Missing police boat engines an inside job?


First it was jet engines that disappeared from an air force base; this time four patrol boat engines have mysteriously ‘walked away’ from a marine police store in Penang.

The engines weigh about 200kg each. Police are investigating the possibility that it could be an inside job.

Check out this Sun report.

What’s next?

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200hp marine outboard engines would be very disposable items, fetching a good price in the black market….. Never mind, the authorities just need to find somebody fix the blame on, likely one or two constable level, and its business as usual again.
The top brass in Malaysia are never held accountable.

probably cause

probably sold off to some of the beach watersports operators in batu ferringhi(?)

Andrew I a.k.a. the bored pensioner

There must be something appealing about engines. Proton finds them appealing, some people in S. America find jet engines appealing.

So, the who wants to be a millionaire final question is: who finds boat engines appealing?


(Probably) stolen by a low ranking private, who (perhaps) works as a store-keeper. Who else has the authority to sign off the release of such engines.
Need to check if it has been smuggled to South Africa or Somalia. Quite likely sold to the Somalian pirates.


The government, government agencies, air force, navy, army, police, the ruling parties UMNO and coalitions etc etc are now full of whatever you name it. Corruption, thieves, scandals, scams, plagiarism, judiciary undermining, bribery, hypocrisy, lies and half truth, power abuse, scorpene, altutanya, the ring, conspiracy, police brutality and the list goes on and on.

Do you still want to endure another 53 years of this.This must not continue. Eradicate all these. You have that choice. Kick out UMNO and Najib and (sycophants).

najib manaukau

That is no surprise at all especially when it comes to stuff missing from under the noise of the quarter cooked police. Mind you they will not leave behind any clue for their colleagues to investigate. Just remember they are very good at matters of these natures especially when the thieves have the courage to do it plus they will know what their colleagues will do. Believe me the matter will be NFA !