MH370: Mujahid calls for independent inquiry – now

Mujahid addressing a unity dinner in Bayan Lepas last night as Bishop Sebastian Francis looks on

Parit Buntar MP Mujahid Yusof Rawa last night called for an immediate independent inquiry into the disappearance of MH370.

Mujahid said an independent inquiry could not wait until the black box was found, which could take months if not years, if at all it is located.

The Pas MP made the call during a ‘unity dinner’ organised by the Penang Pas Supporters Club, which includes the party’s non-Muslim supporters, at the Dewan JKKK in Bayan Lepas.

Several key questions had to be investigated now, said Mujahid; in particular, why did the air force fail to immediately detect the aircraft turning back across the peninsula? He disagreed that the solution was to change to a new radar system; instead he said a change of government was necessary.

Mujahid regretted attempts to question the professionalism or tarnish the reputation of the pilot, Captain Zaharie Ahmad Shah, his contemporary at Penang Free School, without solid evidence.

People also wanted to know what was in cargo manifest, he added.

Mujahid’s fellow bridge-builder, Abdul Rahman Kasim, recited an emotional poem he had composed, ‘MH370, M370, where have you gone?’ to pin-drop silence.

Pas’ spiritual adviser Nik Aziz, via a special video message for the dinner, lauded the party’s initiatives to reach out to people of other faiths, who are free to accept Islam or otherwise while stressing there was no compulsion in Islam.

The guest-of-honour at the unity dinner was Bishop Sebastian Francis. Other guests included a few church representatives and NGO reps and close to 200 diners. Earlier, a lively Indian cultural dance performance set the tone for the evening.

In his speech, Bishop Sebastian spelt out a message of peace, but stressed that there could be no peace without justice; and in turn, there could be no justice without forgiveness.

Mujahid welcomed Sebastian’s message and said the gist of it could also be found in the Qur’an. He said he would like to see this message of justice and peace included in Pas’ party manifesto. The Pas MP added that Nik Aziz welcomed the initiative to dialogue with churches and the ‘Tok Guru’ would make it a point to fondly enquire about the bishop’s well-being.

His voice rising, the Pas national unity bureau chief declared that he and his colleagues would do everything in their power to reject ethno-religious extremism, which he said had no place in Malaysian society, and to defend the rights of minorities. There was no reason why people should even be referred to as Chinese Malaysians or Indian Malaysians; we are Malaysians, Mujahid thundered.

A brief downpour during the dinner broke the prolonged dry spell in Penang; this was hujan rahmat (showers of blessing), said Mujahid, who appeared to be in his element.

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Waiting to hear from the PM to say that a local inquiry is not necessary and to make further excuses or total silent.
( as usual ).

The issue is not about why the plane went astray.
As that is secondary or until the plane can be found.
It is about why we let the plane go missing..
Now , that is the primary.


The authorities have been hiding information since Day 1, and now we see they’ve actually changed the transcript of MH370. Remember, Altantuya never entered Malaysia.


Already there are conflicting statements as far as the air controller transcript is concerned. The air turn back incident is shrouded in mystery, a cover up job to hide something?


when the truth is out it can spell Be End (BN) ending there in the midst of controversies ?


Actually the ongoing pressure from the people in China for BN to be more transparent is one way to make BN more open and more efficient. So I see it as a positive development as internal pressure has thus far yield no results against the ‘tidak apa’ administration.


New and practical strategy by PAS to engage Bishop Sebastian Francis in their talks to show PAS on middle path unlike UMNO/Perkasa in divide n rule policies ?


Act like a moderate but extreme in implementation like the implementation of hudud in Kelantan and supports the banning of Allah by non muslimk


Time for changes in Malaysia! Real changes for the people out of love for the people
Sometimes mysteries are the start for forgiveness and peace but it has to start from the people

Thank you for the article Anil
Blessings to all

Love always prevails


The new evidence by former DPM Tun Musa Hitam (revealed that then PM Tun Dr Mahathir was in Kuala Lumpur during the Memali incident) last week is sufficient basis for investigations into the Memali incident to be reopened.

najib manaukau

Malaysia has no body to blame for their incompetent and also why it has taken them days or weeks to response to matters related to MH370 ? Just look at so many nations located further away than Malaysia, like China, Japan and Korea to name just only a few countries. They have their ships and planes at the site near Perth days or weeks before Malaysia, still as of now Malaysia has not got their planes or ships there to help search for MH370. Only now they are ‘talking’ about sending their planes or ships to help in the search.… Read more »


In times of disaster and tragedy the West – the infidel Christian nations, are the first
and the earliest to arrive at the scene to assist in the search and rescuse operation.
Even our neighbour Singapore was ahead of our navy at the scene Where are the Muslim
countries??? Ooo…I forgot. Muslim countries are very busy. They’re busy and preoccupied
with fighting and killing one another that they have no time to spare to help their fellow muslim
brothers in Malaysia.