boleh belah!!!!

jangan harap nak menang lagi!


Oops…’s the article. ============================================== Friday October 2, 2009 Oriental-style city proposed for Penang By PRISCILLA DIELENBERG A HENAN-BASED company from China plans to invest about 1.5mil renminbi (RM750mil) to create an Oriental-style city in Penang. XuChang Wig & Hair Products Co Ltd deputy general manager Chen Xiang Yang said yesterday that the company was planning to build the city on about 12.14ha of land. “Construction will feature traditional Chinese architectural design, with bridges, pavilions and gardens in the style of the Ming and Qing Dynasties,” he said. He said the project would feature four sections — residential units, a Guoxue… Read more »


The reporter may be dumb or sleeping to say 1.5 mil is RM 750 mil.


nkkhoo…yes indeed it should be RMB 1.5 Billion.I am finding some of the younger reporters these days making such silly mistakes and their grammer and mastery of language have dropped quite alarmingly too.


Here comes another piece of depressing and frightening news… This news raies a number of very troubling questions : 1. Where this city will be built ? I guess must be on the Island and I wonder where it will be located. 2. What are the investors looking for as returns for their investments ? I don’t think they can re-coup their huge investment by tourists $$ alone for sure. As such this makes think that these people have other hidden agenda to supplement their ROI. My guess will be,yes, another yet CAT (Condos, Apartments and Townhouses) “development”. 3. Has… Read more »


Dear King Kong, Your sarcasm is noted. Lim GE is not a proven administrator like KTK. However, we don’t need a good administrator to run the daily functions of this state. That should rightly be the job of the State Secretary, the MPPP/MPSJ presidents and their staff if their other purpose is not to sabotage the state government like what had happened in Perak. What Penang really needs is someone like Dr Lim Chong Eu who seized the opportunity given and provided the vision and the honest administration Penang needed. Penangites also recognise that he was also one who could… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

All those who want high density development never learn to ask the following question: 1) What should be the ratio of parking space per unit? 1 per unit? 5 per unit? Judging from the state of our public transportation, Penangites would prefer to drive their own car. So 1 or 2 per unit is out of question. The state government did not take the effort to define it. You can see how bad the situation is when cars are parked wantonly along the main road outside the apartment/condo causing undue traffic jam. A good example is the few high density… Read more »

Gerakan K

Writing a long comment doesn’t make thing matter better. Please join as a Gerakan member and I will vote you in next GE. Gerakan are different now under brilliant leadership of KTK. Look at KTK big smile whenever he is walking beside UMNO big or small guns. That is what I like very much. Also notice how he nodding his head wholeheartedly whenever someone in UMNO say something. Bravo Gerakan! I LOVE YOU!


Frankly Penang is getting overdeveloped and overcrowded. Still it is still better than KL. It is unfortunate fact for an island state, you can preview the future with cities like Hong Kong, Shenzhen. Not a very nice place to live in. For the politicians, unless they are hard-core greenies, I doubt that any of them will stand in the way of development. We could only wish the Pakatan Rakyat will be different, but looks like not too much different. Do we have a choice, vote back Gerakan ? But it is Gerakan that approve the Tg Tokong land reclamation project… Read more »

Gerakan K

Yes, Gerakan is the anwser to Penang woes. We must collectively vote it to solve all the mess created by current state government.



You make very good comment and you are kissing LGE’s …. You should ask him to stay in Penang forever. Did Gerakan allow or Melaka Gomen allow NGOs in the Majlis? Gerakan only allow UMNO and all going to the pokect councillors. Gerakan allow those like Kg Buah Pala. Any lobang to buy cheap land. We and Anil should thank DFAP allowing NGO to be inside to check no cheap land like Kg Buah Pala be sold off.


Lim Kah Cheng is a MPPP councillor representing NGO. In her position, she is expected to give independent views representing the interests of the organisations she represents.
There is no party whip to contain her.
Why should anyone suggest that the state government might not be happy with her ?

Loh Yeow Boo - Penang

More devleopment and highrise in Tanjung Bungah….


Hehehehe…..Gerakan K pls stop before you kill me.

Gerakan K

Stop praising LGE or I will kiss you now!


please kiss me.

Gerakan K

We are one family, babe! Muakkkkkk


There’s never a shortage of LGE … kisser’s here. Any idea how pathetically sycophantic you fella’s sound? LOL!


The commonest way to make housing affordable to the middle income group in many developed countries is by social housing projects. Singapore has its HDB. Other countries like HongKong, Australia, Ireland, UK (to name a few) have well established social housing programs. Penang used to have the PDC during Lim Chong Eu’s era. Homes were affordable to many in the lower and middle income group at that time. Unfortunately, the PDC has now become a land broker selling state land to developers to build multi million dollar homes. D’Residence and Bayan Mutiara projects are just 2 examples. Increasing density of… Read more »


Social housing estates can be even more affordable with high density. Well, there are many ways to ensure that even high density hosuing estates, people would have comfortable living without affecting the environment.
Lets face facts, land are scarce. We can’t have bourgeois population enjoying the benefits by being planting their flats early. Or perhaps reintroducing short term lease…..heheheh


What is the alternative? The truth of the matter is urban planning especially for an island takes a lot of long term effort. The whole place is so screwed up that when it comes to development, critics should be forced to come up with equivalent or close to equivalent alternatives. Don’t go up? Go where? Mainland? Who is going to pay for infrastructure that is billions of dollars needed? If Hong Kong and Tokyo can live with high density, Penangites can live with much more pressure than they do now. Its no fun but seriously, Penang can’t even look at… Read more »


Bigjoe No one is saying that we need more houses to cater for the rising populations. Nor we lunatics who are opposed to development per se.The question is whether this is done in a holistic and responsible manner. Does the CM considers environmental, social, heritage and other factors in approving these developments ? Are people’s and all stakeholders are being consulted ? Look at the case of KBP where the poor were brutally made homeless to make way for a bunch of rich people not looking for homes but buying houses for “investment”. For LGE, “development” is just a guise… Read more »

Jim James

mere naam Joker…. this Gerakan K is a big Joker dressed in gerakan clown outfit.

LGE is doing the right thing… because you Jokers in gerakan clown outfits are a bunch of no good for nothing idiota who are selfish, conceited and arrongant.

Its jokers like you in gerakan clown outfits that needs to be flushed out… to internity for your deeds whilst ruling Penang…

bahhh!!!!! poor loser….

Gerakan K

Gerakan K will be back on next GE.

Gerakan K

I am Gerakan K, and I am an UMNO moron and a Gerakan (political) eunuch. Sorry for troubling everyone for my insensitive posts!


I can tell that LKC’s outburst has made a lot of people both among the developers and their cheerleaders within the LGE government very very unhappy. In fact I can imagine LGE himself being furious. So LKC, I am sorry but you can expect your current tenure as a MPPP councillor to be the last. Folks this is nothing to do with building affordable homes. Don’t delude yourself with such baseless claims. If LGE is genuinely wants affordable homes, then why is he allowing development of high-end residental and commercial properties in such exclusive neighbourhoods ? By right houses should… Read more »


LKC can’t just oppose blindly. She has to study the followings: 1. What is the current development density in various area? Is the development density suits the small island of Penang or make sense based on today’s standard? For example, a developer announced recently that the density of their development increased from plot ratio of 0.9 to 2.8. The plot ratio of 0.9 just doesn’t make sense. 2. What is the allowable development density in Penang compared to KL or even Singapore. The standard plot ratio of suburban in KL is 7 whereas in town centre, the figures is between… Read more »

Gerakan K

We no need experts to tell us that Penang is over congested! Stop pretending you are stupid just because to defend LGE’s selfish policies. Enough is enough.


Gerakan K,

There must be some basis when you mentioned that Penang is over congested. Density of people? traffic? What is your benchmark? Why don’t we compare with KL/Klang Valley?

I was holidaying in Penang last month. Penang’s traffic congestion is way far behind KL/PJ. It may not even match Kajang or Klang.


Jyk,when you condemn Greakan K, it shows that you have fully missed the heavy sarcasm in his posting.

Read between the lines and you will know exactly what he means.

Gerakan K


You were wrong! I’m true evil with ugly face and ugly voice.


If higher density, then look into multi-storey car parking facilities in Apartments. It is a night-mare in Sg Dua and Batu Uban today. On th top of that Illegal stalls along the roadside (allegedly) put up and rented out by the BN local chieftains further adds to the traffic mayhem. That is a bigger problem. K – this mess was also created by Gerakan when the ADUN (2001/2002) personaly told me said they are powerless to act against these illegal stalls as it is set up by A component party members.

Gerakan K

Stop bashing BN with unproven cases.


UMNO-bot, crawl back into your pithole…!


I do not disagree with higher density.
There are many fine cities in Asia with higher densities than ours.

However, house/apartment buyers must be informed of the building density of the project they intend to buy.
Our apartment/house sale advertisement regulation does not compel sellers to specify the building density in their prospectus. By right, this should be made mandatory to developers.

Gerakan K

Another LGE apologist.


Another BN hack.


Everything that LGE does people will comments bad things about him.What a load of rubbish.You people that do not like him pls transfer youself out of penang.

Gerakan K

Only brain-less people will never critize LGE. Who is LGE? God’s proxy? LOL!



This is exactly the kind of mentality that we hated so much when it was uttered by UMNO politicians. Now DAP is also mouthing the same threat.

So what’s next ? A Secret Police to monitor people opposed to the LGE govt.


While I agree with some points made by Lim Kah Cheng, what she said was frankly, very typical political speak. See: opposing high-density development in one breath, and combating global warming in another. In some schools of thought, high density development is actually more sustainable that the “urban sprawl” model. Of course, you will also need good supporting infrastructure as Lim Kah Cheng suggested. But what Lim Kah Cheng said was too general and does not actually help anyone. @Gerakan K Are you actually suggesting poor people MOVE OUT of Penang? Is that the mentality of BN supporters? Cheap (‘affordable’… Read more »

Gerakan K


Stop your PR-as-god mentality. It is LGE fault to cheapen the property value in Penang by encouraging more low cost housing project. Bring back BN government in Penang now. They are more experience to handle state and town planning. I have no confidence at current state goverment. Look how they handle Kg Buah Pala issue.


And stop your Gerakan-as-god mentality. Look at the mess your eunuch party has made in the country!


There are always solutions to everything. Bringing your professionals to stay closer to the city centre would boost the economy. More people spend there, more people would earn money. More taxes collected. More money can be used for further state & social development

Gerakan K

Again, it is LGE fault. LGE is so wrong to make house cheaper for all to buy. Please bring back BN government in Penang and then build only high end property to ensure optimal living quality. For those poor people, just move out Penang or rent house.