Mara college’s expensive laptops


Some might consider RM4,000 or RM5,000 for a laptop to be a bit pricey – but what do you think of RM42,320 for a laptop?

That’s what Kolej Kemahiran Tinggi Mara Balik Pulau in Penang reportedly paid for Acer laptops.

See The Star report here.

It’s the same old story each time the Auditor-General’s report is out, isn’t it?

In the end, nobody is held accountable.

Will the MACC spring into action now based on the findings in the Auditor-General’s report?

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I have been trying not to comment any more on Gerakan K’s posting, but just can’t allow him … all the rubbish without any rebut. Even for expansive software, as an education institution, MARA is entitled to buy these software at educational price which is normally 70-80% off the normal street price.

If you must speak, speak with some sense and facts.


Dear Gerakan K, you obviously know zilch about computer and software and about purchasing and how procurement department should function in any company or establishment. In any company or establishment worth its salt, this sort of exorbitant price would have stuck out like sore thumn and been weeded out from the first instant. For MARA to claim that it is in bulk purchase and this laptop is not itemised is criminal negligence.


What to be surprised of. If a RM5 screwdriver could be pruchased for RM350 by Minstry of Sport some a few years ago, a laptop for RM30,000 is normal lah. By the way, Gerakan K must be stupid enough to defend the stupid MARA. If it is defendable, the findings wouldn’t have been reported….

Gerakan K

You must be stupid enough to make wild allegation. If it is not defendable, MACC & the police already acted.


Why is everyone getting their knickers in a knot. This is normal lah, last year screw drivers this year laptops etc. Dont waste your breath, nothing changes only slogans, today 1Malaysia tommorrow, I dont know, 1knowledge or some bull like that.

Dont blame Gerakan K, he is just defending the principles of BN and doing his best to justify such abuses or is it? He is a loyal party worker who will do his best to justify the actions of his party and front no matter, lain semua boleh belakang kira. Afterall he also have to cari makan mah


They probably bought the laptop for that Malaysian space traveler a.k.a angkasawan for his use aboard the Russian space vessel.


If MARA had really installed an expensive software to their laptops, simple, all they have to do is, bring the magnificient laptops out to be inspected to justify the exorbitant cost. By the way, where are the laptops now? Am curious to peek at how these expensive Godzilla laptops are like and their functionality…


We need a leader the calibre of Lim Eng Guan to bring changes to the country. Give him a chance and we shall see Malaysia prosper.

Gerakan K

More villages will be flatten if LGE = PM

Gerakan K

Just to share info with you. Some software really expensive because of its usefulness.

For example: USD 11 995


U r great bro! Microsoft SQL Server Standard Edition 2005, great example We not that stupid! First i can get the cheaper one×64%20for%20sale%20academic/st=query Why install this software into the laptop? the software is for server, unless the stupid MARA administrator use the laptop to be server. I agree some software is very expensive, it can cost u even million USD, but they are database management system, as the example given by u. U even can argue they install very professional software, like some thing as disaster assessment software or what, that cost u million ringgit, then shows us what… Read more »


When did Gerakan K become the spokesman of MARA? Did you know the kind of software used or are you the one purchasing it? Let MARA come forward to explain before you open your mouth.


Come on Gerakan K, you must be naive to believe the Lap Top is priced (RM42,320) correctly. Even those super computers used by those MNCs are not the pricey. What software? Software to cheat the rakyat?

Wake up man.

Gerakan K

I thing people tend to forget, the price of original software in the laptop. I know many people use pirated software that costing nothing. Some software for use in designing or emulation are very expensive.


i am so interesting to know what software they installed and make up the price to over RM40K? 4k laptop with home edition window is that enough? RM2k for Office Professional 2007, Norton 360 ~Rm200, Acrobat 9 Pro RM360, AutoCad 2010 version RM700, CorelDraw graphic RM350, Adobe photo shop RM400, Winzip RM70, what u want some more? Total cost ~RM 8000. All the prices are draft figure but i believe they are over the market price. I assume you install more other softwares then i make up the price to 100%, so it cost RM 16,000. Wao! i can’t believe… Read more »


Would the MARA guys unveil their super-duper canggih expensive laptop called Acer for the public to scrutinise?
Perhaps ask a few tech-savvy people to inspect on what’s so ‘RM42,320’ about the applications of the laptop? Dubious!


Taxpayers are going to commit suicide seeing all these nonsense happening to their money. We work hard and pay tax. You pay late and they will fine you. They use our tax money to enrich themselves. Every year the AG’s report will come up with what we describe as misappropriation of public funds. What has the government done? Nothing. The leaders will pretend to be concerned and then will keep quiet. No action was taken and they will alllow the people to forget the matter.The poor and less educated people are just ignorant about all this. This is Malaysia. Lim… Read more »


Don you know hat these Mara guys knows best why the laptops cost so much. Maybe they have softwares included such as by ESRI.

Jebat musibat

many MARA personels are UBN btw.
nothing to do about it.
just accept. haha


In the end, NFA. Semuanya ok. Blame the voters. They are the one supporting our corrupt practices.


(They went after) Teoh Beng Hock over a RM 2,000.00 receipt but do nothing over RM40,000.00 laptops. One day the pain will become unbearable for some…

I would like to see where those UMNO … are going to hide…


if the price includes autocad, 3dstudio, other design and cad software… (everything installed into) then it is acceptable to be in the price of rm42k… that’s the cost of not using open source software…. Lets go to this weekend

Loh Yeow Boo - Penang

the country is just full of nonsense. whenever i attend corporate meetings, i just could not wait to go out judging from the nonsense they are talking and the corruption involved!!!…

telur dua

Hey, what do you know?

Those are super duper truper computers, ok?


This country is so pitiful in so many ways.So rich but raped by BN….


Ini mesti kerja tangan hantu yang buat kerja.


This is so common in Malaysia. It goes on rampantly.

No point investigating. Most probably “No Further Action”


How is that MACC is silent and not going after MARA…?

Andrew I

The best part is a task force is being set up to look into this. I just love these template responses.