MH370: Four Corners examines what happened


The following are some of the major questions floating in my mind, and I am sure they are shared by many others:

– Why did the Malaysian side initially refuse to hand over the cargo manifest to the Australian investigators? Why did it take so long for the cargo manifest to be released? We still do not know the origins of the lithium-ion batteries and the mangosteens that were supposed to be in the cargo.

– If the RMAF radar showed the plane turning back over the peninsula, why did the search continue at the South China Sea, wasting time and resources?

– Why were the Malaysian military told to merely keep an eye on the plane? and why were jets not scrambled to follow the plane to its destination or force it to land? If MH370’s transponder had been switched off, how did the air force determine that it was a friendly aircraft and not a threat? Why was it allowed to leave Malaysian air space and radar detection? What was the chain of command in issuing the instruction to merely “monitor the plane”? (Hishammuddin’s explanation that the fighter jets were not scrambled because the authorities had no intention of shooting down a plane deemed to be friendly is one of the most ludicrous statements I have heard. Doesn’t he know that air force jets could have escorted the plane to safety or at the very least tracked it to its final destination?)

– Why did the preliminary report fail to examine what happened at the RMAF radar centre in Butterworth and what instructions were issued to them from Putrajaya/KL? Why was the disclosure that the military were told merely to keep an eye on the plane and not to trail it not mentioned in the preliminary report?

– Why was the search and rescue operation launched so late, after many hours had passed?

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Umno Baru is different from the original one.


Anil asked 4 reasons on MH370
Msian Insiders also talked about REASONS today – asking Msians 5 reasons why we should love UMNO …. ha ha ha ho ho ho ……


This is to sindir Umno!


MH370 is simply Bin Chooi in Penang Hokkien to Msia.

MAS now trade 15 sen. If those got “lobang info” they will go buy against advices from experts bcoz later Madhater will send notice to bailout then benefiting cronies at expense of rakyat !

as for 4 reasons the authorities will not reveal, may be the 2 pandas can throw some light 🙂 ????


Hehehe! You get a grip why I call him Madhater. This clown has been employing Mad man theory that is filled with hatred. After all things are done, just gasak them all. … typical

Stylo Logan

The new chairman of Proton should realize that the world is moving towards electric car. heard of Tesla?

Proton will have the same fate as MAS, due to ‘senang diri’ attitude because of government protection and cannot compete beyond our shores.


Stylo Logan is right. The future is in electric car. Even the China government is pushing for electric car to combat pollution.

Just look at Tesla model S:

This is the future that Proton has failed to see, no thanks to its new chairman who is now a 89-year old man with out-dated thinking.

Don Anamalai

Will the ‘Panda Diplomacy’ improved the strained relationship between the people of Malaysia and China since the MH370 and the Sabah kidnapping incidents? I cannot understand why Malaysia wants to rename the 2 pandas Fu Wa and Feng Yi that arrived on MAS Cargo this morning.
Maybe Umno wants to renamed them Ridhuan and Alifah?

Stylo Logan

No need to rename the pandas.
Ask yourself if you like to be called different names when you are studying or working overseas?


what happened to the netizens’ choice – cincin and begbeg???

Choo Eng

Anil, 1) Cargo manifest may be protected data under trade regulations, and maybe under the condtions of the carrier (in this case MAS) that was carrying your goods. A carrier or courier service or even our local lorry transporetr cannot simply divulge to anybody (including trade competitor) the contents of what they are carrying to anybody. But under special circumstances, especially under this, it should be disclosed asap. Origin of mangosteen and lithium ion batteries? Should be under “shipper” in some case it can be just the forwarding agent that declares itself as the shipper. The declaration of “origin” of… Read more »

Don Anamalai

If Hisham were to answers the questions posed by Anil, then he will further contradict his earlier statements. We should also ask why Australia would spend millions to locate something they could not find. The coming movie on MH370 will raise more issues?

Stylo Logan

Anil should be at MAS press conference to pose these questions to Hisham.


Incompetent Malaysian authorities & agencies (MAS, air force, air traffic control, He-shame Moo-deen minister), face-saving flat-face denials + kia-su procrastination, sour mangosteen brains (couldn’t think fast+precise but still slow-feet chasing the wrong leads in the wrong South China Sea in the face of a U-turn flight towards west direction) & (alleged) cover ups (for whom? – SiSiIA? Global Cop?). By now the whole MH370, if still breathing air & sitting intact somewhere in a tropical island would have morphed into some foreign identity ready for malevolent missions. New leads such as the Andaman islands, one of which has an airplane… Read more »


Just a few days one author explained that if the authority has upgrade their what so call computer for only 60 dollars, MAS would have found the plane. What is happening now Someone trying to sell his book, someone trying to get publicity, someone trying to get smart well well so many theories. Just wait. It will come out sooner or later. Like M kutty said, anything that goes up must come down.


Some of the questions you raised herein were questions I have some weeks ago but to date these schmucks have yet to come up with any explanations. The mangosteens in the cargo must be a very unique kind of ‘mangosteens’, when the fares for them are many times more than the ‘mangosteens’. And by the time the fruits are being sold in the market they must be the most expensive fruits sold in the world especially when it wasn’t even the mangosteens season yet. Most of all how often have you heard of inexpensive fruits like mangosteens being sent by… Read more »


What pain me is that no one until now claim responsibility. Finger point towards the DCA, The govt Msia for its flip flopping attitude. God will punish them and may they have sleepless nights.


Why targeting on DCA only? In fact the entire cabinet especially Hisham should commit seppuku. Madhater as well



and btw dont simply be lazy and blame anwar for all the ills.


Before you ask me for an answer, please the expert of the world to give one.
They could not and have not given one.
They are all in quandary just like you and me.


so whats your answer to above queries by anil?


When Anwar comment its not how to find a solution but how to find faults with the govt.


Just like you find fault with LGE.

Come on la Yang. If in South Korea, Madhater would commit seppuku


When the CAT govt sell a low cost unit of 72k at 200k, we are at fault. When the LGE govt fast track development without regard to the EIA and environment we are at fault. So when botak hill are being slowly chipped by cronies we are at fault. Yes you are right. We are finding faults and we are doing it for the benefits of our beloved Penangite and Island. I think such fault find is good unlike the CAT LGE that only know how to blame, blame blame


It’s always your fault. Apa macam?… What’s the topic in this thread?


The topic is in the video Anwar is find faults and I am commenting on it and you move to some where faraway in South Korea


And you are not finding faults with LGE. Ah so…….Kettle calling pot black


Are you deaf or what. Yes, We are finding faults for the wrong that LGE has done for the benefits of our beloved island and people.


So the same thing for Jibby the gang especially when they are running the country for more than 50 years. The fact is that Najib and the gang made big blunders. In Korea, they should commit seppuku