‘Crooked Malaysian politicos protecting Amalilio’? Hello, MACC?


A columnist in the Philippines has accused several Malaysian politicians of protecting pyramiding scam suspect Manuel Amalilio, who is wanted in the Philippines.

This is a report from today’s Philippine Star, page 15:

Philippines Star, 1 February 2013, page 15
Philippine Star, 1 February 2013, page 15

You can also find the same report online in the Philippine Star website.

Philippines Interior Secretary Manual Roxas has alleged that Sabah CM Musa Aman gave the order not to let Amalilio get on the plane back to the Philippines, according to this report in the Philippines Daily Inquirer. The report goes on to describe the rising tension at the airport when Malaysian police stopped the Philippines officials from escorting Amalilio back to the Philippines to face justice. (What happened to the spirit of Asean cooperation, eh?)

But Sabah police have dismissed the claim that Musa stopped the deportation, reports Free Malaysia Today. Police claim they stopped the deportation as there had been no deportation request by the Philippines.

“It appeared that the Malaysians who had also fallen prey to Amalilio’s supposed pyramiding scheme were alerted when they saw on television that the head of the Aman Futures Group Philippines Inc. was set to be deported on Thursday, prompting them to seek the help of Malaysian authorities in holding Amalilio so they could get their money back,” said the Manila Standard in a report.

Why is Amalilio wanted? See this report in Philippine Star.


I trust the MACC is hard at work(!) investigating these allegations in the Philippines’ press so that the Malaysian personalities mentioned can be cleared if they are innocent.

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Anil, Sounds like the backhanders will continue while you have this government?


MACC is now questioning starlet Zahida Rafik’s driver, in relation to the alleged sex scandal involving her and thr federal minister for rural and regional development, Shafie.

Any new update?



Crook, liars and deceivers all for monies for their cronies. This is what UMNO BN and their sycophants stand for. Does they really care for the people.

German institute’s findings confirm fears over Lynas plant

A report released by a prominent German environmental research institute has warned that the controversial Lynas rare earth refinery in Gebeng, Pahang has not met safety standards

Refer to below


najib manaukau

Scandals after scandals are being revealed daily in Malaysia, it is just like a cancer in the final stage, there is no much even an Oncologist can do. Malaysia presently is in a similar stage, the cancer has spread to all parts of the body, it is way beyond salvation and as such there is only one way to ease the whole shamble is to put Malaysia to sleep. Put Umno to sleep !
Just kick the Umno morons out of Putrajaya in the coming GE, period.


We have in Malaysia, illegal leaders and illegal Governments who are bent on all sorts of illegalities…

STOP these illegal leaders to destroy more of the country.


Ini Gajah Putih!

Gajah kecil2 lain semua kena racun. Putrajaya ada gajah kah?


Sam Yates

Di putrajaya ada gajah betina.


Its no surprise at all when crooked govt like ours as usual protect crooks and thieves