Maybank “scandal”, exclusivist demands and ISA


Some odds and ends:

  • In his address in Parliament, Lim Guan Eng slams Maybank’s controversial RM8.5 billion acquisition of an Indonesian bank  from Singapore’s Temasek Holdings (see video clip above);
  • Farish Noor cautions democratic-minded politicians of the potential shortcomings in a democratic system, under which even exclusivist groups will want their demands accommodated and met. See Politics and posturing;

  • And it’s always interesting to hear how “the other side” tries to justify the ISA: Lee Hsien Loong addresses the Singapore Internal Security Department during its 60th anniversary dinner here.
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Sore losers usually go ballistic. You can watch them becoming their true selves when they realize they’ve lost the argument.

Phua Kai Lit

Dear Anil and other progressive friends,

Take a look at this article on US politics:

The US hard Right is “going ballistic” at the looming
prospect of losing badly in their upcoming elections.

Same situation here in Malaysia – our UMNO hard Right is also going ballistic as they realise they are losing more and more support
amongst the Malays. Thus, the viciousness of their attacks on
YB Teresa Kok.


There are quite a number of, especially new YBs talking about how everyone wants something from their reps, how YBs are becoming chief of complaint bureau… I remember Anthony Loke from DAP even blogged about some masjid issues over his constituency that got himself into dilemma…

are these 3 meant to be linked together?