3-4 days lapsed before officials acted on satellite data: WSJ


The Wall Street Journal reports that three to four days lapsed before officials acted on satellite data indicating that MH370 may have crashed or landed in an area farther away from the search-and-rescue operations.

See report here.

And it turns out that a British satellite company had indications as early as two days after MH370’s disappearance that the plane may have crashed into the Indian Ocean.

See ABC News report here.

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bumi non malay

UMNO-BN … are in agreement that we need to crowd manage the inept and incompetence of handling Malaysia for 60 years like Mh370…… Drib feed the citizen stupid with minimum information so that angry reaction can be contained….charge them soon with SEDITION!! Lives are lost…who knows maybe there were survivors had it not been the MISLEADING and Vague information coming from the UMNO mouth piece…Maruah … needs to be protected….We need to start questioning everything,….including Allah issue…why not freedom of religion….Why not English as medium of instructions????…who gave (them) the right to crack down on freedom and was it ok… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

The news is significant for the authorities to look into what Jacob K Philip and myself have wrote. We believe that it is a catastrophic failure. The excerpt from Star: Aviation analyst Miles O’Brien told CNN the new details were a “game changer”, and that the primary assumption should be that something bad happened to the plane shortly after the crew said good night. The pilots could have chosen to deliberately fly lower to save passengers onboard if a crisis on the plane had caused the aircraft to lose pressure, he said. “You want to get down to 10,000 feet,… Read more »


Rich Crony Daddy . Better we kutuk to rectify than outsiders exposing your stupidity. The we all kena.


Rich daddy i read from a chinese daily, kwong ming, not plucking somewhere from the sky.

Yes, we need to be wise in time like this, in anguish and anger, people may lose their sense of rationality…

Fact is as you may deny the nation malu besar under a bunch of kangkung leadership.

I wish you guy, the 47% all the best !!!

Don Anamalai

Now we understand why the Vietnamese at one time was fed up because real information was not relayed to them while wasting their time and resources in searching around the South China Sea.


A father advising his son who is travelling to china to lie about his nationality when ask where is he from. Yes, that is wise as you dont know how people will react in time like this.

Rich Daddy

An act of coward ??? Or another fabricated story aiming to kutuk our nation ???


An act of coward? More than that. In times of war, these knee-‘jerks’ will run away to safe havens (like South Indian Ocean) to save bin chui & skins. What a shame minions we have in the midst of national tragedy.

OM Saigal

Does MH want to lose all future passengers while the 2 cousins run the nation & insist on being in the limelight….?

Ong Eu Soon

From the above analysis, you can see two scenarios emerged: Scenario 1: Malaysia Airlines CEO Ahmad Jauhari told a press conference today that “we do not know when ACARS was switched off.” All that is known, he explained, was that the last ACARS transmission was received at 1:07 in the morning of March 8, and that the system sent no data half an hour later, when it was due to do so. Scenario 2: Prior to 3.11am, there was no ping received by the satellite. Which scenario is the real one? Why I doubt the satellite data? It is because… Read more »

Ong Eu Soon

It seem like from 1.11am until 3.11am, there was no ping from the plane. Only from 3.11am onwards the satellite received the ping. How can this happened? Does that mean the ACARS system was turned off between 1:11 and 3:11am?

Ong Eu Soon

There was a claim that the ACARS system was turned off between 1:07 and 1:19 after receiving the satellite received the first ping. How can the following ping occurred? 1:11 – IMMARSAT ping would have been received, as apparently Boeing’s AHM report attempted to automatically transmit (thru Satellite?)

Ong Eu Soon

The ACARS is using SATCOM (satellite communication) channel to transmit it’s data. MH370 might be using dynamic IP address instead of static IP address for the connection. How Immarsat determined which dynamic IP address belong to MH370 ? This is crucial for the accuracy of the satellite data!

Ong Eu Soon

What is confusing now is the last ACARS transmission was received at 1:07 in the morning of March 8. The system sent no data half an hour later, when it was due to do so. We were told later that the following is the timeline for the IMMARSAT ping 1:11 – IMMARSAT ping would have been received, as apparently Boeing’s AHM report attempted to automatically transmit (thru Satellite?) – 1:19 – ‘Alright, Good Night’ at handover (supposedly by co-pilot) – 2:11 – INMARSAT ping would have been received, as apparently Boeing’s AHM report attempted to automatically transmit (thru Satellite) –… Read more »


Regardless of all the data from all the radars and satellites in the world the only thing useful 3-4 days after loss, and still today, is debris sighting. Giving the authorities more files, logs and data only increases the amount of possibles.

Ong Eu Soon

The satellite data was given to our government but our military insisted that they detected MH370 in the Strait of Melacca until someone plot the possible arc of flight path (based on Satellite data) that the plane might took to overturn the finding of our military.

Ong Eu Soon

Our military kept telling us that they have detected MH370 at Strait of Melacca which is not true at all. Now with the satellite data we knew that MH370 never flew over Andaman Sea. Why our military overturned and refused to accept the initial finding by our own aviation experts when they dismissed that the plane at Strait of Melacca was MH370? Our military now is the greatest laughing stock in the world. With the type of capabilities to wrongly detect a plane, you can image how safe is our airspace when enemy really attack! Najib and the Air Force… Read more »


Rich Daddy..this is not kutuk…it’s a fact…why are you trying to deny that….the whole wide world knows that..unless you yourself is ignorant what’ going now..i love my country very much if we perform our duty intelligently to inform the world..but ..as it now, we are far from that.ada malu sikit la…..

Rich Daddy

Why always trying to kutuk negara sendiri ??? Why huh ??? Is this the price of 2 coalition system in Malaysia ???


Adoi, alamak RD – can U separate the chaff from the grain! ITS about 239 lives and TUDM radar readings and MH370 pings to Inmarsat DO NOT tally (match). SOMEONE IMalaysian) IS LYING! Too late now – no jet fighter pilots that day weekend, so security planes NOT scrambled to intercept the `alien’ on radar! Yes, tragic coz MAS scrimped US10 on the `Swift’ deal. Now you have to go where even Scorpene cannot go – find the wreckage. It something like 5000m deep and remote part of the South Indian Ocean. Anil posted about Andaman Atoll Indians seeing a… Read more »

Rich Daddy

You are talking nonsense and making stories. Why not using your skills to write some novels ??? That way will earn you money and fame. What do you get by making stories here ???

Wee Chin

The US and British with their superior satellite technology (used for spying) knew the flight path of MH370 from the beginning but they could not divulge the details too soon as they wish to conceal their capabilities from other nations. Now you know how their media like CNN, ABC and BBC got the information ahead of others (even Najib and Hisham) and later turned out to be true despite early denials by Hisham & co.. Interestingly Australia is a close ally of US and UK, thus they could get info ahead of Malaysia. The satellite pictures of the suspected wreckage… Read more »