MH370: Malaysian leaders face unprecedented intense scrutiny


Never before have Malaysian leaders been exposed to such intense global scrutiny – and for many, inside and outside Malaysia, they have not lived up to the exacting standards expected, as this New York Times article suggests.

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Malaysians after 50+++ years independence the rakyat failed to see who the real entity orchestratibg the world each and every country to even what we eat and drink and air we breathe. Blame speculation and finger pointing are attitudes of most Malaysians today thinking they have degrees masters hold good pay jobs they think they know so much of what is going on in this world. A laughing stock to the entity. Worst joke of the century is bomoh carpet! Major global century events must be seen from an angle of the entity’s planet interest…with God’s blessing mh370 will be… Read more »

najib manaukau

Very sad indeed that it takes such a sad event to expose what Malaysia have, the kind of administrators it has running the country. Just look at the person running MAS, now you why MAS is loosing by the billions !
Typical look of a schmuck from Umno therefore don’t expect MAS to turn in a profit with this CEO.


Have Hisham attended the media engagement course that BN was organising?
I noticed the standard of English among the Malaysian reporters at the press conference is very low. Anyway many reporters said the Malaysian authority was not right to postpone daily press conference scheduled at 3pm to 5.30pm.


BN folks had been used to fooling the rakyat with its mainstream press with ease. Now the are facing the challenge from the external parties are are not easily deceived?


Sad to see PKR/DAP/PAS ‘milking it’ for all its worth. While there are always things that ‘could be better’, during a crisis of this scale vitriol is not helpful.

Phua Kai Lit

Keep quiet in the face of stupidity and sheer incompetence ??


Or are you asking him to keep quiet in the face of truth ??


Amidst the cheap publicity by Doremi and Uri which the govt has denied engaging, DAP/PKR & PAS is following in these act for their political mileage with their idiotic remark such as Obama watching Doremi when it is a fake and making remarks of the govt without substantial facts but on hearsay. They should have shown more concern for the families. The govt and Hishamuddin is coping very well and taking in their strides despite all the tantrum thrown against them by the families, public and DAP/PKR and PAS.