MH370: CNN interviews Anwar Ibrahim


Thanks to blog visitor Wee Chin for the video link.

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Rich Daddy

Another extra reason why CNN cannot be trusted at all. See here for the reason:

Please beware when watching / reading anything from CNN. You never know how many factually wrong information being presented as news / fact !!!

Rich Daddy

Another reason why CNN cannot be trusted at all. See here for the reason:


CNN, American and the West cannot really be trusted. Look at Crimea. Won`t recognized the peoples` referendum but OK to invade Libya and Iraq.

Rich Daddy

100 correct, bro !!!

Don Anamalai

I do not trust EC who is obviously not a Liverpool supporter as it removes ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ banners:


Firstly, data is only good if someone is looking at it. Ditto for Thais, US, Aussies, etc.

Secondly, why no criticism of Thais, US, Aussie, etc for actually having data much earlier than announced?

He is such a charmer isn’t he? Anything you want to hear you can rely on him,

Rich Daddy

I want to say 2 points:

1) I pity Anwar. At this point still want to score political points.

2) CNN cannot be trusted at all. See the reasons why:

Thank you.