MH370 lithium ion batteries: From 200kg to 2453kg?


We were earlier told that the plane was carrying 200kg of lithium ion batteries. And then we were told on 22 March 2014 that they were not lithium ion batteries. But now we see that the consolidated airway bill below from the MH370 cargo manifest states indeed there were lithium ion batteries and the weight stated was 2453kg. lithium batteries MH370

Why did Mas reportedly deny earlier there were lithium ion batteries? Now, Mas reportedly says, apart from 221 tonnes of lithium ion batteries, there were 2232 tonnes of radio accessories and chargers as well. But why does the consolidated airway bill state only “lithium ion batteries”? Why were the individual bills not disclosed?

In fact, the shipper NNR Global Logistics confirms the batteries amounted to less than 200kg. But they couldn’t reveal what was in the remaining 2232kg – for legal reasons, apparently. Why not, if they were just radio accessories and chargers, as Mas claims?

The Star reported the following:

According to NNR Global Logistics (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd in Batu Maung, the batteries formed only a small part of a “consolidated” shipment weighing 2.453 tonnes.

The batteries weighed less than 200kg, a company spokesman said. He would not say what the remaining 2.253 tonnes of cargo was.

“I cannot reveal more because of the ongoing investigations. We have been told by our legal advisers not to talk about it,” he said.

He said he could not name the company which manufactured the batteries, stating that the matter was confidential.

Malaysia Airlines CEO Ahmad Jauhari Yahya had also announced on March 24 that 200kg of lithium batteries were on board the plane. He said they were packed safely.

In a statement issued last night, MAS said the rest of the consignment was radio accessories and chargers. But this has not been disclosed before and is not stated in the cargo manifest.

The MAS statement said: “About two tonnes, equivalent to 2,453kg, of cargo was declared as consolidated under one master airway bill. This master AWB actually comprised five house AWB. Of these five AWB, two contained lithium ion batteries amounting to a total tonnage volume of 221kg. The balance three house AWB, amounting to 2,232kg, were declared as radio accessories and chargers.”

The manifest released in the preliminary report on the missing MH370 on Thursday, however, shows that NNR Global shipped 133 pieces of one item weighing 1.99 tonnes and 67 pieces of another item weighing 463kg for a total weight of 2.453 tonnes. Neither the number of batteries nor its weight were specified.

The manifest came with an instruction that it should be handled with care and that flammability hazards exist. Its flammability had been the source of many earlier theories over how the plane was lost. However, most of the theories have been debunked.

The air waybill for the consignment was RM32,082.48.

NNR Global is located at the Dis3plex Free Commercial Zone at the Airfreight Forwarders Warehousing Cargo Complex, less than 100m from the Penang International Airport. The complex is guarded by the police and only those with passes are allowed entry.

A consolidated shipment combines several individual consignments to make up a full container load.

At the port of destination, the consolidated shipment is separated (deconsolidated or degrouped) back into the original individual consignments for delivery to their respective consignees.

Why is the name of the manufacturer of the “batteries”, etc regarded as confidential? What is there to hide? If we can know the names of the passengers, surely we are entitled to know the identities of the manufacturers/suppliers of the cargo the plane was supposed to be carrying. It is this sort of lack of transparency that fuels more questions and doubts.

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Brett Spegner
Brett Spegner
4 May 2014 11.46pm

I heard many people say could be a USA military drone? … that story is all over the internet. Just search google for “pakistan drone china mh370” you will read the original story there. Boeing can remote control all their planes from the ground, the pilots cannot do anything if the remote control takes over. Yet suddenly now Boeing is silent. Who turned off the transponder? Certainly someone with good knowledge of the plane and planned it before hand. Why did the plane turn around and move to the direction of Maldives? The story says it is because USA has… Read more »

4 May 2014 9.02pm

Why can’t the authorities be straight? Them with their half truths are not helping the investigation.

4 May 2014 6.11pm

In March 2000, an MAS A330 was destroyed because it carried a toxic,and highly corrosive chemical from Beijing to India via KUL. So much for declarations on AWBs. Of course, it will be stated it is packed properly according to ICAO requirements etc, but knowing
MAS, can it be trusted?

4 May 2014 2.50pm

Shouldn’t be surprised (if) the 2 Iranians were on CIA payrolls, much like Osama bin Laden, a proxy-scapegoat of created terror for the new world order in progress. Anyone ask why should Osama’s body be thrown to the sea without facial photo evidence, just b’cos US paranoid gomen didn’t want his tomb to be a martyr’s site symbol for future terror wannabes. A plane that went U-turn, flied low on designated course & disappeared in the dead of night without a trace beats normal air plane disaster. “Ban-ban lai ke-ke chhoe, ku-ku be-ki ka liao” seems to be CIA’s dirty… Read more »

4 May 2014 1.09pm

yang and rich dady,

wanna wade into the cesspool?

4 May 2014 1.08pm

read themalaysian insider. allegations by experts that the recordings are edited. if thats is true (you can expect denials from you knwo who), it only creates more red flags.
whats up MAS?

Don Anamalai
Don Anamalai
4 May 2014 12.32pm

Latest video reports on MH370:

CNN: Timeline of the vanished MH370

Bill Maher Blasts CNN for Refusal to Move On from MH370 – ” Wolf, It’s Over! ” – 5-2-14

4 May 2014 11.44am

Police said hundreds of people questioned incl people who picked the mangosteen, packed the mangosteen (allegedly frm Muar)…etc.
Then FAMA says mangosteen not in season in Johore.
Then police amend statement (kononnya misquoted) – only questioned packers not pickers. cannot revealed name of company coz owner begged him not to. Now checking to see if mangosteen in season in Perak.
So many contradictions, just for mangosteen!
Life would be simpler if they just said “mangoes”

Don Anamalai
Don Anamalai
4 May 2014 11.34am

As the perception of Hisham and gang trying to hide something gets deeper, the more mainland Chinese will not embark on ‘Visit Malaysia 2014’ and will not make their purchases on the Malaysian properties for their 2nd home. A big impact to our F&B sector and tourism dollars contribution to our GDP indeed. Meanwhile Vincent Tan’s Red Dragon (Cardiff) was beaten by the Magpies (Newcastle) last night to confirm relegation while wearing ‘Visit Malaysia’ on their jerseys. In contrast, Atlético Madrid wearing ‘Azerbaijan’ on their jerseys are poised to win the Spanish La Liga title as well as the UEFA… Read more »

4 May 2014 8.58am


Anything can happen. From mangosteen to lithium batteries to read attires….

MCA switch traditional “clean” white uniform to crisis red uniform to emulate (more like copycat) the influencing factors of so-called Red Bean Armies ???????? Bukit Gelugor by-election will be swarmed with red flags along Jelutong highways ?????? Leow truly liao (habis) of ideas betraying the blue ocean wave phenomena ???? Has he seeked the right feng sui master to change color if he himself not a chameleon master of color change ???????? Stay tune to more Red Alert news from

3 May 2014 9.25pm

I don’t really want to know more about mangosteens, lithium batteries or all the little details in the prelim report. What struck me more was why on earth Hisham and his bumbling gang kept the cargo manifest secret for so long, and refused to budge even when pointed questions were hurled at them repeatedly. Now when that manifest was revealed, it is an anti-climatic damp squib. Nothing really to justify the secrecy at all. Could be just deeply entrenched holding back as a show of power ego-tripping, but can anyone now be blamed if they wonder if that manifest is… Read more »

3 May 2014 9.24pm

The circus has left, but the clowns remained, and we are back again in the same old rut.
Truth is always ONE, but lies can be MANY. It is the lies that divide people, truth unite
people. Mind you…even a bad watch tells you a correct time twice a day. Like the Bible (?)
says: Not all believers are stupid, but ALL stupid people are believers.

3 May 2014 11.41pm
Reply to  Rasputin

Which part of the Bible says that?

YS Chee
3 May 2014 7.00pm

why are batteries allowed into passenger’s flight ? who were overseeing this transhipment & who ARE responsible for the infringement ?

OM Saigal
3 May 2014 6.08pm

MH passengers are still travelling even though the gang of three are slowly washing their hands of it, just like the first hijack crash in Johore. As time passes, nobody will shoulder responsibility or resign like the South Korean PM over the Sewol ferry tragedy……….

najib manaukau
3 May 2014 5.58pm

Daily now little by little of anomalies or shall I put it little lies that the Mas staff told and the extra weight that were waived by who and no excess weight was collected. Now you know why Mas is in the shamble that Mas is in, please remember that little drops make up the ocean ! Further investigation on this matter should be initiated and for sure it would reveal some one from (a certain party) has to be involved in this extra weight…

3 May 2014 5.46pm

Care to comment on the earlier version of mangoosten aboard? MH370 doesn’t involves only Malaysia but the rest of the world. You can’t simply spin as you like. You can spin when reporting local news ! The local media thought that between our pair of ears lies a piece of useless brain. The distrust on the local media will eventually push the readers towards alternative trusted site. It is the beginning of the end for the local media if remedy steps are not taken especially political parties cannot own the media and to simply to report the news as it… Read more »

3 May 2014 4.43pm

So that lends credence to the rumouredly story about MH370 carrying highly sophisticated US military gadgets to China with both Chinese & US spies on board. Sort of James Bond stuff and I’m just speculating.

Don Anamalai
Don Anamalai
4 May 2014 11.05am
Reply to  Frankie

Possibly more than 2 tonnes of lithium batteries onboard, but under declared?

Anyway, the US’ Country Reports on Terrorism 2013 released April 30 states that ‘Malaysia remained vulnerable to terrorist activity and was likely used as a transit and meeting site for terrorists’. So the two passengers onboard MH370 with stolen passports should still be suspects?

3 May 2014 4.07pm

And they tell the china people they must not get angry as this is UNPRECEDENTED !!!

They tell lies one after another and they want you to calm down just because none of their loved one was on the fateful airbus…

I think what is more tragic is the mentality of the 47% bodoh bodoh…

Heaven cries buckets of tears for these bodoh bodoh as God can only help those who help themselves… sigh sigh sigh !!!

3 May 2014 8.08pm
Reply to  kee

Then they tell the china folks to accept the realities