MH370 will haunt Malaysia’s future: Bloomberg


The missing plane has made people around the world take a closer look at Malaysia – and from various accounts, what they have seen, from the lack of transparency to the way opposition leaders are treated, has not impressed them.

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11 Apr 2014 2.16am

Now, i don’t want to put anything about race, religion, NEP and ketuanan policy. As those are all sickening materials and we had more than enough of it. The MH370 saga put our Federal Govt and civil service in bad light. Either in bad light or truly showing our Malaysian lackadaisical standard. If we can’t issue the correct version of the last words radioed from the cockpit to the Sepang/KL ATC. Malaysia is no longer credible . And not to be believe at all. And at such, it really affects all of us. It goes beyond politics. Not just umno… Read more »

Yuk Lo
Yuk Lo
10 Apr 2014 10.37am

… The foreign media should probe more to tell the world that ‘legislated apartheid’ in the form of NEP is still being practiced long after the passing of Nelson Mandela,

najib manaukau
10 Apr 2014 8.26am

The world can now see for themselves even though some of them had for some times see for themselves what the real problems are. It is run and administered by a pack of schmucks and lackeys. What it now does is just a clearer picture of what the country is in, in a shambles ! Although the country’s population, according to the Umno schmucks… statistic the Malays in Malaysia is about 60%. If at all these figures are true, why are they never cease to import millions … from foreign countries just so to make up and to legitimatize the… Read more »

9 Apr 2014 2.41pm

The alternative clear thinking world view is……Najib is a puppet from the warlords and they are puppets for the Cabal! Malaysia will loose their true identity……and One Malaysia is a fairy tale.Malaysia is from US already. Lost in paradise……owned by the international society without a heart!
Obama care…PM care….No care for people…care for big money

9/11…..8/3……same false flag but different…..would have been boring when the MH 370 has flown into the KLCC tower!!!!

Have a great day, keep your heart, ears and eyes open…..
with love from…..”good” old Europe!!!
Keep on smiling…..

Andrew I
Andrew I
9 Apr 2014 1.15pm

No need to worry lah. People’s memories are short. It’ll be business as usual after the dust settles. No one will resign and everyone will live happily ever after.