Mas Selamat found, RPK located, but…


They found the ‘most wanted’ Mas Selamat in Johor.

Now, they say they have tracked down the elusive RPK in Brisbane.

Pretty impressive detective work, there.

But they still can’t find Bala?

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yea it’s amazing how bala and the so-called x-bf of elizabeth wong could not be traced. i wonder y i’m not surprised. :p


Another reason why it is so easy to locate RPK because of his bright shining head….satellite shine sure get one!!!


Seriously, by informing RPK that his son is in deep trouble, the police (could have been) trying to flush out RPK and nabbed him. Also they could be able to triangulate his location with the latest telephony technology. The Apple IPhone has this technology built into the phone so that you would be able to tell where your caller is from. Too bad for the police: the bird has already flown.

Cee Kay

We often hear from the police when we ask them why are those people been arrested for wearing black and lighting candles.The answer is usually “arahan dari atas” The lower ranking officials seems not to know what the arrest was for. So naturally they will tell the truth (at least for this one time) Actually who is the atas???? His boss? The ocpd? Then who is the atas of the ocpd? The cp? On and on we go. So in truth who is the atas????? Hahaha! Very funny in boleh land

Aussie Malaysian

Bala is in Mongolia?


Bala is conveniently forgotten.
The police need to plead for him and the ex boyfriend to come back. I tot the immigration would know where they are? Isn’t Hilmi supposed to be back from IND? Wah, he can stay there so long one ah


Him being an ex-pi, does he have a job? it is bad enough looking for a job in Msia. i wonder how he and his family manage to survive. Unless….?


Australia will not hand RPK back to Malaysia knowing full well the state of the judiciary in this country.


Don’t praise Malaysian police blindly.

Mat Selamat was located by Singapore and Indonesian Intelligence Authorities…


RPK do the same as ayahtollah khomeni did in France, remain in exile until PR take over and save this nation from its present slide. They have great barbecues down there, cheers.

Vijay Kumar Murugavell

Oh really ? how did he get out as they are accusing, or did they “acidentally” wipe out immigration records again.
I sincerely hope he is exile and out of reach.Even if true I doubt interpol would help……or are they going to seek the view of Queens counsel on this too ?


and also that what’s-his-name… elizabeth wong’s ex boyfriend – the police did not find him yet right?

when it suit the police, they will be super efficient (same like the court)….


RPK welcome to Aussie land! “Beautiful today, perfect the next”

Return as a hero when PR take over from these low beings. Meantime,
enjoy your stay and stay healthy!

Dalbinder Singh Gill

They can’t even find the person behind the murder of the Late Altantuya.


Bala !? ada olang dun want him to be found laa !!

Andrew I

Bala is living in the stomach of a whale somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. After having fish-head curry, he decided that he couldn’t get enough of the fishy smell, which is also the smell that triggers the event leading to conception sometimes.


You are spot on. Bala just have to wait or else all the fun and party will stop for you know who.

DAP man

Why should the police reveal this info? Now RPK can flee to another safer place.
No, I think RPK is not in Brisbane and the police are bluffing? They just do not know where he is.
As for Bala, his disappearance (appears to be) officially sanctioned. He could (have assumed) a new identity. Come on, this is Malaysia.


Bala is better being hidden than being located.


But patrolling our neighbourhoods susah. Hardly see any patrol cars anymore on my street.

Leong Yook Kong

RPK & Madam Marina Lee Abdullah, please take care of your health and stay safe. Millions of people will give you a rousing welcome when PR comes into power. RPK, you are our saviour.

It is so easy to locate RPK whereas it is extremely difficult to locate Bala. Compare the difference….


Ah!. This is called the principle of selective looking. I see those I want to see. I put a blindfold around my eyes for those I choose not to see.


bala is at the bottom of the south china sea ….


Says who they cannot locate Bala. The whole Malaysia (except my father in law who donno why fails to see the nonsense) knows why they cannot or don’t want to locate Bala.

How can anyone not be amazed by our Polis Raja Di Malaysia?


The numerous missing children also cannot find. Crime cannot solve. In the Balai, (some) do nothing but laze around…