MH370 search expands to Indian Ocean


Despite the Malaysian government denying a Wall Street Journal report that the plane was transmitting data after the last transponder signal, CNN reports that US officials maintain that the information from the airplane’s data system was being actively pursued in the plane investigation.

Analysts from U.S. intelligence, the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board have concluded that pings sent to a satellite hours after the plane’s last transponder signal likely came from the missing aircraft, the senior U.S. official said.

“It appears the plane was flying most of that time,” the senior U.S. official said. The “indication” that the plane kept flying is not based on U.S. government information but rather based on radar readings and plane data.

There is reason to believe the plane flew for four hours, the officials said, but there is no specific indication where the plane actually is.

Multiple bursts of data were received indicating the plane was flying over the Indian Ocean, the senior U.S. official told CNN.

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The big blunder when Hisham didn’t act immediately on TUDM chief’s revelation of detection of suspected MH370’s U-turn flight to the west direction for about an hour after missing from control tower radar while flying over the South China Sea. Did Penang’s TUDM radar @ Tiger Hill detect anything? The manner of MH370 flight at dangerous height to other commercial flights & off of emergency signals (to avoid detection) points to a sinister motive: hijack, hijack for ransom at later date or terrorism by some nut case individuals. The prime suspect (could) be the pilots since all plane controls were… Read more »


The Chinese Navy and US are both taking the opportunities to explore the waters of Gulf of Thailand.

Many suspect the Malaysian Air Force is hiding something, possibly their shortcomings in detecting foreign intrusion to the Malaysian airspace? Otherwise why they are not precise in their reporting?

Stylo Logan

There is plenty of military conspiracies in the search for MH370. Both china and US have the state of art satellite surveillance technology but would not want to reveal too much to the world. Meanwhile TUDM can continue to deny lots of thing when they could not monitor our airspace on real time basis but to be reactive in looking at recorded data. The TUDM chief can say they cannot distinguish between commercial aircraft and other flying object, yet can say that the aircraft detected on their recorded radar was not hostile.