Radio Free Sarawak: Who’s behind it


Who is responsible for Taib Mahmud’s worst nightmare? Clare Rewcastle Brown, sister-in-law of Gordon Brown, and Peter John Jaban aka ‘Papa Orang Utan’, the grandson of a Dayak headhunter, are the driving force behind the mysterious Radio Free Sarawak.

Clare and Papa - Photo credit: London Evening Standard
The report in the London Evening Standard

Clare, a former BBC investigative journalist, is also the author of the Sarawak Report website.

Full story in the London Evening Standard.


Radio Free Sarawak

Sarawak Report

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mr. m

all t reports by radio free is t beginning as an eye opener to t world especially t sarawakians people for what has happen to sarawak for all this years. sadly, many are made blind by these invisible thieves. mostly want to be blind as long as their pockets are full. now, for this coming election, hopefully this time around we sarawakians with t help of our friends out there go all out and make a difference. for i believe that our God Almighty will lay His Hand and change every heartbeat for His Own battle.


I doubt whether Radio Free Sarawak would have any impact for the time being. Many rural natives despite being unhappy would eventually still vote for BN.

I have been in many rural sarawak and i know them very well. BN diehard at heart.


The spirit of Brooke resonates along with the airwaves. So the pek Moh must be worried.

Ghosts of Bruno & Boyert

Thank you Clare & Jaban and God bless you both for the tremendous work you are doing to free Sarawak from the iron grip of a corrupt opportunist … who sees Sarawak as … family cash making machine.
By exposing the … billions (of the) Taib (family)’s vast empire you are both sacrificing your own lives.A free Sarawak will be truly be indebted to you both.

STOP The rape & theft of Sarawak’s wealth.

Ghosts of Bruno & Boyert

Bruno & Boyert’s tragic deaths…the families of Bruno & Boyert need answers to how and why they died.

… Oh Sarawak our hearts bleed for you !

Ghosts of Bruno & Boyert GBB

Thank you Clare & Jaban for exposing the hidden wealth of Sarawak most notorious ,most corrupt opportunist…
In democratic western countries (that person) would most certainly be tried for criminal act of corruption and stealing from the public purse.
We must never forget Bruno & Boyert !
Oh Sarawak our hearts bleed for you !

Spook the Sphynx

Let’s hope Peter John Jaban can return soon … and for the this coming elections.

His 1 vote still counts.

Am sure he’s highly rated by his family he has to part with!

Let’s hope he doesn’t catch cold too often. His vocal cords are precious! 😉


Taib Mahmud should be (probed) for all the billions (allegedly squandered or lost under his administration) from Sarawak and (for) … the natives for (loss of) … land.
(He) needs to answer where his enormous wealth come from. His family and Children’s wealth…
… (was it) built on the back of misery of the poor natives & people of Sarawak(?).
The MACC should investigate him given the new revelations by Clare & Free Sarawak. Yet Beng Hock was questioned (and later found dead) over a few thousand ringgit over election spending. Where’s justice in Malaysia?…




Good luck to them. The biggest adversary they face is not Taib Mahmud but local complicity. I doubt very much anything will change at all until Malaysians view addiction to patronage as a bad thing. That doesn’t look to me to be on the cards.

Andrew I

Spartacus East, Gods of the rainforest style?


Anil, thanks for the scoop!