Lingam drops another bombshell in new video


This is truly scandalous and implicates another former top judge. Lingam also talks about his New Zealand holiday with Eusoff Chin.

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H J Angus
28 Jan 2008 4.22pm

This latest episode shows that it is probable that (nearly) all the judges who were selected after the knives were drawn by the Executive on Tun Salleh Abbas and his few honest judges were tainted and also the AGs as well.

Just like the Police, if the Judiciary is corrupted ordinary Malaysians cannot hope for justice in the nation.

We need to reform the government by denying them the 2/3 majority in the next elections.

28 Jan 2008 10.41pm

It’s getting like tamil serial, when is series 4 coming? actor Lingam, Director/Producer anwar I, Cameraman Burne

28 Jan 2008 9.57pm

just out of curiousity can anyone enlighten me if vk Lingam can sue the guys
for taking the videos in his home without his permission and making it there any provision in law that protects vk lingam