“Malicious lies,” says Najib, as temperature rises


Was busy today rushing out an article for Asia Times (see below).

In the meantime, as Mustafa has pointed out here, the mainstream media online have been very… apa nama … “shy” in reporting Anwar’s and Balasubramaniam’s allegations – until Najib came out with his denial. Funny, they didn’t display the same reticence when reporting Saiful’s allegation on Sunday morning. I noticed on the front page of the Sunday Star that Anwar was said to be “fighting for his political credibility” in the wake of Saiful’s report. I wonder if they will say the same thing of Najib now.

Najib has now dismissed all the allegations as “malicious lies”. He maintains he has never met the woman and Anwar is trying to divert attention from the sodomy allegations. See the NST here. Najib seems keen to lob the “ball” back to the sodomy allegations.

Where is all this leading to? Taking a step back and looking at the larger picture, I believe this high-stakes “tennis match” (lob and counter-lob) symbolises the battle between the new political order and the old, the tsunami vs the hegemony. I don’t think it is a healthy development though, for politics to be so personalised. The tsunami movement for reforms and change is too broad-based to be focused on individuals at the apex slugging it out for their political survival – but there you go.

Anyway, here’s the article I wrote:

Brinksmanship in polarised Malaysia

Accusations are flying in Malaysia, where opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim has retaliated to sodomy charges with a vengeance. His latest political broadsides, aimed at the minister of defence, attorney general and chief of police, symbolise a larger struggle between old and new political forces fighting for power. Read more

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najib Manaukau

Just tell the people what has he done for the people all these years …
He cannot and must not be the next P.M. never ever !


No pain no gain , our country has been in a falsely-created stability for many yrs , time to shake the tree and remove the bad apples once and for all .
By the way Najib (may not be telling the truth), it’s written all over his face .
BN time is up !

praba ganesan

We all need to do is look at evidence and not travel down the road of judging people.

We give the benefit of doubt to anwar, we have to do the same for najib.


If they are all malicious lies, Najib and Rosmah should sue RPK and Bala without hesitation till they lose their pants.

Come on, these allegations were extremely serious and the entire integrity of the government and the country is at stake.

Unless and otherwise Najib and Rosmah are guilty like hell as alleged.


Get ready folks the s*** has hit the fan and its splatter time better take cover.


Hello all, Anwar’s action has gone overboard. I could see that he is becoming so desperate to crumble the federal government. In a single day the stockmarket was tumble. This aint a war yet either. Anwar is one ***** selfish b****** which now I clarify myself to call him as ******* because he is making our country in a chaos in just a few days. Yet some of us still expect that this Anwar could be the PM? For godsake I am very sad by these poltician whom act so selfish and not thinking wisely for their actions. All these… Read more »


Bernama reports:

“On the statutory declaration, Najib said because it conflicted with Balasubramaniam’s testimony in court (in Altantuya’s murder trial) and the statement given by him in his police report, he would leave it to the proper authorities to investigate the matter.”

PI Bala should sue Najib for criminal defamation. This is a very serious comment by Najib and can land Najib in prison as well.
If anyone knows PI Bala`s lawyer please advise him to advise his client to make a police report against Najib for criminal defamation immediately.

Mr Smith

Najib has fumbled. His only defence is denial. If a 23 year old and working for an opposition leader can get such easy access to the DPM then something is not right.
The youth, whom he said he had never met has actually been to the DPM’s house.
Najib is a dead duck.


Can I visit Najib at his house anytime i want???? Wha a load of crab…


When a person starts lying, no matter how good they are, there bound to be inconsistencies. Take it like a man, Najib, resign and face the court or maybe ask your wife to cover your a**.

Kenny Gan

The Yarning,

We are talking about the incredible rot in our criminal justice system and you are talking about administration. Furthermore, PR is not responsible for street chaos if any. This will depend on how the authorities treat the Anwar case.

If a criminal justice system which can convict an innocent man on trump up charges and fabricated evidence, every Malaysian is in danger.

It’s not about Anwar. It’s about the safety and security of all Malaysians.

raj raman666

Najib – was train from young to tell the truth.
Najib – was train to lead us.
Najib – was train to brain wash us.

MSN – was train by political master to say their paymaster view.
ANILNETTO – was reborn to champion the truth.

rajraman.was train to be buzybody.NIGTMARE NO MORE DREAM


FUNNY !? Saiful reported on 28th that he was raped on 26th BUT
najib said ‘a few days = 25th,24th or 23rd’ before !? Did they plan the sodomy before it (if) happened !?


I completely agreee with abdul. Najib was so #$%@)^ and accidentaly admit he kwew Saiful Mukhari at press confrence just now which before he denied.

Noor Aza Othman

Which planet does Najib comes from? So unlike his father! And why (does he appear) so heinous? It angers me, at the same time saddens me greatly. His father really care for the good of multicultural rakyat! (although he was mostly a product of past history of British times; thus existence of racial-based parties at that time) This’s what Anwar is about; but this time both a product and great maker of history, when Malaysians are finally tired of race/religious-based politics; because actually, they found out, it’s such a blessing to have dynamic multiculturalism. Imagine, we would have long been… Read more »

Concerned Citizen

Of course what Anwar said is liew. Why? Because all his men will do whatever to protect him. He is the defence minister; imagine how much power he has over the police and military forces!!! If he were to be striped from all posts, I’m sure nobody will back him up then, that’s why he rather to stand still and wait for the PM post. As long as he keep on denying everthing and BE COOL…as how he mentioned in the sms. BTW, who has the authority to authorise the use of C4?? Isn’t that a controlled item??? DPM +… Read more »


AAB was in SA when TDM began to move against DSAI remember? That’s why AAB has no clue how to re-create the latest offensive on DSAI. Who else is closed enough to TDM to even get his tacit endorsement as future PM?

Kenny Gan

So they are audacious enough to try a repeat of the 1998 frame up of Anwar…my God! 10 years on, they think they can still do it. They will need the co-operation of the A-G, the police, the judiciary and the press. The first two, no problem. The “correct” judge can also be arranged. The mainstream press is less slavish but still has no backbone. The reporting in MSM is more balanced now compared to 1998 when Anwar was demonized by the MSM. But here the script differs. The alternative media is fully developed. The govt. has lost control of… Read more »

The Yarning

The article, with all due respect, was too forgiving on PR. Whilst Anwar is charismatic enough to be the de-facto leader, he is far from being deserved to be credited for “ironing out competing intersts and setting up a high-level policy steering council..” the PR-led states are still in infant stages, while that in itself would have been fine, they are far from prepared to be the federal government. The recent mess in the appointment of Selangor councilors is the best example, not to mention the fundamental differences of the PR component parties which have yet been properly addressed and… Read more »


I do not think this is malicious lie. In fact Najib has validated this allegation further. I happened to see his press conference on tv tonight and on a question if he had met Saiful before, Najib had admitted of meeting this fellow at his residence. Earlier for the same question he said he had only met him at his office and never after that.
A lier can never be consistent with his words. … In this case I rather believe Balasubramaniam than Najib.

Rocket Science

So Najib says the main issue here is to determine whether or not Anwar committed the Sodomy as alleged. Is he trying to say that there is no need to treat Mr Bala’s and RPK’s SD with any urgency?

I think as a DPM he should be more concerned about the state of our country at the moment. The Economy of the country is going south and this Najis fella is more interested to know if Anwar committed Sodomy.

artic turban

didn’t pak lah say this the other day, “those who are guilty will always proclaim to be innocent” hmmmm… wonder if this applies to najib….. well as high as you jump you will fall to the ground in the end, the bigger the are the harder the will fall, and what not, even the posibilities of a link between altantuya and najib is enough to ask for his resignation if this was blimey, wonder what would run through the minds of future world leaders if najib becomes pm and they have to shake hands with him…?


Najib said he has never met Saiful Mukhari and that he has come to his office for scholarship and met his right hand man. Today, he has admitted that he has met few days before he lodged a report against Anwar. Here there is a catch and definately Najib needs to answer many many questions. That it is a conspiracy is now more than clear (to me).



Mr Anilnetto,

Please advise Najib to check all his statements in TV news on this matter.

There is obviously very GLARING inconsistencies from today’s Evening Press Conference shown on TV3.

And don’t forget to check the semantics too.