MBPP tow trucks: Let the people judge what the truth is


MBPP Councillor Dr Lim Mah Hui has denied accusations that he was lying about the number of illegally parked cars towed away by council enforcement teams. He has released statements in Malay, English and Chinese, which can be found below:

On 12 March 2016, Penang Chief Minister YAB Lim Guan Eng issued a highly defamatory public statement accusing me of being a “hero with lies”. In that statement, I was accused of “lying” no fewer than seven times.

Prior to this unfortunate episode, I had enjoyed an amicable and respectful working relationship with the chief minister despite being his severe public critic. And I thank him for that.

All my criticisms were focused on his policies and based on factual analysis. I have never made any personal attack or rude remarks against him. Trained as a social scientist rather than a diplomat, my criticisms may have been too direct and blunt and may have hurt his feelings. For this, I offer my apologies.

Cars towed per month

The controversy arose because I said the Penang’s City Council enforcement staff towed only one or two cars a month, whereas the Mayor said 500-600 cars were towed a month. How to reconcile these different sets of numbers?

If the chief minister, the mayor and the councillors would only care to study the video clip of my exchange with the chief Minister on 29 February 2016 during an amicable dialogue of Penang Forum with the chief minister and in the presence of the press, they will realise that I stated the following:

(1) when the council enforcement units initially started towing (ie over four years ago), they were towing only one or two cars a month with one tow truck. This is verified by the data provided by the Council and reported in Kwong Wah press (see below);

MBPP clamping and towing 2011

(2) I then continued to say that over the years there was some improvement and currently with five tow trucks, each team tows an average of 2.5 cars per day. (If you multiply this number by 5 trucks by 2 shifts per day, for an average of 25 days per month, you get 625 cars towed per month.) This corroborates with the mayor’s statement that the council is towing about 500 to 600 cars per month.

Hence, if only the mayor and the chief minister, with access to such data, had performed this elementary calculation or asked me to clarify, they would have understood I was not lying. Instead, the mayor publicly “rapped” me, and the chief minister resorted to maligning and defaming me.

The chief minister occupies the highest position in the state, and the mayor the highest post in the city. Both are highly respected public figures who should have done a proper investigation before jumping to wrong conclusions as their public statements carry much weight. Invariably, their public statements have caused many negative public comments against me.

Taking charge of towing function

Around 2012/2013, the chief minister asked me to take charge of the towing function. I had given the same answer to the chief minister then as I did on 29 February 2016.

I cannot assume full charge of the job, as the role of a councillor is to give counsel and to make decisions to be implemented by council staff. A councillor’s role is legislative while that of council staff is executive and administrative.

This basic and fundamental distinction seems to escape the chief minister and the councillors who continue to demand that I take on an executive and administrative function.

Efficiency of tow trucks

Despite the fact that I am not a civil servant, I agreed to help the council staff improve the traffic enforcement performance and, in fact, created the management information reporting system for them.

For over three years, I worked with and regularly met with council secretary Ir Ang Aing Thye, the director of the enforcement department and his staff to review and monitor the performance of the towing and clamping unit.

The records of this unit bring into question the efficiency of the tow truck teams. Each team towed an average of between 1.5 and 3.1 cars per day in 2015.

(See Table 2 which is a detailed explanation of the figures of 500-600 cars per month provided by the mayor to the press.)

tow truck statistics

A tow truck team working a 7-hour shift should really be able to tow at least 4-6 cars, unless we believe there are not enough illegally parked cars in Penang blocking traffic.

The objective of towing is not to collect revenue but to instil respect for and obedience to laws so that roads can be cleared for smoother traffic. Poor enforcement is the top complaint of the public.

Let the public judge whether this is an acceptable level of efficiency. The public should write in to demand more transparency and accountability with key performance indicators in place to enable public evaluation of both the state and council’s performance.

Errant officers

The issue of errant officers going AWOL (absent without official leave), was discussed on more than one occasion in the regular meetings that I attended chaired by the council secretary, based on the reports submitted by the enforcement unit. These records are official and can be verified.

To quell the public’s enquiry as to whether I lied, I ask the council to make these records transparent and public in accordance with CAT (competency, accountability and transparency) principles.

The chief minister also accused me of “stooping so low as to justify his (ie, Mah Hui’s) motive to sack MBPP enforcement staff”.

At no point in the video clip did I mention the word “sack”. All I said was that no disciplinary action was taken. It was the chief minister who said he would sack any errant staff, which was echoed by the mayor in her press conference on 12 March.

Response of councillors

The public criticism of me by the 12 councillors, mainly from the DAP, is unwarranted.

Despite my open letter to the chief minister stating that I will provide my side of the story when I return from overseas and my advice to them to study the video clip before jumping to conclusions, it appears they did not do their homework. The same accusations that my remarks were inaccurate and untrue were echoed.

Comparison to Barisan Nasional

It would seem that whoever criticises the current state government is somehow tarred with the BN brush. I have been likened to BN politicians “whose specialty is lying” (quoting the chief minister).

In an earlier press conference on 13 December 2015, the chief minister accused Penang Forum of falling into the Barisan Nasional “misinformation trap” over the state government’s approval of special projects on sensitive hill land.

Penang Forum subsequently showed that the information came from YB Chow Kon Yeow’s answer to an Adun’s query in the November 2015 sitting of the State Assembly. Clearly, a more mature and even-handed approach to critique is needed.

For reasons one can only guess, the chief minister chose a particular line of action that has damaged my reputation, as evidenced in the many negative remarks on social media as well as from my fellow councillors.

These accusations went against the very principles of CAT that the state government claims to espouse. Instead we see incompetence in accountability and a flagrant injustice to me personally and as an MBPP councillor.

I ask the parties, including councillors, who have maligned me with their accusations, to offer their public apologies without any prejudice to my rights to legal recourse.

Dr Lim Mah Hui,
MBPP councillor
21 March 2016.

Email: [email protected]

Biarlah rakyat pertimbangkan apa yang benar

Pada 12 Mach 2016, Ketua Menteri Pulau Pinang YAB Lim Guan Eng mengeluarkan satu kenyataan umum yang sungguh menyelar, dan menuduh saya sebagai “wira pembohongan”. Dalam kenyataan itu saya dituduh sebagai pembohong tidak kurang dari tujuh kali.

Sebelum episod malang ini, hubungan kerja saya dengan Ketua Menteri adalah mesra dan saling menghormati walau pun saya adalah kritik utama terhadap beberapa dasar beliau. Atas sikap murni beliau saya ucapkan terima kasih. Semua kritikan saya adalah atas dasar dasar selapas saya buat analisa.

Saya tidak pernah mengkritik beliau secara pribadi atau bersikap biadap terhadap beliau. Pendidikan dan latihan saya adalah sebagai seorang ahli Sains Kemasyarakatan dan bukan sebagai seorang Diplomat. Maka kritikan saya mungkin tulus dan tajam dan mungkin meyentuh perasaan beliau. Jika ini berlaku,saya mohon maaf

Isu jumlah kereta yang ditarik setiap bulan

Kontrovesi yang timbul ialah saya telah menyata yang kakitangan Penguatkuasa MBPP telah tarik hanya 1 atau 2 kereta sebulan tetapi Dato Bandar mengatakan jumlahnya ialah 500-600. Bagai mana isu dua angka in timbul dan boleh diselesaikan?

Jika Ketua Menteri, Dato Bandar dan Ahli ahli Majlis yang mendesak saya meminta maaf mengambil sedikit masa melihat dan memahami rakaman video (bersabit dialog antara say dan Ketua Menteri pada 29 Febuari 2016 dihadapan wakil wakil media, mereka akan faham apa yang saya katakan,iaitu:

(i) Bila Unit Penguatkuasa Majlis mula mula berhidmat lebih dari 4 tahun dulu,mereka hanya menarik 1 atau 2 kereta sebulan. Angka ini boleh dilihat dalam rekod Majlis dan telah dilapur oleh Akbar Kwong Wah (sila lihat lampiran)

MBPP clamping and towing 2011

(ii).Selepas itu saya menyatakan kemudian ada peningkatan jumlah kereta yang ditarik. Kini dengan 5 buah truk penarik, setiap 1 truk secara purata telah menarik 2.5 kereta setiap hari. (Kalau kita darab 2.5 kereta x5 truk tarik x2 shif x25 hari sebulan jumlahnya ialah 625 kereta ditarik sebulan.) Angka saya tidak bercanggah dengan Dato Bandar yang mengata mereka tarik 500-600 kereta sebulan.

Maka jelaslah, ika Ketua Menteri dan Dato Bandar yang mempunyai semua maklumat telah buat kiraan atau minta saya buat penjelsan, mereka tidak akan bersimpul bahawa saya telah berbohong. Malang nya Dato Bandar telah marah saya di khalayak ramai dan Ketua Menteri pula telah menuduh dan menyelar nama baik saya.

Ketua Menteri memegang jawatan tertinggi di peringkat Negeri dan Dato Bandat jawatan tertinggi di Bandar Raya. Kedua mereka di hormati dan di sanjung tinggi oleh rakyat. Alangnya baik dan bijak jika mereka buat siasatan rapi sebelum merumus. Malangnya kerana tuduhan mereka dipercayai, saya telah terima banyak kritikan negatif.

Mengambil alih tugas tarik kereta

Satu ketika dulu pada 2012/13, Ketua Menteri telah minta saya mengetuai fungsi tarik kereta. Jawapan saya kepada beliau adalah sama saperti yang saya beri pada perjumpaan 29 Febuari 2016.

Saya tidak boleh ambil alih tugas ini oleh kerana peranan seorang Ahli Majis ialah memberi nasihat dan buat keputusan untuk dilaksanakan oleh kakitangan Malis. Peranan Ahli Majlis ialah membuat dasar, peranan kakitangan Majlis ialah pelaksanaan. Dalam lain perkataan, peranan Ahli Majlis ialah “legislative”; peranan kakitangan Malis ialah eksekutif dan pentadbiran.

Keberkesan truk tarik

Walau pun saya bukan pegawai awam, saya setuju membantu kakitangan Majlis untuk meningkatkan prestasi membaiki aliran trafik. Selama 3 tahun saya bekerja dengan Setiausaha Majlis Ir Ang Aing Thye dan kerap berjumpa beliau selaku Pengarah Jabatan Penguatkuasa. Bersama dengan kakitangan beliau, kita mengkaji dan memantau prestasi Unit Tarik dan Pengapit Kereta.

Rekod unit ini membuktikan yang setiap truk tarik hanya menarik 1.5-3.1 kereta setiap hari pada tahun 2015.

tow truck statistics

Walhal setiap truk tarik yang bertugas 7 jam setiap shif patut boleh tarik 4-6 kerata kecuali tiada cukup kereta yang parkir secara haram dan menjejas lalu lintas.

Peranan tarik kereta bukanlah untuk mengutip hasil, tetapi mendidik pemandu supaya menghormati dan patuh kepada undang undang lalu lintas agar trafik dapat berjalan lancar.

Dalam hal ini saya serahkan kepada orang ramai buat keputusan jika prestasi yang saya sebut memuaskan atau tidak. Orang ramai patut mendesak ciri ciri kejelasan dan bertanggung jawap dan juga petunjuk utama prestasi supaya mereka dapat menilai keberkesanan pihak Negeri dan Majlis.

Pegawai yang buat salah laku

Isu pegawai yang tidak datang kerja tanpa kebenaran rasmi telah di bincang beberapa kali pada mesyaurat mesyuarat yang saya hadir di pengurusi oleh Setiausha Majlis. Laporan masaalah ini ini disedia oleh Unit Penguatkuasa dan rekodnya adah rasmi dan boleh di buktikan. Maka untuk meyakinkan orang ramai yang saya tidak berbohong, saya gesa Majlis mempamerkan rekod-rekod tersebut selaras dengan prinsip CAT.

Ketua Menteri telah tuduh saya bermotif agar pegawai pegawai ini di buang kerja. Dengarlah apa yang saya kata dalam rakaman video.

Saya tidak pernah guna istilah “buang kerja”. Apa yang saya kata ialah tindakan disiplin tidak diambil. Ketua Menteri yang kata dia akan “buang kerja” mereka yang buat salah laku. Tetapi isu ini diulangi oleh Dato Bandar dalam sidang akbar pada 12 Mach 2016.

Tindak balas ahli majlis

Kritikan terbuka terhadap saya oleh 12 Ahli Majlis, hampir semua dari DAP,tidak wajar langsung. Walau pun dalam surat terbuka saya kepada Ketua Menteri.saya nyatakan saya akan memberi penjelasan lengkap sekambalinya saya dari luar negeri, dan nasihat saya supaya mereka meneliti rakaman video sebelum buat keputusan, mereka seolah tidak bersabar mengecam saya. Tuduhan yang kenyataan saya tidak betul dan saya berbohong diulangi.

Perbandingan dengan Barisan Nasional

Nampaknya sesiapa yang mengkritik Kerajaan Negeri disamakan dengan Barisan Nasional.Saya menjadi mangsa ini; dihubungkaitkan dengan ahli politik BN, yang Ketua Menteri kata adalah orang yang “pengkhususan mereka adalah berbohong”.

Dalam satu sidang akbar pada 13 Disember 2015 Ketua Menteri telah menuduh Penang Forum yang kata beliau telah di perangkap oleh maklumat palsu BN berkenaan dengan isu Kerajaan Negeri melulus Projek Istimewa diatas tanah bukit sensitif.

Penang Forum telah membuktikan yang maklumat tersebut datang dari YB Chow Kon Yeow bila menjawap soalan ADUN di Dewan Negeri pada November 2015.Nyatalah sikap yang lebih matang dan saksama di harapkan dari pemimpin.

Dari pada semua penjelasan diatas, saya kurang faham kenapa Ketua Menteri sanggup mencemar nama baik saya sehingga saya dikecam dalam media sosial dan oleh sebahagian Ahli Ahli Majlis. Tuduhan ini becanggah dengan prinsip CAT Kerajaan Negeri yang kian dilaung laungi. Sebaliknya apa yang kita lihat ialah tidak kecekapan dalam tanggung jawap dan ketidak adilan yang paling hebat terhadap saya sebagai individu dan sebagai Ahli Majlis MBPP.

Oleh yang demikian, saya kini mendesak pihak pihak yang berkenaan, termasuk Ahli Majlis MBPP yang telah memburuk nama baik saya dengan tuduhan tuduhan palsu, memohon maaf secara terbuka kepada saya. Ini adalah tanpa prejudis bagi saya mengambil tindakan mengikut undang-undang.

Dr Lim Mah Hui
Ahli Majlis MBPP
21 Mach 2016

[email protected]









MBPP clamping and towing 2011







tow truck statistics




首長也指責我“如此墮落(stooping so low)以合理化他(林馬惠)欲解僱檳島市政廳員工的動機。”可是,我在該錄影中,從未提過“解僱”這字眼。我質問的只是為何市政廳沒有採取紀律行動。反倒是首長在3月12日的記者會上,自己說要解僱任何犯錯的員工,並獲得市長附和。




看來所有批評現任檳州政府的人都被指與國陣扯上關係。引用首長的說辭,我被喻為“那種專門撒謊 (whose specialty is lying)”的國陣政客。在2015年12月13日的一場記者會上,首長指責檳城論壇在州政府批准敏感山丘發展計劃的課題上,跌入國陣的“誤導圈套(misinformation trap)”。檳城論壇隨後出示證據證明,這些資料都是源自于檳州行政議員曹觀友在同年11月於州議會裡提供的答案。很明顯的,檳州政府需要更成熟及不偏不倚地面對批判。





電郵:[email protected]


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Ruckus at Taman Manggis


GEORGE TOWN, March 30 — The previous Barisan Nasional (BN) state government had planned to tender out the controversial Taman Manggis land to a private developer, according to previously classified documents released by the current administration today. In the declassified minutes of a September 28, 2005 exco meeting shown to press by state executive councillor (exco) Jagdeep Singh Deo today, then state exco Teng Chang Yeow had proposed that the remaining state land at the corner of Burmah Road and Zainal Abidin Road be developed with a mixed development project composing of shophouses and government quarters. The minutes also recorded… Read more »


Now Shabudin is said to be selling Perda land below market value!

David Loman

Jual tanah awam bawah harga pasaran, KM jemput Pengerusi PERDA beri penjelasan, 3 April, 11pg

Chang Yeow tidak nafikan tiada hasrat bina PPR di Tmn. Manggis, minta maaf kelirukan rakyat- Jagdeep

Chow persoal mana wang RM22.1 juta yg telah didepositkan kpd Taman Manggis Fasa 2 Dev.Sdn. Bhd.


Jagdeep: Can Gerakan apologise for misleading public on Taman Manggis?


Jagdeep: Jelas KN dahulu tiada hasrat bangunkan PPR di Lot 314 & 305

Lakei Dayak

The point CM trying to make is there is a lot of “talk only pandai, but asked to do, cannot deliver” NGO and “im smarted than you” type of people in penang.

You so clever to talk and criticize, please take up the challenge….

No … in the end because Dr Lim knows he will fail miserably…tin kosong….

carry on CM, many roadblocks put in front of you…but you are trying…thats all we ask. Penang majority and ordinary people support your efforts.

Ignore the noisy mouths, work with people on the ground

Hokkien Soldier of Fortune

I am a true bred Penang born now working in Singapore. I like anilnetto.com bcoz i get to know latest issues affecting my howntown (homecosmocity now?). Last week I was back visiting my relative in Penang. My only rservation about the island is that there are too many private cars on the road ! I notice Penangites are more obese may be less walking too dependent on cars ? Also the weather is hot BUT if the local government can learn from Singapore then even the hilla may be less green, nicely planned natural landscaping with right specis of plants… Read more »

Hokkien Soldier of Fortune

Having said above, i think the CATs are still way better than the B.HDurians; only need to pay attention to the grievances of those playing catching up in the widening Genie Coefficient society now on the island.


Hokkien soldier of fortune,
While in Singapore, you can get inspired by these words from LKY on the first anniversary of his death:

Jelutong Kid

Hokkien Soldier
I suggest you buy your retirement home in Bagan Ajam or Sungai Petani. Cheaper. Less pollution. Good food.


Why bother to come back at all, can you stand 1mdb govt ???


hokkien kia
dangerous to tell us to follow sinkapore. there are godfathers here disike singland. lucky you to get away

Tabik Kopi O

Too many squabbles among politicians, civil servants etc entrusted to do the jobs to sideline real economic hardship issues faced by many on island who can’t cope with barang naik and new lifestyle concept imposed by commercialism.

Get Real solve the people plight.

I am still waiting for SPSetia to erect 2 shelters bus stands along the perimeter of sPICE firstly as CSR, while MPPP pls don’t wait for next GE14 to do it.

Weather hot but kopi still needed to stay alert.


anil. is it illegal to tow cars if council did not put up warning signs that it is a tow zone? council must be give ample warning to motorists that excessive force will be taken. isrealis are better. they drop warning leafets. dr lim went aust which has this practice but did he. observe that council and motorts both have rights

Teh Leong Meng

The City Councillor, Dr Lim Mah Hui’s open letter clearly show that the Penang government is “incompetent in accountability” ( as quoted by Dr Lim ). Most importantly, the “explosive ego ” & arrogance of certain politician are the main causes of the problem.


Teh leong meng, sure you have an axe to grind with dap ya as you are now “neo kay lor”.

Ask yourself what had gelakan did for almost 2 decades ruling penang ??? Before 308, penang was a pile of …

We are not electing a saint govt because there is none on earth but we vote for a lesser devil, get it ?


None on earth???


lim, concur with you. they will never give straight answer. they go round and round the circus. they are boozo.


The Ego got to the point of bigger than anything reasonable. Blame it on too much of daily worshipping by minions who should actually help this Deity wake up to ‘its’ own follies & false venerability.
See difference of this Idol from the period of pre-308 & now.


When a person who is a shrewd accountant said he doesn’t know the actual market value of a bungalow he bought, what do you expect him to know the work productivity of tow truckers @ MBPP?
Most things can be bought by him at a discount mah? Like Merc S300Lansi.
So, what do you want more from a work culture delivered at a discount rate of productivity?

Waiting for Zorro’s knee-jerk reaction…

Tabik Kopi O

The higher up in political hierarchy, the more lucrative the “perks” are.
So to have discount privileges, get into local politics and can form 3rd and beyond forces ?


Then Niao Kong shouldn’t boast Competency, Accountability & Transparency.
Whatever ‘perks’ are measured by its own ‘KPI’ in the form of CAT.
Don’t play-the-fool with us & yet don’t live by example.
Q. to Niao Kong: Btw, can I get a good discount for a bungalow in Pinhorn Road?


tabik kopi o
godfather has been speaking to many reality. agents who have been hitting house flies with many empty apartments. bet they can give a good discount if godfather wants. times will be bad for properties. in theory, it is worth x ringgit but can they really sell for x ringgit or much lower? who is smart and willing to buy at higher price.


BN government also sold land below valuation price to 1MDB, so SPRM should also siasat?


Tony Pua: Masalah 1MDB Dah Selesai Semua Tipu, Mereka Selesai Masalah Mengunakan Aset & Wang Rakyat

Tony Pua: Macam Mana Dia Orang Bawa Wang (1MDB) Keluar?

Jelutong Kid

Tunglang watched TV3 news and believed that the verdict is guilty for LGE?


Why asked like Niao Kong?
Let the facts speak for themselves.
Btw, have you prayed … today to Niao Kong?


jelutong. be fair and let facts speak. but are you acting fair and justice in calling names at the accused person.
you call names at our top executive with ghd 2/6 billions?


Dear tunglang and those anti dap Needless to say i think you all must have read the SD by the previous owner, and i think that is good enough to make that minister to eat his own vomit and same to those who were joining the fray in accusing lim guan eng of corruption. I guess the vomit must be disgustingly nauseating, right ? Nevertheless serve you right !!! When i look at CM’s house i could not believe it as my kitchen is anytime better than his and look at those plastic stuff CM and his family are using.… Read more »


Can buy a bungalow at a discount while raising the prices of 3 categories affordable housing for the masses is AOK to you??? Think first before you start worshipping again with eyes closed. Btw, home interior furnishing is not a true measure of market value of landed property according to valuers unless one tries hard to mislead by showing utensils & toilet bowls. Unless one is opportunistic enough to make superficial comparison to a Bali Mansion, which was a corruption case. And don’t tell kid’s story one doesn’t know the market value at time of purchase when the bean-counting mind… Read more »


Legal action if unnecessary connection with house and Taman Manggis:


lim, people can critise wo thinking. it is very to talk bad especially behind the keyboard. he complain there are many people cannot afford to buy houses. many houses are empty as confirm by anil. yet contradict himself. trying selling a few million ringgit houses. snapped like kopi kau kau. buyin a few millon ringgit houses is not like drinkin kopi kau kau or beer.


So you think I am very rich? Thank you very much.
HOPE you will get smarter (in time) from blogging like a wet in the ears knee-Jerk!


And TQ for parroting again!


you have been saying twice in a row. not enough? so who is the real patriot?


it also implied the seller’s sd is very questionable. her honour is questionable as she is (allegedly) more than a seller and buyer …

Lee George

Tuan Cm this time you are very wrong, surely you cannot be always right!

sharom ahmat

How could people in such high office get it so wrong.Dr Lim has become an unnecessary victim for reasons best known to the accusers.I hope they are “man”enough to apologize publicly

Stanley Ting

This joker was critized by the chief minister, also by the mayor with more criticism from the 12 councillors and this blogger still wants to keep the issue hot. Yes everybody must apology to this small fry and then this blogger can blow his trumpet while building castles in the air.

Yee Sin Hee

There is one road with yellow line, the enforcement never bothered to do anything. Go to Batu lanchang market. U can see the difference. The area KFC, will be summoned but not at Lebuhraya Batu Lanchang. Just go n see for yourself mayor n IR Ang


that is the job by traffic polisi in lebuhraya. go and figure out as federal gomen fail to teach different levels of gomen.


This has become a p… contest because Lim Mah Hui became a blumbering idiot at a key moment and LGE had little patience? Really it speaks of social and communication ineptness. For people who deem themselves intelligent and even at least a bit self-important, its a freaking joke…


Statistics speaks louder & the truth than a bruise ego of a Deity @ Komtar Tower of Perpetual Arrogance trying hard to emulate LKY of SingLand but can never be.
Not a matter of intelligence when it comes to statistics of hard facts.


big joe, yankees were interested in body counts of those viet cong death bodies. more dead bodies yanks thought of winning the vietnam war and stop the domino effect to prevent asean fall into communism? yanks lost the war and respect when small size vc defeat them with body count
so another doc believe in body count.


I see, Dr. Lim actually meant was in 2011 when the law just started in effect lah!

Tabik Kopi O

There will come a time Penang island cars find no place park at all, and may gatecrash into private compound.
CM LGE needs to seriously look influencing numbers of cars, otherwise in future his neighbours may ask if they can park their cars in his bangalow open space.


Pinhorn Road is a nice road to park cars esp so when no MBPP tow truckers dare to ronda that road!


you can make history. first to do it and fulfill your dream and ego. we support you if cars break the rules

Super Taste iWalker

A case of 4WD towed away from Pinhorn Road can make headline news on Buletin Gelakan?


Too many cars on the road, too little parking lots leading to haphazard parking. So I support the tow trucks to tow away vehicles that anyhow park!

gk ong

There must be a way to curb the number of cars on the road. Unfortunately no policy maker dare to do so as it could be politically suicidal.


penang is a small island with hills and plantation occupy more than 5/8. with growing population and poor public transport penang have to resort to cars especially working class. if people are forced to stop using car, there must be better public transport which is totally under. armo gomen. public transport is under developed. sinkapore n hk has apps and sign boards telling the time of arrival. i just wonder if dr lim are like the yankees in viet war only interested in body count? to tow car, one has to wonder around to spot the culprit. imagine tow car… Read more »


is there a written regulation on giving parking tickets and towing? same street but one get towing and one towing for same offence? what is the law on towing?
anil please ask dr lim laborate?


council is not doing justice if they do not designate as tow zone. some motorist park and willing to receive parking ticket which is the common and standard pratice.


So I support the tow trucks to tow away vehicles that anyhow park!
Do you also mean that MercS300Lansi that has a penchant to park illegally b’cos it is taiko’s (tua liab) car?


totally agree with you tow if laws are broken. umno mca and mic ministers are true saints and saviors to you and ph are devils in your hearts. your favourite bn ministers always park their cars properly. or you strongly support tow cm car but can close eye to bn minister’s cars

Not Superman Not Batman either

Some people got children grow up oredi on island to marry but cannot afford to buy new homes and then start to get frustrated so niakong to blame.
Some other people just work harder and smarter in times like this to earn more to afford new homes. They know complaint a will waste precious time not making more money.
If blaming can help you to afford a new home, by all means keep on blaming.


is the same story anywhere if not any advice which major towns are affordable


Your talk is cheap like your venerable cheap minister!
What point you score but a waste of others’ time.
Don’t like it, then don’t read others opinion.
Go drink Sg Pinang Black Tea.


Always assume the nonsense.
Give me proof, can or not???


the proof is in today’s malaysiakini include johor which is the biggest state snd kl is umno federal territory and selangor where klang valley is bigger than penang island

you are good is asking people. what about your proof. can or cannot?

Not Superman Not Batman either

The fact 90% of human desires can be fulfilled by money, hence money can make you high. Without money, always grumble a lot with negative thoughts on those who have money.


No wonder on the high for trolling money (this I must assume).
So can get rich quick making nonsensical comments based on assumption.
Who would bother to soak in such nonsensicals not here nor there & NOT A Man.
Time is money (according to a money high), so why waste precious time = money trolling here? Of course for quick trolling money!