MH370: Distraught Chinese mother says Malaysian cops didn’t treat her badly


Excerpt from a CCTV News interview:

JAMES: Why did you go to the press conference?

Liu: I wanted to ask the politicians what happened to my son… it was March the 19th, by then the 12th day, and there was still no news about my son, no news about my son.… I was losing my mind…

JAMES: The media has been reporting that the Malaysia police treated you badly, is that true?

Liu: No. I was surrounded by journalists and police. At first I didn’t understand what was going on. I thought they came to arrest me, I began to ask for help and was screaming “What are you doing?” They carried me out of the crowd of journalists, and someone from Malaysia Airlines told me in Chinese that I needn’t worry. My daughter said they were there to protect me, not to arrest me.

See the full interview (video and transcript) at the link above.

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Wee Chin

PR increase its share of the popular vote by 1.6%, but Astro Awani and TV3 report that Pakatan won by reduced majority.

Rich Daddy

So PKR won it with increased majority?


Huh? What does this have to do with above article?

Kok Keong

This interview appears to support what I said before that the press/media gathered there that day was the problem, now that this woman has clarified the role of the police that day. CNN Shubert’s comment that the way the press had acted did not help seemed to be factually accurate, though an understatement. What’s also refreshing about this interview is that it shows something else about the Chinese nationals. They have been shown to be either in grief or utterly hostile towards the Malaysian authorities. And the media, especially those of the Western conglomerates, have exploited all that because it… Read more »


The proof is here. It clearly show that the opposition are using this for their political mileage

Rich Daddy

Otak sudah rosak akibat politik. Kesian orang Malaysia.


I watched the interview by James Chau “live” on CCTV. It teared me non-stop when a very distraught Madam Liu went on bended knees to thank all those officials and concern volunteers involved in the search for MH370 passengers and crew. It sure has been most difficult the past two weeks and traumatic for family members and loved ones who must be going through hell but we won’t be able to understand their pain, would we? The lack of info, lack of understanding, the contradicting of facts, reflects Malaysia’s incompetency that got onto raw nerves! Another factor – the haughtiness… Read more »

najib manaukau

Now it is time MAS should add more flights to, not only to Beijing but the rest of China !