MH370: What are they hiding?


This article raises some highly relevant questions which have not been discussed enough. Among the issues: What was in that cargo and why haven’t they revealed the real sources of the cargo?

Where did those mangosteens come from? We were told the name of the exporter – but where did he get those mangosteens during the off-seasaon? The exporter himself said a bit of the mangosteens came from his own orchard while the rest were from within Malaysia – but he did not say where exactly in Malaysia he found the mangosteens during the off-season.

Who manufactured those lithium-ion batteries and accessories? They have only given us the name of the freight forwarders.

Why did it take so long to reveal the cargo manifest? Why wasn’t it revealed right from the start?

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Don Anamalai

BBC Horizon: Where is Flight MH370? Full Documentary about Malaysian Flight MH370 Horizon tells the inside story of the search for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. With access to the key players on the frontline in the southern Indian Ocean and the British satellite engineers who tracked the plane’s final hours, Horizon breaks open the biggest mystery in aviation history. The film reveals how MH370 disappeared in a radar blind spot; what investigators believe happened to the aircraft in its last minutes; and how the area in which it could be found is still to be searched. Plus Horizon examines… Read more »


The tragedy of MH370: Accident or Human Error?

Stylo Logan

The employees’ union of MAS will kill MAS eventually with their unreasonable demand despite retrenchment of redundant employees is necessary to prevent further loss. MAS must also cut off its food suppliers, many (allegedly) from Ali baba style contract benefiting Umno cronies.

Don Anamalai

MAS do not need any bail-out with our money.
Put MAS into liquidation, asap.
Nothing to be ashamed of.
The longer the delay, the more money is wasted.

Jean Cena

MAS should trim its executive headcount as it has stopped flying many routes.


Sometimes rather difficult to open your site especially when internet speed, as usual, reaches bottleneck situation.
Shabery Chick yesterday said Msia broadband speed of 5.8 to 5.9mbps is ahead of Myanmar or Vietnam of 5.6 – 5.7mbps. He better benchmark against Mongolia or Siberia to boast his KPI.
To read with ease (access speed) nowadays high income to be nation like Msia needs 20mbps; but monopolistic business still want to squeeze as much from 95% consumers !

Stylo Logan

Shabery Cheek is benchmarking against Mymmar and Vietnam?
Like that surely we are in the third world?

Don Anamalai


Someone could be tapping your wifi causing it to slow down?


Dear Anil, You wont get an answer re mh370, what are they hiding? Just like the cases of altantuya and beng hock, bmf scandal, perwaja, cow in condo, etc etc etc. No answer, everything is swept under the carpet as usual. Was it the igp who said they would even investigate as to who plucked the mangis??? See how efficient we are, we go into great details of things !!! When i see all the nuisance and nonsense going on and on and from bad to worse am glad for late Mr Karpal, he no longer has to put up… Read more »

Phua Kai Lit

Untrustworthy UMNO Baru-BN regime.

Lynas rare earth plant, MH 370 etc …………..


Never depend on Bernama, TV3, NST, Utusan, Awani, TV1 for any truth on MH370. They are just following the script by Umno/BN.

Tua Tiao Liao

Quote : There was a possibility that pilot Capt Zaharie had filled up fuel for 12 hours of flying for the six-hour Beijing-bound flight. Also the possibility that the air traffic controllers could have communicated with the plane, or even with a hijacker, but this information could have also been erased.


According to Time magazine, despite the BN-style ‘promise’ by ‘acting’ Transport Minister and actual Defence Minister Hishammuddin Hussein that no effort or resources would be spared in finding flight MH370 and its occupants, Malaysia has thus far devoted a mere US$8.6 million to its search effort, compared with US$43 million thus far spent by Australia, and countless millions more by the other 20 or so countries involved.

eng hock

when the truth is out – it spells the demise of barang naik regime ?


To begin with, where the hell can anyone find so much of mangosteens in the off season ? If a meticulous probe is conducted, the real person involved must surely be connected to a … schmuck, thus it took them so long to reveal, after hiding away the truth. It is now costing the nation, money that it does not have, plus no end of it is yet is even forecasted plus a series of ‘misfortunes’ involving MAS at the airport that could have lead to another international show. This is the Malaysia’s competency in display to the world and… Read more »

Don Anamalai

Business Times in Malaysia said Vincent Tan aims to apply for a license to operate a casino in Berjaya Hills, a resort area owned by Berjaya Corp, in which he is the largest shareholder with a 23.03% stake.


Do not forget YTL’s Francis Yeo who has admitted that cronyism is widespread in Malaysia!


I always wonder:-
MH370 a plane in distress, yet the pilot (or Co-pilot) took the effort to fly SKIRTING around the coast of Sumatra, instead of flying ACROSS Sumatra-land is mind boggling. Is there anything in the plane that may have been harmful if the debris (or burning residue) drop onto the Sumatra land and its occupant thereof?

With this in mind, I still place my positive bets on Captain Zaharie. Pray he et al, well and healthy.

Don Anamalai

Several families of those aboard flight MH370 has launched a drive to raise US$5 million to reward any insider who comes forward and resolves the mystery of the plane’s disappearance exactly three months ago. The “Reward MH370” campaign launches on fundraising website Indiegogo and aims to raise at least US$5 million “to encourage a whistleblower to come forward with information”,


My hunch is that a global power play was involved between US, China & Russia. Using unidentified proxies at precise moments of hitech terror over well planned-ahead military activities (to facilitate hitech hijacking) in the Gulf of Thailand, who would suspect the real culprits, who unabashedly acted as if they are now heaven-sent angels hovering the South Indian Ocean searching for lost souls & MH370. With hundreds of satellite ‘eyes’ that can see close-up a moving car number plate & yet can’t detect the actual path of a huge aircraft speaks volume of sinister moves to fool & hide the… Read more »


Why were ‘lithium ion batteries’ in the cargo when everyone knows China produces them and supplying the whole world, suspicious? Why was the amount initially declared, later corrected by Malaysian authorities – how come, what happened?

And the mangosteen/manggis, where did they come from? Were the cargo falsely declared, no stringent checks made? I believe there were more to it than was declared. Someone in MAS obviously knew something and not telling.