Meet Haris Onn Tun Hussein


Meet Haris Onn, the brother of Hishammuddin Hussein.

Photo credit: The Edge

Hishammuddin is reported as saying, “I tell you the truth, I don’t know what my brother is doing,” in response to a report that appeared in the Sydney Morning Herald.

So I thought I would help shed some light.

Haris spearheads property developer Impiana Land & Development. Its ground-breaking project was at Taman Raintree in Batu Caves. Subsequently, Impiana developed Serene Kiara in Desa Hatamas and then Serene Kiara Residence, both joint-ventures with the same land-owner on Malay reserve land.

He is managing director of Konsortium Lebuhraya Utara-Timur (KL) Sdn Bhd (Kesturi), a partnership between him, Malaysian Resources Corporation Bhd (MRCB) and Ekovest Bhd. Kesturi had successfully bid for the Duta-Ulu Kelang Expressway (DUKE) project on a build-and-operate basis over a concession period of 34 years.

He is currently the executive chairman of Lembah Sari Sdn Bhd (formerly Liberal Technology Sdn Bhd?), which manufactures and trades in security ink and banderols (tax stamps). (Source: The Edge, 6 December 2010.)

In 2004, the Customs Director General signed an agreement for the supply of tax stamps with Liberal Technology Sdn Bhd. Under the RM30m agreement, Liberal Technology would supply importers with the bandroll tax labels to be affixed to imported cigarette boxes. The bandrolls cost seven sen each and the security ink five sen per dot. The cost would be absorbed by cigarette manufacturers and importers (Source: The Star).

In 2006, the Singapore Business Times carried a report, reproduced on Kit Siang’s blog:

Since Aug 1, a little known private Malaysian company named Lembah Sari has taken over a lucrative RM70-100 million-a-year (S$30-43 million) concession to security-label packaging for locally made cigarettes, sparking questions over how concessions are awarded in Malaysian business circles.

In September 2003, little known Kod Efisien was awarded a government concession to security-label all locally produced cigarettes and beer in an unpublicised decision by Malaysia’s Customs Department, a unit of the Finance Ministry.

Kod Efisien reached an agreement with the cigarette makers in March, 2004 but could never broker an agreement with Malaysia’s beer makers in a dispute that still continues. If a deal had been reached with the brewers, the company could have added another RM30 million to its annual cash flows.

In mid-July, industry executives said that cigarette companies received a letter from Lembah Sari’s chairman Haris Onn Hussein informing them that it was taking over the security labelling facilities provided by Kod Efisien for a three-year period.

At around the same time, the executives said that the Confederation of Malaysian Tobacco Manufacturers had been informed by Kod Efisien that its services would be replaced by Lembah Sari from August. No reasons were given for the change.

According to documents lodged with Malaysia’s Companies Commission, Lembah Sari is a RM2 company – it may have increased its capital to its authorised RM100,000 by now – with two little-known shareholders. Its chairman, Mr Haris, however, is the youngest son of Hussein Onn, Malaysia’s third premier, and a brother of Hishamuddin Hussein, the country’s Education Minister.

The unpublicised rotation of the award raises questions about how concession awards are given out in Malaysia, the executives said. Indeed, it used to be one of the chief complaints against the previous administration of Mahathir Mohamad: that a lack of public disclosure regarding contract awards resulted in an opaque process without open, competitive bidding or public debate. Meanwhile, the current premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi had promised competitive bidding in government awards.

Moreover, the shift of companies seems to negate arguments that Malaysian companies which promised state-of-the-art security features were passing on unique technological benefits to its customers. In this case, for example, the executives said that Lembah Sari will continue to supply the same security equipment and ink supplied by Kod Efisien – from the Swiss-owned Sicpa Holdings SA.

In effect, the executives said, it was, like Kod Efisien before it, acting as a middleman in a process that usually resulted in price increases for consumers.

Haris is also an independent non-executive director of Shangri-la Hotels Malaysia Bhd.

Dato’ Haris Onn bin Hussein was appointed to the Board on 17 October 2006. He graduated from Cambridge University, United Kingdom, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics. He started his working career with Touche Ross & Co, London, an accounting firm, in 1989. In 1992, he returned to Malaysia to work with DCB Sakura Merchant Bankers Berhad and he subsequently joined Rohas Sdn Bhd as General Manager from 1993 to 1995.

He was an executive director of Bell & Order Berhad (now known as Scomi Engineering Berhad) from 1996 to 2003…

(Source: Shangri-la Hotels (Malaysia) Bhd Annual Report 2010)

He seems to be doing rather well…

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Syed Abdul Rahman

What a consternation! He doesn’t even know what his younger brother is doing….what a crap (nonsense/karut)…


How credible is this piece? The Age newspaper AUS, not the Edge!! If that is also wrong, the rest are just garbage. Concentrate on issues, not personality and none related business if you want to be credible – why not LGE sells goring pisang like Haris, if the family name is a liability?


This letter to The Sun today has pointed out that the son of another former PM is not good enough as a minister with his strange logic on NEP:


Pretty obvious he wasn’t rich when his father stepped down as PM because he was not even a teenager then.
This means he became rich after his brother rose to an influential position in UMNO.
Yet his brother claimed he knew him not.


sounds like a very successful man indeed. well, i’m proud of him until i read his name… uh oh


Under Umno administration, only selected few malays (cronies) are granted contracts and aid to become successful. Yet (hardly anyone) has provent o be a philantropist to help the poor malays. Greed is the word associated with Umno. So I urge malays to go for PAS to ensure better kebajikan for all malays, especailly the poor one in the kampung.


Saya sokong!


Saya (yang menurut perintah) pun sokong kebajikan untuk mereka yang perlu bukan mereka yang ada ‘connect’.

Feringghi Boy

for goodness sake, pls feature successful locals who works hard to be recognized.

Give me Hannah Tan’s article as we the new generations are sick of kronis.

Uncle Anil
Pls do a cover story / interview with Hannah T when she is back in Penang, ok ?…


I believe the security labels (hologram) which are already mandatory for all medicine packagings in Malaysia is also supplied by the same company.

Furthermore, medicines now come in smaller packs; increasing the costs of packaging and use of these holograms.

Just ask doctors and pharmacists as well as patients needing long-term medications how much the costs of medicines have gone up during the last 1-2 years…

Nature Lover

we prefer you to highlight to us successful Malaysians (especially bumiputras) without the aid of tongkak. othewise the young rich wannabes only get to know the shortcuts to success.
thks !


Pakatan Rakyat, start digging and nail them the best you can!


Haris Onn’s krisman big brother Hishammuddin who is also Home Minister in cousin PM Najib’s Cabinet expects us to believe him when he said – “I tell you the truth, I don’t know what my brother is doing,” Bad joke, bad joke! This minister and brother expects us to believe that? It’s obvious he’s lying thru his teeth! Everyday these BN … rob us the Rakyat – left right and centre and make such stupid statements expecting us to believe them with their selective emnesia? Enough. They … must come under scruitiny and be made responsible for what they say,… Read more »


Umno/Bn Leaders are busy ….in fact very busy not managing the country but very very busy in doing multi millions/billion deals and shamelessly grabbing all lucrative concessions,contracts and mega projects for … cronies and families.
M… the par excellent … Ketuanan Melayu Propagandist was the Chief Honcho …. !

Our beloved Tengku,Tun Razak & Hussein Onn who all focus on being PM and not involving in scandals & business will be so sad to see how … our politicians /leaders have become.

Thank God we have hope in Pakatan Rakyat !


which elite UMNO family is not doing well, anil? name one, pls.


There seems to be no end to this…


Promoting cronyism is far, far worst off than the beggars.
At the very least, beggars have the self dignity and bravery to beg in public in order to have 3 warm meals.
Nothing good can be said about a crony…

tan, tanjung bungah

Hi Anil,

Thanks for a background ‘check’ on Haris!

It only goes to confirm how cronyism is so entrenched in our ruling elites’ UMNO and BN circles. Often, under the guise of NEP/NEM to enrich themselves at the expense of the poorer section of the Malays and Bumi population!

Do vote us in for another 54 years and WE would ensure that we’ll PROTECT the rights and privileges of the Malays and Bumis!

pak hainan

r u promoting cronyism to be acceptable in our justice system ?


Another Malaysia boleh special!

Potential future quotes from senior officials in government
1. “we cannot and are not responsible for the business of our sibilings”
2. “Haris secured the contracts on his own merits”

This is not new. There is a well known Malaysian Champion bank that (allegedly) gets the same sort of treatment. Those in the finance industry know this very well….


so what?


So we must opt for PAS’s Kebajikan that will benefit the poor, unlike Umno that is enriching its cronies!

old junk

After so many hilarious,chicane statements churned out by our beloved ministers and hoping someone can compose a song which can reflects what is actually happening in our daily life .


Raja Lawak


Another … from a privileged political family….oops! it is all in a family…. how blooming nice to be a chip from the old block!! At least this bloke did not raise his kris … to gain prominence.


If Hishammuddin does not know what his own brother is doing, then this Home Minister must be pretty downright ignorant. And he is Home Minister?!?! No wonder the country is in such bad shape.

usop wilcha

i don’t feel the country is IN BAD SHAPE!!???
I can live happily and feel relatively safer than other country…
R u sane enough?


OMG. He is one of the … of the Malaysian economy. .


Why would I want to read about someone who is dependent on cronyism and nepotism to be successful?


I rather hormat the tukang kebun Pak Abu in my neighbourhood who is earning a decent but not glamorous living as a garderner with RM700 to feed a family of four without any Umno’s aid. He was very appreciative of the RM100 donation from the Penang government.