MH370: Transcript of cockpit-air traffic control conversation


This is the transcript of the conversation between air traffic control and the MH370 cockpit.

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3 Apr 2014 1.41pm

how come our RM7.3 billion worth two Scorpene submarines, said to be equipped with TSM 2233 Mk 2 sonar capability, not involved in search and rescue operation ? are they for show only ? how can our naval force can cope if Scorpene submarine can’t operate during emergency ?

3 Apr 2014 6.22am

Areas of note-
Crackles and garbles in radio communication before take off.
ATC seems to be unresponsive right after 12.50.

The transcript is not in detail.
Did or did not the ATC attempted to broadcast communication later on.
To establish that MAS 370 entered Vietnamese airspace.

2 Apr 2014 1.13pm

Different versions of transcript at different time?

najib manaukau
2 Apr 2014 8.07am

Just like everything else in this country the air traffic control is too undoubtedly in a … shamble. Why and who are behind ‘running it’ ? MH370 was in the Malaysian air space for almost more than two hours and yet it was no detected both by the Sepang air traffic control or the military air traffic control. To make matters worse they don’t even know Mh370 had turned back from the East and was going to the West. Thus so much time and efforts were wasted searching for MH370 in the South China sea. What a … disgrace to… Read more »