MH370: Now it’s 200kg of lithium-ion batteries


First they said three to four tons of mangosteens, then they said it was carrying lithim-ion batteries, now they tell us the plane was carrying 200kg of lithium-ion batteries. What is the maximum weight or quantity limit of such batteries allowed on a passenger plane?

This is an interpretation of the new 2014 Lithium battery requirements by

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Awang, just forget about yang, don’t waste your time arguing with him. He is not very sane now, pity him…

most of the Chinese they only have one child and some passengers lost their entire family…

most sad !

ps in this 1kangkung n RM1chicken land, lithium battery can be mangosteen and mangosteen can be lithium battery, they look alike, nothing new.


Come on lah wake up.

Whatever it is Lithium battery did not cause MH370 to disappear to explode. That is the fact and truth. Yes those with kangkung and chicken mind will say lithium battery make the pilot fly the plane for another 8 hours or 4000 miles. Just don`t understand why Anil keep bringing up such an issue when it has got nothing to do with it. Just trying to politicize the matter of those that have been killed and lost.

Mind everyone, there is more to this than just disappearance.

Eveready Battery In Deep Blue Sea

Lithium batteries caused a spark, and spark caused fire and MH370 could fly without smokes or burning flames for another 8 hours? Somebody’s brain must be short-circuited!!!

Awang Selamat Ori

No matter how you curry favour, how you bodek, we are clear, you are considered ABCD and you will not be accepted. Tau ka? Hang ni ABCD, tak nak! What proof have you got to say that lithium is not the cause and what is the cause then? You are always good at spreading lies and sadness. While people are griefing, you are continuing with your spins. I think it is best you pay more attention to your business old man before your sales drop to zero level. It had been dropping so much for the last few years, and… Read more »


You want proof that lithium is not the cause. Are you senile or what. The plane have been flying for up to 8 hours and more than 4000 km without incident. Now I wonder who is spreading lies and deceit. Are you trying to stoke fear and hatred among the families just for the sake of winning an argument or for your idols parties PR. Please have some conscience for the families and don`t trying to spin it to some other issues.


Investigators will have to find out if the cargo was packed according to aviation safety rules
If MAS flouts the rules, the families not only gets compensation but they be able to sue MAS .
It could be raw lithium , lithium cells and lithium batteries as MAS statement was not precise.
Nobody is to take MAS words for granted as for now.
Better for MAS to release full list of cargo that is on board that particular flight.


As MAS is already in financial mess, Syed Mokhtar should step in to buy the company to save it, rather that buying up Setia?

Don Anamalai

Struggling MAS may need gov’t bailout

Shakirin AlIkram

Noe that we have a closure, lets spare a few minutes of prayers for the unfortunate MH370 passengers and wait till the Black Box and the Voice Recorder are retrrieved. whilest I still feel that its NOT in the Indian Ocean, The Indian Ocean is hardly a friendly Ocean. Lets give the Chinese and Australians as well as many freight ships to gather more articles TO determine IF at all they are from MH370. Prayers that its finally confirmed these families who have waited agonisingly in Putrajaya and Beijing will never see their loved ones alive again. They have waited… Read more »


Only fools, idiots and opposition would use this as a reason for their political mileage to harp and blame lithium-ion batteries for the crash of MH370 into the Southern Indian Ocean. We grief with the families of MH370 and we know from expert that it is the deliberate action of someone on board that diverted and flew several thousand miles for more than 8 hours most probably to land at a certain remote area in the Southern Indian Ocean but now ASSUMED yes only ASSUMED to have crashed. There is a remote chance that the debris may not be MH370… Read more »

Awang Selamat Ori

Just imagine if your loved ones are on the plane MH 370, Yang uncle. Will you be still barking like someone so mad, so lost in a world where everything is political to you? You gila lah uncle Yang, you allegedly lost some business due to your own inability to compete and to adjust to the new environment, why must you be barking so madly every day? Do not make a fool of yourself, come on, be real. You can support whoever you want, it is your right, but, be responsible. Again, may I ask, how would you feel if… Read more »


Awang, You talk as if you are real smart but actually you are just one paranoid schizophrenia fool. When I or my family board any plane we know very well that that plane would be carrying some hazardous items at one time or another. And we trust and believed in the airline that whatever hazardous or dangerous materials they are carrying will be in compliance with international aviation standards. Yes some have lost their families but I cannot like you without a conscience and heart use this moment for any political mileage without proper proof and investigation. Like what the… Read more »


Aiyoh yoh, my goodness, this is the result of supporting and voting in opposition. Instead of constructive action they are hitting the stage in a most negative manner on thing non issue. Please check the declaration list. They all complied with international standard. And there are jerks who said the plane explode because of lithium and blame MAS and the govt for it.


Yang, are you deft or illiterate or maybe both. If you are literate and can read A,B,C p;ease read again the quantity/weight of Lithium Ion batteries allowed in a passanger plane. Here we are not talking 5 kg (the max weight allowed in a passanger plane) but 200kg!!! Try short-circuiting just 2 of those batteries in the palm of your hands; maybe it will ignite your slow brain.