Malaysia Today down after major exposes


Raja Petra’s Malaysia Today site has gone down after a few exposes were posted on the site outlining cases of alleged corruption.

Asia Sentinel has the story here.

Selamat Hari Raya to all Muslim readers and happy holidays to everyone else.  Let us rededicate ourselves to the struggle for justice and democracy.

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Isma Y

Gerakan K, I notice from the way you write that you choose to ignore glaring issues and try to justify or apologise for them when you can’t. Just like a BN cybertrooper!

Gerakan K

ColourBlind, jangan gila fikir yang bukan-bukan. Enjoy your life !!!


All these silly tricks … only reinforce the fact that they are really panicky in loosing power.

However, should they loose power in next election, how high is the chance that they will go all out to deny the election results …?

If true justice is allowed to execute, many sitting politicians would be put behind bars by then (think about the ex- Taiwan president!). Do you think they will admit defeat and give up power so easily?

As powerless commoners who are unwilling to emigrate, what is our hedge against this? Buy up foreign currency now??


‘You can stop the messanger but not the message’.
The world has changed and the internet has put all the vast corruption & racism … in glaring public view of the world.

The is no where to hide ….its time Mahathir (is held to) account for all the looting of the Nation’s billions (under his administration).


How can the public put their faith in the major newspapers which had become synonymous with cant and disinformation? How can the people treat government-manipulated broadsheets and tabloids as authoritative sources of news when they spewed venom and hate? How can the citizens trust news that whitewash misdeeds and glorify empty slogans? How can the voters accept facts that are manufactured in government laboratories? How is it possible to take as gospel truth reports that are clearly the handiwork of twisted minds outside the news room?


How can you vote or support this so call BN party? They spend millions when 1PM visit USA. However, I put in my first request to register my daughter and get her a Malaysian passport in July 2009 at Malaysian Embassy in Washington DC but until today they haven’t responded yet. They gave me excuse like the form is not available and needs to come from KL but yet they can spend money for advertisement in US newspaper on 1PM visit. I believe my daughter will be five years old and we will still be waiting for her passport. They… Read more »


Malaysia today was up again around noon today but that only lasted a few hours, ostensibly succumbing to DOS attacks again.

Anyway, the damage inflicted by RPK on UMNO viz-a-viz MAS is already complete with many sites carrying RPK’s exposure verbatim.

The attacks help draw curiosity and hence readership to RPK’s article. 🙂

Selamat Hari Raya to all.

Gerakan K

This article title:
Malaysia Today down after major exposes

Don’t tipu lah Anil. That website already done so called “exposes” daily nonstop since many years ago.

My website also down after I decided to apply for adsense. Luckily my application got approved after second attempts.

I don’t blame anyone and I just accept that there is occasional problem here and there. This is just normal.

By the way, September 16 Putrajaya project also “exposed” that way and received huge attention from PR machais. In the end of the day, those “exposes” were just plain lies.


Dear Gerakan K

Pinocchio wants his nose back or maybe you can out do him. I love reading the fiction stories or response you write here. Also, would love to have whatever you smoke or inhale or the plant you are living in.

Selamat Aidil Fitri to you and your family.

Gerakan K

Selamat Hari Raya to all !!!

Yo my friend !!!

Enjoy our lemang & rendang in this festive session !!!


selamat hari raya to all malaysians. Hari Raya is time for us to rest and catch up with friends and family. Maaf batin ya. From us at Pakatan Rakyat we wish all Malaysians including BN politicians a Selamat Hari Ya.


This one takes the cake!! … no place to hide your rotten faces, so hacking MT is your only way out?…nothing will cleanse your corrupted filthy souls…


haiya, govt already say the drop has no big impact on investor sentiments in malaysia what. Why worry ?? Malaysia Boleh !


The govt will ignore this as just the way the Higher Education Minister ignored the drop in ranking of MU. He said Malaysia had its own standards for its universities. Meaning world ranking is not important.

This is our govt. Can you believe it.


…They cannot face the truth so the easy way out is to shut it out or better still cover up.

We have now learned how corrupted is our BN government and it is time to kick them out for good.


Malaysia’s drop in worldwide competitiveness ranking for the 3rd year running – this bad news was not given a mention in Utusan Malaysia.

That’s why we should shun mainstream press.