More on the 20 Pykett Avenue land deal


Some details about the deal involving the 20 Pykett Avenue building, whose demolition over the weekend caught the MPPP by surprise.

In December 2009, the Mah Sing board announced to Bursa Malaysia that its subsidiary Klassik Tropika had entered into a sale and purchase agreement to acquire the 3.4-acre freehold property from Khaw Bian Cheng Sdn Bhd for RM38 million. There were two private caveats on the land.

Khaw Bian Cheng Sdn Bhd was supposed to transfer the land free from all encumbrances and with vacant possession. (I guess you could say it is now ‘vacant possession’.)

Mah Sing had described the structure on the land as a “dilapidated unoccupied small bungalow”.

The structure was demolished over the weekend, pre-empting the MPPP. The Council had wanted to assess the site, in view of neighbouring residents’ objections. The project had not yet been given planning approval.

Mah Sing had intended work on the luxury condo project to begin in the second half of 2010.

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Todays STAR has an article on this on Page N24

Anthony Tan

Penangites from the middle and lower income group will soon have to move to the main land to buy any affordable houses. Maybe in Baling, Changkat Jering, Yen etc A landed terrace house has reached the RM1million mark and just think if you are earning RM3,000 per month, how are you going own a decent roof over your head. Public housing are hard to come by and now leaving to it to all private developers, it profits, higher profits and higher higher profits, to them who cares! What has happen to a ruling that all developers are suppose to develop… Read more »


We just have to work harder


MPPP, you need to set a precedent or else all buildings in Heritage zone is not safe.

YDP Patiyah Please take action.

[email protected]

Readers if you feel the need do email the YDP.


He destroyed the building so that the assessment later on becomes totally useless. This is in total disregard for the law, and the owner is probably rich and preparing his money to pay the fine as we speak.

Is a custodial sentence possible?

rule of law

To teach them a lesson is to :-

1. make them rebuild the bungalow that was illegally demolished.

2. No planning permission approval from MPPP for the next 20 years.

rule of law

Custodial sentence is not going to scare them as they can transfer the land from 1 company to the other and all the Directors can be people who for a price will spend the next 2 years in gaol.

This makes all of our Heritage buildings in zone 1 not safe at all. In time the land price would have appreciated, which will make the demolition of the building lucrative enough.

The developers will do their maths and pass on the costs to the new buyers of their projects.

Please all think long term.


Dear YB Low,

The said building was illegally destroyed by the owner.
Yes, blatant disregard for the law of the land and the rascal is obviously the owner.

Why are you blaming the state government for this?…



Well said and spot on!!

Loh Yeow Boo - Penang

Apart from the question of heritage, which seems to distract us, the demolition approval from MPPP was not obtained yet, the planning permission was no approved, etc…..hence work cannot start yet!!! In fact, feeedback from residents nearby is still being obtained.
So, this is a blatant disregard of the law of the land. it looks like $$$ can selesai all(?)
This is all in the hands of the LGE gomen.
Why is PHT, and the other NGOs so quiet? Later scared no Datukship(?)


It’s a very tricky question for owners, heritage lovers and state gomen concerning buildings that look heritage and there are many in Penang. Q: What looks heritage may not be shared the same in others’ opinion. Q: What is the value of a heritage building when market forces dictate its survival destiny. Q: What adequate incentives are there for upkeeping heritage buildings in its originality so that owners are not tempted to ‘sell off’ his heritage properties. Expecting altruism in owners’ responsibility and sacrifice for architectural heritage is not realistic. Neither will by-laws and enforcement work 100%. Where there are… Read more »

Loh Yeow Boo - Penang

Who decides whether “this building has no historical or heritage value?” The developer decides that, or some other authority ?


Yang, don’t pick on the messenger, pick on what is the the issue is for the community not your new found political affliance. You think you are the only one matters? Where have been all this while, who the hell are you to decide whether the building has historical value or not? Pleaselah brother/sister, you want DAP to be another UMNO? Let the messenger voice his concern for the community at large, then it is up to us the people to decide, decipher and see how the community benefits not just the run around that we are so akin to… Read more »


Actual this building has no historical or heritage value. I don`t understand why Anil wants to keep bring it up.


…Are you a Certified Heritage Expert?

If you are, please show us your certification.

if youa are not, who are you to tell us that the house has no heritage/historical value, machai?

Anne Taylor

Indeed as a ex Penangite, no colonial building in any condition should be demolished. Bring back “Old Penang”.